29 June, 2008

Yolk & Cheddar

I'm combining our last two because... well... there's not much to say about either lol.

We started yolk early last week... I boiled the egg, popped it out & ate the whites myself lol. She ate it... didn't seem real enthused but she ate it. A few days later her Gran made some scrambled w/ garlic & she absolutely loved that.

No I did not make her cheese... I just added it to her chicken. That she really seemed to like. But that was pretty expected.

28 June, 2008

Found it!!!

Losing the camera is not fun around here lol... But I finally found it so you'll see a few pics here.

Aww..I'm getting the sweetest baby kisses...

We went to Schlitterbaun (sp???) on Thursday.. I'll get back to the whole day thing in a min.. but anyways... We went w/ my MIL and her husband, stepson & some friends of his.

We went straight to the baby area when we got there & 2 min later I got stung by a bee. Have I mentioned that I'm allergic? Mildly thankfully... but still. I also haven't been stung since I was a kid so I had no idea how I would react now. I got lucky... First off I got the thing off of me fairly quickly. As soon as I felt it sting I pulled it off and started freaking out lol. I got to Jason (was sitting by our stuff... Kalila & I were in the water playing when it happened), passed off the baby & showed him. At that point my underarm (it got me right by my swimsuit strap) was blowing up like a balloon. The bit itself wasn't that bad, about the size of a mosquito, but the area below it was pretty bad looking. He told me to go get ice... so I did... and happened to get it at a bar area... where there was a guy smoking. Now I had heard of putting tobacco on bee stings but obviously never done it... and didn't expect the guy to offer it, but he did. Broke his cigarette in half as soon as he heard what happened. So I put it on there & held it for awhile, put ice too, let the polstice dry... and by the time it came off not only was it not hurting (that I expected) but swelling was down & you can't see where I was stung at all! I'm impressed...

Jas got in the water w/ Kalila for awhile while I was recovering... Finally she got wore out, ate & fell asleep on me... Which is when another lady there took these pics for us & sent them to me. So sweet...

We stayed in said baby area for most of the day... We did get to go on one ride... The wave pool... No lines so we got to go around and around for a bit while my MIL held the baby lol. It was fun though...

Thankfully we decided to get a snack after that while they went on the wave pool because by the time we went for our picnic thing... It was 4!!! Kalila & I got in the truck w/ ac at that point & the therm on there said it was 102 (and the truck was in the shade too). That's when we decided we should leave lol. It was after 5 before we did, but the two of us stayed "inside" the rest of the trip.

On the way back we ended up stopping to get me some shoes since we had to pass out by where I used to live... There's a store there that sells mocassins & I've been meaning to get some for ages. My last pair wore out... around 10 years ago lol. I've missed them greatly... my fav thing to wear. I found a pair that I love.. and have to share...

Today we ended up getting Kalila some shoes too. Unfortunately we can't find the ones she (and me too lol) wants but we found some jellies that are adorable. They're a little big on her... but she's growing out of her 2's so we figure they'll work... last a little longer right?

LOL - I just looked over & she had herself pulled up on the mirror..

I'm sure I had other things to say... but I can't remember honestly lol. OH... Kalila went to sleep w/out crying last night!!! & slept all night to boot. Of course I think she was still exausted really... We had such a big day Thurs... It took a lot out of all of us.

That's it... Thurs... I seemed to have missed a day this week. I remember Monday... Is when Kalila had egg yolk for the first time... I remember that. Tuesday... I could swear was the next day... but apparently not. I thought Tuesday was the day before our trip.. and that our trip was on Weds. But the trip was Thurs... So Tues is missing. Vanished. Gone. I have no clue where it went!!!! I seriously thought today was Friday. I look at the calendar every day.. Ihave too... both for NFP and for Kalila's menu's... Today is Friday & when she started mild cheddar cheese... but apparently Jason decided that today is Saturday (and consequently that I missed introing a food yesterday) and all the sudden all the calendars & phones & other people (aka Quinn) are saying that it's Saturday as well. I'm so stinking confused.

And on that note I'm getting off of here...

25 June, 2008

The Meaning of Dada

I've gotten some adorable pics lately.. but all on my phone lol. So I have to try to send them to myself before I can put them on here. We'll see if it happens today or not!

Like all babies Kalila babbles quite a bit, yaya, dada, gaga, all that... but earlier today she looked at Jason and said dada. Not babble like, but very emphatically. My first thought was maybe she picked it up from a couple of people who keep calling him that around her, so I made a comment about maybe she'll call him both like I do w/ mine (well, I don't say dada lol.. but sometimes dad, sometimes baba). A little later I went to wash her hands and took her stuffed duck away for a second and handed it back to her. As soon as I did she looked at me again & said "dada". Looking back when she said it to Jas, he'd just made a comment about her holding on to the duck.
Mystery solved... Dada = duck.

