28 May, 2008

Revisiting the BG's

Several people have asked... so I'm going to go a little more into detail on these BumGenius pockets.

Here's the diagram that's on every website that has them lol.

Basically you stuff an insert (they come with two, but you can get others too.. or even use prefolds) into the pocket. Some people do it at the changing table. I do it after they're dry (but everything's cooled off) when I'm putting stuff away. Is just easier to me to have them ready to go lol. After they're stuffed, they're ready to be put on just like a sposie. After they're used you take the inserts out and throw both insert and diaper into the pail. (although make sure the tabs are fastened to the laundry tabs lol) Well, obviously if there's poo that needs to be cleaned off too lol.. but still. That's about all there is to it.

They make AIO's - all in one's, that you don't have to stuff or take apart.. but aside from taking longer to dry from what I've heard, the biggest drawback to me is that you have to get those by sizes. The pockets are one size fits all... You just snap buttons to adjust.

Oh, and on their website there is a video of someone putting one on a baby lol... Is cute.