05 June, 2008

Here We Go Again

I'm going to put a ton of pics on here again because... well I have a ton of new pics, mostly w/ stories attached. I prob would have sooner (good thing I didn't cause some of them are from today lol) but I knew I'd end up ranting about stuff agian if I did lol. It's been a rough week...

First off.. Kalila has mastered her pulling up.. and is on to cruising! She even tried to take a step towards me the other day, but fell instead lol. Here is a pic that was taken about that time!

Here's another of her pulling up on Baba.

This one was earlier today. We'd put her down for a nap & Baba woke her up... Made some kinda noise in the kitchen... He went to get her and found this...

Was her first time doing it in there so of course we had to get a picture lol.

Yesterday I went to get some groceries and left the bags on the floor by the couch. Mumble got in one and soon the kitties were playing through it.

Speaking of... They're learning to get along... some. They still chase each other through the house and bat at one another (mostly becuase Mumble gets frisky and goes for Kimosimi's tail lol), but they're starting to nap closer together and have friendly moments.

Earlier today I was laying on the couch.. and to show you what a lap cat Kimosimi is... He got up on my chest to nap and made himself comfy.

He even let me scratch his belly like this lol.

That's about all the pictures I have for now... I need to get up while I have a chance and finish cleaning.. So much to do... Plus I've got stuff to do on here too... I'm looking for another child (or more) to watch. Seriously hoping for that to work out. Putting in other applications too, but I really hate the idea of putting Kalila in daycare (not to mention extra expenses to go along with it). But I'm going to get off before I do end up going off lol.


Christy said...

I hope you find a few kids to watch, so you can stay home with Kalila.

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks.. I hope so too

Dana said...

Love the pictures!!