Sleep... is coming along I suppose. She's gone back to sleeping through the night more nights than not. I have nothing to do with that lol. Is a nice surprise... I have been putting her to bed a little earlier and/or letting her sleep in a little later. I think she wasn't getting enough and that was a big part of our problem. The last info I'd seen on how much she needed was 8 hours at night and for her age it should be 10 or 11... which she was trying to do (and did some mornings) but I was taking her stirring at 8 for waking up and poor thing was tired. More sleep has ='d happier baby. We're still working on getting to sleep lol, some nights/naps are better than others. I got that book I wanted on the subject and actually wrote a post on it on my other blog.. and leaving this subject there now lol.

Funny story from yesterday.. I changed the baby and put her down for a nap. About ten min after she fell asleep I heard her crying.. So I went to check on her and found her sitting up with her diaper cover off. She'd wet her diaper already and I guess wanted it off lol.

She's also started experimenting with her voice... She growls a lot... esp when saying baba (her favourite word.. makes Jas very happy lol) She also screams/squeels... very hard on our ears lol.

Well, looks like no pictures today... my phone is being agrivating about sending pic mail at the moment. We're going to Schliterbaun (sp???) tomorrow though so I should have way more pics to share soon anyway!

No Cry

If you've read my other blog lately then you know we've been dealing w/ some sleep issues. Fun fun...

So I decided to buy the book The No Cry Sleep Solution. I haven't quite finished it (am at the very end) but do want to make a few comments here.

It's a pretty good book overall. I am enjoying reading it, more so than I thought lol. I read over half of it during one nap time! Would have finished by now but things have come up lol.

While I am enjoying the book, and basically like it... I will say that I don't like/agree with EVERYTHING in the book lol. For one thing, that's probably impossible lol. Seriously though... I would not sit outside my daughters door knitting so I could jump up and get her the second she cries! (yes that was in there lol) But that's beside the point... What I'm trying to get at is that it's a little on the extreme end in some ways.. .but she does point out that not every noise is true crying and such.

Also I realized early in that a lot of what she's writing about is not issues I'm dealing with. Yes Kalila has been waking up at night (from teething) but only once a night usually. My issue is getting her to go to sleep w/out bawling for an amount of time I am uncomfortable with.

But... there are suggestions that interest me and/or work for our situation. I'm looking forward to "getting to work".

Oh.. and someone mentioned another book that has sleep cycle information... This one does too! Is not in the same format, but has all that good info in there.

20 June, 2008

What A Mom Won't Do...

Once again I waited too long to post this lol. Have several things to mention...

We thought we lost Iggy the other day. Backing up a little lol, I saw Kimosimi staring at our calendar earlier that day.. I looked up and saw this...

If you look very closely you'll see a little lizard head poking out of the side!

So later Jas came home and asked where he was... I told him and he went to look, and accidently knocked him on the floor! Two kitties tried to attack. We tried to get him to safety but he disappeared before we could. We were convinced that he didn't make it... Poor Iggy...

But the next day we found him in the bathroom! We had to get more pictures because the cats were in the tub staring at him...

Now I'm going to completely (but not so randomly) change subjects now that you've seen that pic.. and apologize for the mess in it. I have been trying to clean that freaking tub for over a week I believe. Almost every day I spray it down w/ cleaner, close up the room to let it sit and get distracted by everything else I have to do! Then of course one of us goes to take a shower and nearly kills ourselves because it's so slippery from the spray lol. It's awful... I'm going to get to it today... Really... I hope... The washer's empty at the moment, so maybe if I throw the curtain in first will help me get the rest done lol (washer is almost never empty so I've been trying to do it the other order).

What else was there... OH Wednesday!

Jas was off on Wednesday... So we started off running errands. In the middle of them we got hungry and were trying to figure out where to go for lunch. Well, we missed Folklife this year and were pretty upset about that (not just missing the food.. .but that was in there too lol)... and then Jas brought up the Hey There Khalila song.. If you heard it think back to the kabob references in it lol. So it started going through my head and I told Jas I'm hungry for kabobs. Was trying to get him to make some soon... But he brought up trying this Lebanese restraunt we'd seen in passing. It was so good! We had fried kibbe, tabouli (sp? I can't spell in English let alone Arabic lol), and of course kabobs. Yes we were both very very happy...

We finished off our errands and then sent Kalila off to spend time w/ her Gido so we could go out on a date. We went out to Samerai's for dinner (was so good.. had the Texas roll and the Lemon roll.. plus our usual Unagi and Spicy Tuna stuffed Mushrooms) and then went out to see the new Adam Sandler movie (the don't mess w/ the zohan one). I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not... but it was really funny and had a good message at the end too. Of course now I'm gonna start laughing every time I see fattoush or hummus.

