25 May, 2008

A Ton of Pictures... and then some

Ok, so I have a ton of pics I want to share... and a couple stories too.

Kalila is moving around all over the place...

Like under the coffee table

Under her Jumperoo

She can crawl up into my lap

Or pull herself up

and stand by the couch!

She's also enjoying her new clothes... A friend sent us some hand-me-downs the other day. So we've been having fun with that.

Chewing on the shoes...

The little princess sitting w/ Mommy.

She pulled herself up on me and then started bouncing around when she saw the camera!I wish you could see this dress... So cute! The bib is one of the ones I was talking about in the blog I wrote on Non Hippy Hippy Mom the other day (the almost wipes one) As you can tell she loves apples and cinnamon lol.

Kalila did the cutest thing earlier... I was watching Reba, and it was the episode where Cheyenne has the baby & she sings to her... always makes me bawl lol... Reba started singing, I'm crying of course, and Kalila starts singing along! It was absolutely adorable... But of course, no pic to go along w/ that lol.

Apparently this is a continueing thing.. she did it in the truck once afterwards, and today while listening to her uncles sing lol. I almost got a pic of that one. Was so cute!

Oh... and it looks like Kalila's afraid of dog's. At least the two she saw today. First they barked and she got scared... and then one got in her face, and she was already late for her nap.. so huge meltdown. I felt so bad for her!

She's started clapping too! I need to get a video of it...

Speaking of video's - I have one of them too! Sorry it's so dark... Im hoping we get a better one soon.

In case I haven't emailed it to you already. Kalila's entered in a contest, please vote! This is one of my favourite pics of her...


L_Oman said...

She is truly beautiful! Love the pictures of you with her - so sweet! All the best to you and your family...

Christy said...

Kalila is doing all kinds of fun stuff! I can't wait for Izzy to get mobile.