09 May, 2008

random funny and a promise

i'll apologize now... i'm on the broken comp still, kalila's asleep in the other room so can't get on that one.

anyways... i put kalila in a showdown on cafemom.. basically it's where you enter a pic in a contest agianst another. she randomly got put agianst a little girl named kalilah. i would have put an exclamation there if i could have lol. saddly kalilah beat kalila. i got an email from her mom though and we're both laughing at the coincidense.

i meant to get on and put some new pictures up... i know it's been awhile lol. what a few days or so... but things have been crazy here. we're getting up and working out in the mornings - basically going for a long walk lol... plus i have the little boy i'm watching.. so by the time i have to stop and breath, kalila's asleep and i can't get at the computer. i hear jas though, so i'm off.


Susie of Arabia said...

Hi -
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day - I know it's your first, and I hope it's really special. I love all the scrapbook stuff you are doing!
Thinking of you...

Christy said...

You're a busy, busy woman. I hope your new babysitting gig continues to go smoothly. It will just get easier and easier to manage both babies.

The name thing is a weird coincidence!

Mama Kalila said...

susie -thanks.. we celebrated on wednesday and had a great day. this weekend should be fun too. i'm loving the scrapblog thing too... so much fun.

christy - yup... i hope so too.. but it looks like there may be some drama coming. not with the baby, he's great... but the mom is taking things to 'storage' and asking us not to tell the dad anything... i saw major appliances coming out too... i'm hoping it doesn't mean what we think it does.