Since then... I've been trying to get things clean... We got the storage closet cleaned the other day, but it's caused a mess in our living room... it never ends!

I'm also still dealing w/ sleeping issues here. Most of you know I really don't like CIO. The whole idea just bothers me... but I got to the point that we were using it because nothing else was working. But that's not working either! Over half the time she keeps going for ten minutes... so I have to go get her (gets dangerous after 15... not chancing it here so set our limit at 10) calm her down, and start again... Sometimes I get lucky and she falls asleep in a few minutes. But... all the CIO people say that they do it a few times and then no crying... NO - every night... every nap... ??? Nope, I'm going back to trying other things.

So last night after I got her changed, read to, prayers, all our normal routine things... I sat down and nursed her in her room for awhile. Back before we moved her I could lean over her crib and nurse her in there, so I thought I'd try that after awhile... but I forgot that we moved the mattress down (good thing since she's standing now lol) when we moved her stuff. Yeah I can't reach anymore. As soon as she hit the mattress she started crying... So I climbed in. Yes I got in the crib... Laid down and tried to nurse her in there... Didn't really work because she got so excited to have me in there that she started playing and was fighting to stay awake. But I think I'm going to try it again tonight because even though she wasn't asleep when I got out (and did cry) - the crying lasted less than a minute and then she was completely out and slept through the night.

Jas told me I'm weird when I told him lol... That's fine though... She needs sleep. If it works I'll go w/ it. And if not... I guess I'll figure something out won't I lol? I wish we could still co-sleep (so does Jas oddly enough) but she wakes up and crawls off the bed... or climbs on top of me and starts hitting me in the face... or gives me kisses (I don't mind that one lol). We've talked about getting a bedrail, but I don't know... Hopefully we'll get her situated.

And I think that's about it... For now anyway lol.


At my wits end here...

I'm in the process of looking for a job. At this point any job because thanks to someone I'm not going to mention (but who we all know who is) my husband has decided that I need to go back to work. Has even convinced himself that I'll feel better about myself if I do (despite the fact that I love my job as a mommy and not looking forward to not being here and all the inconviences/issues it's going to cause) . Fortunately (or unfortunately lol) we were offered a really good deal on daycare, so that's gonna help... Don't get me wrong.. I know we could use the extra money, I understand/agree with that end of it... But still...

Anyways, I'm getting desperate here to find something I can do from home. We've looked into me watching kids... but noone so far. I joined a WAHM group on Cafemom, but no luck finding something so far. The best thing I've found I still can't do because I can't expect Kalila to keep quiet that long while I'm on the phone.

So any suggestions? Please... help...

19 June, 2008


Well today was the day to intro regular old white potatoes... and I'd assumed that I would be making mashed potatoes... but Kalila's doing so well w/ finger foods that I decided I should be headed more towards that...

So I looked on wholesomefoods and found a recipe for fries! Well.. They're actually baked lol. Drizzled w/ olive oil and obviously saltless. Looked pretty good though. And once again she enjoyed her new food lol.

I'm sure I'll end up making them mashed soon too... I know she'll enjoy that just as much. Besides, mashed potatoes sounds so good right now!

17 June, 2008


I've been meaning to do this for awhile lol... and finally decided to do it.

If you haven't noticed I put polls up on this page pretty regularly. In fact I try to keep one up constantly. It's pretty interesting to see the results... but there's no place to comment or ask questions or anything. So I'm opening this up for that reason.

Besides I kinda worked myself into a corner of having too lol.. My newest poll has a question mark in it... and since I checked that one I needed a space to comment lol. (wow I just gave myself a dejavu moment...)

This isn't just for this newest poll either.. if you have any from past ones that you remember, feel free to throw it in here too. (off the top of my head there's been fav types of CD's, BF length, Solids, NFP, Diaper Services... ) I look forward to reading comments!

16 June, 2008

Quick Post of Pictures

Have a few things to share real quick lol. And of course, they all have pictures!

I gave Kimosimi his first (from us anyway) bath...He hated it lol. Poor thing howled repeatedly the whole time... Somehow I managed not to get scratched, but not sure how. So of course there's no way I could get a pic while he was in there (next time I'm getting Jas to help) but I did get a few afterwards. Here's my poor soaked Kimosimi. Thankfully he's very forgiving and curled up in my lap shortly after.

I meant to give Mumble a bath the same day... but she was hiding! Well, napping really... It turned out she got shut in Kalila's room and fell asleep lol. Anyways, I got hers in the next day. I really enjoyed it... She's so sweet in the bath. Just loved being lathered up and everything... She even let me wash under her belly and her neck this time! I think she wanted extra attention lol. Doing it on my own I couldn't get pics until afterwards either... I'm going to put two because one shows how little she shrinks too better, but I like the other one more lol.

