19 May, 2008

Too Soon?

Well we made it... We survived Kalila's trip w/out us lol. She did ok... did get a little fussy, esp on the trip back. Little fussy may be an understatement though lol.

Like I said before... I'm glad she went. It's nice that she got to see her Great Grandparents... and I needed a break... got a ton done on the apartment.

But... when she got home she threw herself at me and the only other person she wanted to go to was her Baba. She was all smiles w/ us, but... We couldn't even put her down w/out her crying. She'd eaten not long before but wanted to nurse of course... ended up eating too much and spit up everywhere. Then she woke up in the middle of the night - after I'd only slept an hour - and nursed the rest of the night. When I tried to lay her down, next to me mind you, she started crying agian... and at one point pulled herself up to standing while half asleep lol - that was just funny... Around 6 I finally laid her back down in her crib and got another couple hours sleep. and of course I feel horrible about it all because I can't help but wonder if it was too soon for her to be away for so long. I don't know... I'm still glad we did it... We had to at some point and I know it's gonna be rough whenever...

Anyways, we survived lol... and for the most part Kalila's been doing great today. Still a little clingy, but put her on the floor to crawl and she's the happiest baby lol.

Oh did I mention she's got a new tooth coming through? :-)


Christy said...

She missed her mommy! I think it is very sweet that she wanted to be held constantly.

Maybe this trip was a little rough because of some separation anxiety? Porgie had separation anxiety around 6 or 7 months too. I couldn't walk 3 feet away from her.

Mama Kalila said...

I hadn't thought of that... but she has had sep anxiety lately, even before this. The few times she's been left w/ someone she's been ok with it after she adjusts... but at home is nuts. Most of the time I have to be in her line of sight, and sometimes right by her, or she freaks out. Has been worse since she came back from the trip too.

One good thing.. possibly.. since she's mobile now, she's started following me around! So if I put her on the floor she doesn't get quite as upset lol. She just crawls the direction I'm going... Could be bad if it wasn't such a small apt where I can see her doing it..