06 May, 2008

Yeah! Zucchini!

I'm not sure why, but I'm really excited about this one lol. But today we're going to start zucchini squash. Was going to yesterday but I kinda forgot to buy it lol. Jas had a late night WM run after work last night... thankfully he already was planning to go anyway so I don't feel quite as bad about it!

Anyways - like the others I'm doing the basic steam & puree... Although I've been pureeing a little less smooth lately. She's doing pretty good w/ some texture. I've noticed she likes foods that she didn't before once I do them that way. For instance she loved whole peas, but hated them pureed smooth.

I saw that they could be sauteed with some olive oil & that sounds really good. But she's never had either one I figure I'll steam this time & then do that the next. I'm saving the idea though becuase it even sounds good to me lol.