Apparently our family has grown again. We came in from running some errands today to find Kimosimi staring at the wall by the ceiling. There was a lizard! Jason named him Iggy (for some reason I put Izzy the first time... lol) - he's (she's?) obviously not really a pet, but we're gonna let him hang out as long as he wants too. Isn't going to hurt anything.. . might drive the cats nuts though lol.

One of our errands earlier was to pick up our play pen that finally came in. So excited about that. We put Kalila in and she immediately pulled up on the side lol.
My fav pic I got in there was from a little later though. I had serious trouble getting her to nap agian today... After failing several times, I gave up on the crib... put her in the playpen and climbed inside w/ her. I let her nurse a little while and finally she drifted off. Which is when I took this picture.

Which reminds me... Yesterday her schedule got all twisted up and she either ended up taking a late nap (7:30 ) or early bed... she slept an hour and then woke up. I wanted to keep things quiet so I took her to hang out in our bed... let her eat awhile and she ended up drifting off to sleep that time too (is how I got the idea for the playpen lol). I got the cutest pic on my phone that I'm emailing to myself so I can share it here... so sweet!

I wish I could've gotten a pic of later on though... She ended up waking up just after I took the pictures so I put her in her crib and she drifted right off. But she woke up hungry about 2 in the morning or so.. I was asleep so Jas brought her to me and she started to fall asleep again... I figured I'd let her, I was doing the same too lol. But she woke up and decided she wanted to play. Stood herself up beside me and started giving me kisses! It was so cute!!! But we both needed to sleep so I had Jas put her back to bed in her room... Is why we don't co-sleep very often anymore... as much as I miss it, she keeps herself up if we try.

I finally had to cook again.. the past few new foods I've been able to get away w/out any work... yogurt we bought, grapes... weren't intentional lol... and cheerios... obviously no work there. So I did asparagus yesterday. She seemed to like it. Mostly because she was feeding herself lol. Jas is trying to convince me that she doesn't like it... because he doesn't lol.

Ok, so one story w/ out pics lol... I'm done though. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

14 June, 2008

So Much...

I'll apologize ahead of time if I ramble a bit..very tired.

We ended up having a great time at the wedding... I did not find a dress here lol.. We ended up going to Ross and I found a really cute one that worked. I promise I'll put pics as soon as I get copies! Kalila had a blast at her Gran's house too.

We found a sippy cup that works for her the other day... I'm so excited about it lol. Is a Nuby Sports Sipper.

Someone mentioned the other day to check Kalila's ears, may have an infection... I think she was right. I'm not sure if that has to do with the sleeping the other day... but tonight I noticed one was red and her pulling on it. Granted her playing with it could cause it to be red lol. So I'm keeping an eye on it and we prob have a dr's trip in the near future. She's not acting sick though, so I'm hoping she doesn't have one!

I was happy earlier, got a phone call from my sis... She had surgery yesterday so I was a little worried still. Everything went well though :-)

For some reason everything else I was going to say just went goodbye... and it's way to early for me to be this tired lol.

I don't remember if I mentioned it before.. but Kalila started eating Cheerios. She absolutely loves them... Is just so cute!

I also got a couple of video's of her today... Sorry about the one being sideways lol. I can't seem to fix it! And apparently I'm having trouble loading it too... I'll come back and add it tomarrow! Both times she was completely ignoring me.

LOL - Kimosimi is trying to play w/ one of Kalila's blocks... sorry that was random...

Another random comment.. .We really need to find her some new shoes. She's about grown out of size 2's... and we found a really cute pair at Wal-Mart that she loved. They had football's (soccer) on them and lit up... but they didn't have 3's... We've checked two diff WM's now w/ no luck. (not so random a comment when you realize that I'm watching Galaxy at the moment lol)

When we got Kimosimi we picked up a few books at the store attached to the shelter... one of them was one that I've been wanting to read for over a year. Is called "Left to Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza. I'd heard it was really good by several people, not to mention the comments I heard from those who have heard her speak. What I didn't expect lol was that I finished it the same night I started.. .just couldn't put it down! I won't lie, it's not an 'easy' read.. the subject doesn't lend to that... but I definately recommend it.

I have to share.. I got pics of Jason changing a diaper. A prefold at that... The last pic I got I had to tease him... he was holding her and hadn't gotten the cover on yet. Not the best idea lol.

I'm not sure why.. but lately I've been updating pics on myspace and facebook... have a bunch of new ones that aren't on here. Not sure how long that'll last though lol. I'm not going to put them all, but I do have to share a few of my favourites that haven't made the blog lately.

