31 May, 2008

A Typical Day ???

Ok, so today wasn't such a typical day to be perfectly honest.

Some things were... I got up, fed the baby, got her changed, got her solids ready, dressed, cats fed, all that stuff... Got her down for a nap and started to take a shower - but our hot water is out... so I feel all gross to begin with. Thankfully today's not a diaper washing day or I'd really be in trouble with that. I'll get back to that later though.

Jas had to go out and decided to take Kalila with him... which was great. I got some time to get some things done around here. The biggest part of that was getting laundry put away... Getting it washed is easy enough, even with Kalila here... but putting it away gets complicated lol. So I spent half the morning doing that, another part washing out the tub, reorganizing Kalila's drawers (something that really needed to be done), washing a few loads of laundry, and throwing trash. Ie other things that are hard to do w/ baby. I tried to go to the office about the hot water heater too... but they randomly closed for several hours during their work hours.

I got lucky when he came home in that she'd only napped a few minutes in the truck. So she was exausted and slept for an hour and a half (I'm still in shock) after he left for work. I managed to do dishes, clean the kitchen, move the cleaning stuff to the laundry room and get started on safety latches before she woke up... plus did another load of laundry and vacuumed.

Obviously not a typical day because I had serious blocks of time to work on stuff (just a sec have to save and come back to this.. Kalila's done eating = me off the comp)

(ok she's hungry again lol) By the time Kalila woke up the office was closed - obviously couldn't leave her here - so I couldn't get the request in. I'm hoping they're open tomorrow (you can never tell on Sundays... sometimes they open, sometimes they don't) so I can put it in... as it is, that's cutting it close. Tomorrow is diaper wash day... I have enough to make it through then and maybe another day (a couple more for sure if I use the crappy Gerbers). Now did I mention that our maintanance guy is awful and never does what he's supposed too? I'm a bit worried here...

I've been lucky today... Kalila's actually let me do a few things while she's awake. I got some cleaning done while she played... she was real good until I wanted to eat, which is about normal. She started screaming in the middle of the easy mac cooking (forget me trying to make real food for myself... She either has to be asleep or Jas here for me to do that, isn't worth it just for me), I got her in her high chair, more screaming until I started acting like I was wiping down the table with one hand while eating w/ the other because apparently she thinks me cleaning it is stinking halarious.

On a normal day I might have gotten a quarter of that done, mostly during naps. It all depends on my daughters mood.

On a normal day I wash laundry all day long. There's always a load of something to be done.. and most of it has to be dried twice... some things need an extra vinegar rinse. It's worse on diaper days because I have to do a cold wash no detergent, hot w/ detergent, then several hot without... if it's a stripping day I have to do a cycle w/ dawn after the one with reg detergent and then twice as many w just hot water to make sure it's all out. I'm not complaining because I really don't mind. It's not that bad... but yeah, the washer is running almost all day long just for me to keep up with it.

On a normal day I vacuum about 3 times... to get Kalila to sleep.

On a normal day I get stopped in the middle of everything at least 5 or 6 times to nurse Kalila. (ok that was today too lol)

On a normal day I have to change at least 6 diapers (not today, Jas got one...) which isn't the easiest task now that she's crawling... I try to put one on and a second later this cute little naked behind is speeding across the floor! (note: this would be no different if we used sposies instead of cloth... in fact we'd add more laundry that way because she used to blow out of the things at least 4 times a day)

On a normal day I spend time playing with Kalila... (today too of course)

On a normal day I do waste time online or phone.. but like now is usually when I'm nursing Kalila (because despite having 4 slings now, none of them work, and I'm stuck here every time she gets hungry) or doing something else.

On a normal day I try to workout.. missed that this morning because I had to get Kalila ready. Am hoping to do a little tonight though..

I could go on, but Kalila's about done...

Anyways... all this and guess what I was told today.. THAT I DO NOT DO ENOUGH.

Apparently this place is supposed to be spotless every day, while the baby is kept happy hanging off a boob, husband is kept happy probably playing wow - but still manages to work full time and keep up a full load of classes at school, cats are kept happy, while I hop on one foot patting my head, rubbing my belly, spinning in a circle, cooking 5 course meals, cooking baby food, pushing the vacuum with the other foot, dressed up in nice clothes that don't fit anymore, with my hair fixed up, makup on, training one cat to not get on tables and the other not to scratch furniture, etc. etc. etc.

Oh and in the midst of all that (or on top of all that I do normally) I'm supposed to get a job... Something I wouldn't mind of course... If it was doable. We've looked into it. We can't afford for me to work right now. Plus I really would get nothing done lol. Yes I will go back to work... when our kids are in school and it's feesable. Good grief already. As if we hadn't discussed/looked into that ourselves...

And last, but not least.. .my favourite part... apparently someone of a different religion knows ours better than we do & can tell us what we can and cannot do (or at least should and should not do) ?????????????

If ya can't tell I'm a tad frusterated. I can't really say it's been a bad day though because I got what I wanted to done and then some... plus making mental notes of exactly where and when others will be done.

I'm gonna go now... after feeding Kalila a third time since I started this (yes it's taken that long for me to write this in the middle of other stuff) she's smiling and blowing raspberries at me that are so adorable and just make me want to shower her in kisses... is nice to see her so happy... esp since I know she's gonna be mad when I put her to bed in a min (and yes time to bring out the vac again lol).


Christy said...

Does she like the sound of the vacuum cleaner? We use a sound machine in Izzy's room, but it doesn't put him to sleep - it just helps him stay asleep

Mama Kalila said...

Apparently she does... it puts her right to sleep.

I've never heard of a sound machine... but we used to use music that way too.