11 June, 2008

Good Days...

I tend to write when I'm upset... so I feel like I've been venting a lot on here... and things aren't really that bad lol. They're pretty much great in fact. And today was a wonderful day... so I thought I'd share.

We ended up going out to eat w/ one of Jas' friends who he hasn't seen in years. Not only was it nice getting out lol, but Kalila was in such a good mood... just charming everyone. Even random people at the restraunt commented.

Backing up a bit... yesterday I walked to the corner store here to get Cheerios for her... was her newest food (today) and we forgot to buy them last trip lol... but they were expired. So after lunch we ran by HEB and I picked some up. She absolutely loves them! I had them in a bowl and was letting her pick them up from my hand (we were in the living room, was easiest lol) and she went for the bowl and grabbed fist fulls' before I could stop her... but only managed to get one in her mouth at a time lol. Little greedy pants that she is... I wish I'd thought to take pics... but I'm sure I'll get one soon enough!

I have yet to pick out a dress to wear to the wedding tomorrow... Is pretty much the one down thing about the day. I have no clue what to wear. Jas said something formal like a little black dress... problem is the only little black dresses I own that still fit are abayas! So as soon as I get off here I've got to go scrounge around to try and find something that will work. I thought about taking pics of me in what I've got to post on here as a joke... but can't really do that by myself.

Bedtime did go a lot more smoothly tonight.

Backing up to after I wrote last night... She woke up around one or so... I fed her and tried to get her back to sleep. Didn't happen. Jas was here by then and decided to take her for a bit.. He held her a long time, got the comp working again and put on music. He sang along for awhile.. was so cute! Finally she went down w/ only a little fuss.

Tonight... She fell asleep nursing while I was talking to my cousin lol so I thought we'd have it easy. I laid her down and she immediately sat straight up and started screaming agian. I gave her a few minutes, but was not having it. I can't really say I blaim her because she hadn't had her story yet or anything... but I figured it was worth a try because she'd been completely out.

So I got her out, calmed her down and remembered to put stuff on her teeth (which we think is a big part of the problem, is why I'm glad I was on the phone at the time.. talking about the whole situation helped me remember to try that). Took her back in her room and read her story, said prayers and then got her Godfather's myspace page up so she could listen to him sing lol. I held her through one song, put her in the crib - and she did start crying, but calmed down long before the second song finished. That I can handle.

Oh.. and I even got the huge mess/stain from the other day out today lol. Might not sound important... but was driving me nuts. Kalila kicked over my Gaterade... Yeah red drink on carpet = unhappy Mom-Mom (yeah... I'm not mommy, mama or even mum :-( I'm Mom-Mom lol.. at least it's cute/different right?)


Christy said...

Maybe it is just teething, but it could also be an ear infection - especially if she was sick in the past week or two. Whenever my babies have an ear infection, they have soooo much trouble sleeping.

Last summer, Porgie was waking up screaming, and refusing to go back to sleep. After a few days, I ended up taking her to doctor. She has a DOUBLE ear infection. I had no idea. She hadn't been pulling on her ears or acting like she was in pain during the day. So, just something to consider if she doesn't fall back into her old routine in another day or two.