Me & Kalila... I like the pic, but I look so young in it!

Her Easter basket lol...

One of many pics I have of her standing there lol... She was babbling away at the time!

I probably should get off.. I know I'm forgetting something, but Beckham keeps distracting me lol.

13 June, 2008

The Perfect Sippy

Ok, so really it's just the perfect sippy for us... But we found it!

Backing up a little... we tried the Sipster first. It's ok, but Kalila just doesn't like it much. Then we tried the Gerber colour change ones... They were a bit better, but still...

Now in the midst of all this we'd noticed that she does really well w/ regular water bottles, especially the ones w/ the sports tops. So we decided to see the sports sippy's that we'd seen. I found one at HEB the other day, and she absolutely loved it! So we picked up a couple more lol.

11 June, 2008

Good Days...

I tend to write when I'm upset... so I feel like I've been venting a lot on here... and things aren't really that bad lol. They're pretty much great in fact. And today was a wonderful day... so I thought I'd share.

We ended up going out to eat w/ one of Jas' friends who he hasn't seen in years. Not only was it nice getting out lol, but Kalila was in such a good mood... just charming everyone. Even random people at the restraunt commented.

Backing up a bit... yesterday I walked to the corner store here to get Cheerios for her... was her newest food (today) and we forgot to buy them last trip lol... but they were expired. So after lunch we ran by HEB and I picked some up. She absolutely loves them! I had them in a bowl and was letting her pick them up from my hand (we were in the living room, was easiest lol) and she went for the bowl and grabbed fist fulls' before I could stop her... but only managed to get one in her mouth at a time lol. Little greedy pants that she is... I wish I'd thought to take pics... but I'm sure I'll get one soon enough!

I have yet to pick out a dress to wear to the wedding tomorrow... Is pretty much the one down thing about the day. I have no clue what to wear. Jas said something formal like a little black dress... problem is the only little black dresses I own that still fit are abayas! So as soon as I get off here I've got to go scrounge around to try and find something that will work. I thought about taking pics of me in what I've got to post on here as a joke... but can't really do that by myself.

Bedtime did go a lot more smoothly tonight.

Backing up to after I wrote last night... She woke up around one or so... I fed her and tried to get her back to sleep. Didn't happen. Jas was here by then and decided to take her for a bit.. He held her a long time, got the comp working again and put on music. He sang along for awhile.. was so cute! Finally she went down w/ only a little fuss.

Tonight... She fell asleep nursing while I was talking to my cousin lol so I thought we'd have it easy. I laid her down and she immediately sat straight up and started screaming agian. I gave her a few minutes, but was not having it. I can't really say I blaim her because she hadn't had her story yet or anything... but I figured it was worth a try because she'd been completely out.

So I got her out, calmed her down and remembered to put stuff on her teeth (which we think is a big part of the problem, is why I'm glad I was on the phone at the time.. talking about the whole situation helped me remember to try that). Took her back in her room and read her story, said prayers and then got her Godfather's myspace page up so she could listen to him sing lol. I held her through one song, put her in the crib - and she did start crying, but calmed down long before the second song finished. That I can handle.

Oh.. and I even got the huge mess/stain from the other day out today lol. Might not sound important... but was driving me nuts. Kalila kicked over my Gaterade... Yeah red drink on carpet = unhappy Mom-Mom (yeah... I'm not mommy, mama or even mum :-( I'm Mom-Mom lol.. at least it's cute/different right?)

10 June, 2008

Not So Joyful Noise

Yes - I'm going to sit here and write this instead of doing the million and three things that I need to do. Because if I don't I may end up pulling out my hair or somthing lol.

It has not been a bad day overall.

I woke up to find that Kalila cut a new tooth... tonight I found another barely peaking through. That makes six...

I think I forgot to mention before (or maybe not.. who knows) that I got sick this week... Well I did... and then Jason got it... and Kalila may have as well. I can't tell w/ her though because she could be slightly sick or she could just be having the exact same symptoms from teething. Either way we're all ok.

On top of that Kalila did not nap at all today. I put her down for them... and she screamed the whole time. Not just cried... screamed... and started yelling 'mamamama'. The first 'nap' I walked in to find her sitting up, legs folded, tears running down her face... she'd been flat on her tummy when I'd left before.

Because of the no napping thing I tried to put her to bed a little early. That didn't go well either. I was on the phone a few min later and my friend could hear the high pitched scream coming from her room. I got her up to try and calm her down (as I could about hear disapproval about that ringing in my ear lol) and tried to put on some music... The comp is still in here room so I figured that it'd be easy. But no... my husband had earphones plugged in to play WOW. Took me rediculously long to figure out the prob... She's still crying. Got them unplugged and the music stopped playing. All the other comp sounds work, but not the music.

As my screen jumped and I had to find my way back here.. I'm so glad this autosaves lol.

Anyways, I can't vacuum yet because I have to clean the floor first... she kicked over a drink earlier. So the music would have been a huge help. Poor thing ended up crying herself to sleep a few minutes later = I feel horrible. Didn't I say something the other day about jinxing myself?

Other than that its been a good day... what I remember of it anyway lol.

Oh.. and I'm stuck here now because Kimosimi is curled up next to me laying on my hand with his front paws wrapped around my arm... LOL

08 June, 2008

Sand-wich Should Not Be So Literal

Where to start...


Last week was a fluke... Not only did we not make it to Mass on time this week... but we were a half hour late! Jas forgot it was Sunday and couldn't figure out why I kept trying to wake him up...


Kalila is definately my daughter.

Last groc trip she grabbed a package of wheat bread off the shelf lol. I didn't realize they started grabbing things for the basket this early! I would have thought itd be a toy or candy though... Jas & I joked about it though because I def prefer wheat to white, and he's the exact opposite. Thankfully we go through enough bread that it works out for us to each get our own loaf!

Then yesterday... I was watching Hatari (which has a cute story on another subject.. Kalila saw one of the baby tembo's and said cat lol) and Kalila was squeeling and excited all around so I jokingly asked her if she wants to go to Arusha... She grinned and clapped her hands.

But... she's definately her baba's daughter too...


Getting back to the bread subject. We saw one called 'glycemic health' at the store the other day... I'm hypoglycemic... and this says that it helps regulate your blood sugar. So I decided to give it a try. Ok, so it's white... We've already established thats not my fav. but I can handle that... Mushy texture not my favourite but I've eaten it before. But it leaves my mouth feeling like it's covered in very fine sand afterwards!!!


We got the coffee table moved... onto its side in the hallway. So I no longer have to worry about Kalila bumping her head on it... because I can't put her down on the floor! I don't think I mentioned it before... but the top has pieces falling off in flakes. We had it tightly covered before until we could get rid of it... but now cover is gone I can't be sure I've vac'd the mess up completely either until it's out of here... which was supposed to be this morning. So poor baby can't play on the floor. She is not happy. Thankfully the hotwater is going strong and I don't need in the hall closet or we'd have a whole different prob because it's blocking them lol.


Kalila did get to spend some time w/ her Gido yesterday... made her very happy. Helped me out a bunch too because I had a lot to do here and was really really sick at my stomach on top of everything. Was cute though becuase she came home w/ her diaper cover on backwards. Yes I just had to get a pic.. not that you can tell very well. Is still an adorable pic though.


I'm hoping I don't jinx myself here.. but Kalila has been going down to sleep a lot easier (no crying at all) the past couple nights. Even when we've gone in the room and accidently woken her up, she just looks up and lays back down. I'm happy, amazed, and slightly scared at the same time... I'm not sure why scared, but I am. It's nice though. It's not even 9:30 yet and she's out like a light and both kitties are napping beside me. I may actually get something done!


I've got to put a new pic on the comp for me to add here lol. I made Kalila a smoothie earlier (BM, Yogurt, and Pureed Banana) and she absolutely loved it. A little too much even lol. We got down to where there was so little that the sippy top was hard to use and I took it off.. She pulled the cup down to where it came out too fast and spilt all over her face!


All I'm going to say is "juggling menu's" (now picture me pulling my hair out)


And I'll end w/ a few random cute pictures...

07 June, 2008


My Gido put my diaper cover on backwards!!!

06 June, 2008

I needed a laugh...

I had several things I wanted to say... and now I can't remember for the life of me lol.

Lets see... we've decided to get rid of our coffee table (it's not well) and just in time... Kalila clocked her head on it earlier. She tried to take a step and it didn't go so well poor dear.

I couldnt figure out why all the sudden I was down and thinking about Bets again and it hit me... It's about MDA camp time now. So I'm prob gonna pull down my pics soon and have a good cry...

After our hot water going out, them fixing it, it going out the very next day, them fixing it... You've got it... our hot water is out yet agian. I am not happy.

I've decided that by the time I finish crocheting the wool diaper cover I started Kalila will be potty trained...

I made the mistake earlier of putting that new blog feed on here... and taking off my blog links. Apparently it doesn't do what I though and works really badly on this comp. So I had to take it off, and redo my links. The upside of that is that I got a chance to add some more of the blogs I enjoy reading.. and fix the name on my baba's from Baba to Babu so I can stop confusing myself.

A few min ago I was sitting here kinda upset and someone mentioned on CafeMom (lol) a song called "Hey there Khalilah" - immediately caught my attention because my BIL started to write one w/ that name for Kalila (not sure if he finished it or not) and I just had to see/hear it. Is stinking halarious... So I'm going to share...

05 June, 2008

Here We Go Again

I'm going to put a ton of pics on here again because... well I have a ton of new pics, mostly w/ stories attached. I prob would have sooner (good thing I didn't cause some of them are from today lol) but I knew I'd end up ranting about stuff agian if I did lol. It's been a rough week...

First off.. Kalila has mastered her pulling up.. and is on to cruising! She even tried to take a step towards me the other day, but fell instead lol. Here is a pic that was taken about that time!

Here's another of her pulling up on Baba.

This one was earlier today. We'd put her down for a nap & Baba woke her up... Made some kinda noise in the kitchen... He went to get her and found this...

Was her first time doing it in there so of course we had to get a picture lol.

Yesterday I went to get some groceries and left the bags on the floor by the couch. Mumble got in one and soon the kitties were playing through it.

Speaking of... They're learning to get along... some. They still chase each other through the house and bat at one another (mostly becuase Mumble gets frisky and goes for Kimosimi's tail lol), but they're starting to nap closer together and have friendly moments.

Earlier today I was laying on the couch.. and to show you what a lap cat Kimosimi is... He got up on my chest to nap and made himself comfy.

He even let me scratch his belly like this lol.

That's about all the pictures I have for now... I need to get up while I have a chance and finish cleaning.. So much to do... Plus I've got stuff to do on here too... I'm looking for another child (or more) to watch. Seriously hoping for that to work out. Putting in other applications too, but I really hate the idea of putting Kalila in daycare (not to mention extra expenses to go along with it). But I'm going to get off before I do end up going off lol.

Thoughts of Asperagus

I'm sorry I haven't been writing so much. Things are just crazy around here.

I get to make asparagus this weekend... not quite sure how I will do it yet, but I am so excited about it!

And yeah... I think that's about all I have. Sad isn't it?

02 June, 2008

A New Day

I won't say that today's been perfect... it hasn't. But it's definately better than the last two lol. Esp right now. Kimosimi's curled up in my lap purring as I type!

Something I failed to mention recently... Kalila is now officially a carnavor like the rest of the family. She had chicken for the first time last week. She had it agian last night w/ peas and carrots and made a wonderful little mess! Not much chicken went everywhere (mostly cause I fed most of it to her lol) but peas and carrots all over the floor, table and high chair. It was great!

She's also had dairy... as of today! She had some plain organic yogurt. I let her have it plain, but also gave some of it to her mixed w/ apples and cinnamon. I think she liked it better that way, but we'll see.

Speaking of dairy... Kimosimi tried to steal my cheese earlier. Wouldn't have been so bad, but it was my last piece of string cheese (and I'm addicted to the stuff). No he did not get it... but he did lick my hand for five or ten min after I finished lol.

Since I've mentioned one cat I suppose I should mention the other lol. Don't want Mumble to get jealous. She's doing good... curled up across the room right now. It looks like she's forgiven us for bringing home a new kitty... and is learning to get along with him. They've had a few spats, but no real fights.. She's taught him to pounce (despite him being older lol) and somehow he's teaching her to be a little calmer w/ me. She's not biting me as much (and not as hard) and is no longer attacking me randomly when I walk by. She really wasn't too bad before, only hurt me once on accident (I was holding her and she got scared by something), but still.. I've been trying to train her not to do that for months... and now she's not. (Oddly enough I was the only one she did that too) Anyways, I don't know if it's because she's wearing herself out chasing him or what.. but it's nice.

Back to today though lol... the maintenance guy did not show up... of course! Jas is going to complain in the morning... It's just got to get done. I'm tempted to be mean and send the baby with him... she used her last diaper cover today... (is still in it actualy, we're having to double up on pf's tonight) I can just see her peeing all over the place and explaining that it's his fault for not coming here when he's supposed too! I'm horrible I know...

I also talked to the student loan people... I had gotten loans deffered agian. Apparently they only deffered one of them and for some reason will not tell me if the other one is denied or still waiting to be approved. I've been checking online for months trying to get this fixed. I got my phone back to find over 24 messages in 3 days... but when I try to answer their calls.. they hang up on me! Then get calls from family saying that they are harassing them! So I called today (finally had a chance) and the guy goes in circles about how he doesn't know if it was denied or not.. and that instead of deferring I should pay 50 dollars to apply for something else. And that if I can't do this then I should just do nothing until I can pay 50 and let these people call my family and talk like that to them. We go around about this some more.. he says he'll send me what I need for the defferment.. and he sends me the paperwork for the other thing. At this point I was livid. I'm so glad it didn't happen yesterday lol.

BTW.. I want to thank everyone who's left comments (yesterday was esp nice cause I really needed it). I look forward to the few that I get... I like writing no matter what.. but is always nice to not feel like I'm talking to myself lol!

I should prob get up and get on the wii fit. I love the yoga part... and I didn't get a chance to yesterday (probably added to my meltdown)... but I'm so comfortable sitting here w/ my little kitty leg warmer... if only Mumble would jump up here and keep my other leg warm lol.

Ok, I'm gonna get off... but first I have to share this picture because.. well.. I think it's halarious! It was in the middle of Kalila eating her apple cinnamon yogurt. She started playing around so I grabbed the camera... so surprised she held it long enough for me to get the pic :-D (and yes I know the nini's off... it was in the washer lol)

Lazy Lazy Me

Things are getting exciting around here where food is concerned.

Last week we made chicken for the first time... all I did really was bake it and then process it w/ a little water. Silly me got breasts thinking thats' what would be best, but apparently not - so we had to go back for legs lol. Note: dark meat for baby food.. has more iron and fats that they need.

Today I got to be lazy with our newest food... I am not making yogurt! We got the organic go-baby brand or something like that.. I mixed it with Apples and Cinnamon. I think she liked it... made some interesting faces lol.

01 June, 2008

A Little Too Cocky

I should know better really... I was so proud of myself for getting so much done yesterday. I even kept it up for part of today...

We got up and actually made it to Mass before it started. Had lunch w/ my FIL and BIL. Got home and it was time for Kalila's nap... put her down. She slept for an hour & half (two days in a row now!) and I managed to get a few more things done...

But then she woke up... and I realized that I made a stupid mistake.

Let me backtrack for a moment.

We use two kids of diapers.

Prefolds w/ a Cover

or BumGenius Pockets

The PF's work really well becuase the cover keeps EVERYTHING in... no leaks EVER. Plus they're cheaper so always a plus lol. We just fold them one of several ways, put a snappi on and cover it w/ the cover. The PF's are really thick and soft so they absorb well too.

The Pockets have an opening that you stuff w/ an insert or two and then you put on like a Sposie... The insert is what holds the pee... One insert works during the day just fine provided you actually change the diaper lol... Two are needed for naps and bedtime. We like them becuase they are easy. Plus are much better for overnight in my opinion.

Anyways... my mistake.. I put her down w/ only one insert in a pocket diaper. Pee
everywhere... I got her up, changed (she was not happy about that) and fed.. I still needed to change her sheets, but I was doing laundry anyway of course so figure that wouldn't be an issue.

Well, apparently I'm not the only one to make that mistake lately. Jas took her out to lunch yesterday in one and didn't change her until she'd wet through the insert and all up her dress. That would make me feel better about it, but not really because now I get to hear about how bad cd's are all over again... And no amount of explaining is going to convince that this is not normally a problem w/ the pockets (never if we don't make stupid mistakes) and never w/ the PF's.

But I'm getting ahead of myself there... soon after I got her up and fed (can you say chicken, peas & carrots everywhere?) I get a phone call asking if I'd like to go to Babes w/ the baby to see Jas w/ his family. So I get her ready...

Had a great salad lol... Things were going well, other than a slightly fussy baby... until just before we left. It was already past her bedtime for one.. .and she was getting hungry agian. As soon as I pulled her blanket out to nurse her I get told that we're leaving so she can get to bed.

We get in the car... She starts screaming.... The closer we get to home the higher pitched it becomes. At one point she starts to sound like she's gonna lose her voice even. I felt awful and there was nothing I could do until we got here.

We get home... I start to feed her, she's still crying... She literally cried while nursing for over ten minutes. At first she'd pull off and start screaming and then get back on... Then she just cried while eating (but at least no screaming). Finally started to calm down enough for me to put her to bed...


So I had to lay her down, she's screaming at the top of her lungs agian at thsi point, strip the bed, put new sheets on.. I'm crying at this point.. Get it done, pick her up.. put her back on to nurse... and she's back to the screaming/crying/eating thing... Finally goes to sleep again... I waited a good while and then laid her down... and she starts crying.

At that point I walked out the door and turned on the vacuum... she quiets down just before I realize that my phone is in the diaper bag... in her room. So back in to get it.. Crying starts back up. Vacuuming agian... Finally sleep...

And to top it all I almost lost this whole thing.. if it weren't for autosave...

Now I still have to go make my bed (because I was doing sheets when we left) and am going to either get myself a drink or scrub a toilet or something... probably both.

My Dream Diaper

I know I mentioned it before...but I fell in love w/ the Blueberry minky diapers... They have cute patterns like zebra and cheetah and stuff... and my personal favourite... Tanzanite coloured! Plus I keep hearing great reviews on them... But there is no way I'm spending 32.97 for one diaper... Even if it is one size... When I win the lottery right?