29 May, 2008

No Ordinary Cat...

As I mentioned yesterday... We got ourselves a new kitty. But I'm going to back up a little here...

When I was little, I got my first cat... Docket Book. I don't have a picture of her here, but she was a beautiful little Siamese.

Later on I got Small Claims... who was basically a kitty mutt lol, but he was also part Siamese... He was an odd black and white pattern (looked like a blanket had been thrown over him) so you could only tell from his temper lol, and a bone structure if you looked close.

The next one you know... Our beloved Mumble. We assume she's part Longhaired Tabby (a. she has the telltale M on her forehead, and b. she's longhaired lol) but we know she's a good deal (over half)... Siamese. Yes, I have a thing for them lol.

We knew we'd get a second cat at some point... and I found a breed that I really like. I want one so bad... The Bengal Cat... but they're more than slightly expensive. Iwas so excited when I found out that you can get them from shelters for a lot less.
Another cat I found that I wouldn't mind having if i couldn't get a Bengal, was a Savannah Cat. They are a bit wilder though lol... are actually mixed with a Serval Cat from Afrika. Beautiful though...
And of course, neither was available in any shelters around here when we decided to go look.

You already know I fell in love w/ Kimosimi. They told me he is a Domestic Shorthair... but that they think he may have some... Siamese lol. Because he looks so exotic. Well I got home and started looking online and found that there's a breed called the Bombay Cat. It comes from mixing a black American Shorthair w/ a Bermese. They were made to look like a panther (something I commented on to several people that Kimosimi looks like). He fits the physical description really well (has a few characteristics that are listed as occuring naturally, but are not what they look for when showing) , and the behavioral ones to a T. So I'm wonderingif that's what he is... or if mixing w/ a Siamese would cause similar traits.

I tried to get a good pic of him for here, but he moves around so much ended up getting a video too. Isn't very good, but here's what I got.

Oh.. and if anyone's wondering... He and Mumble... are... well, not best buddies yet, but not outright fighting either. They do chase each other back and forth and you can tell there's a slight power struggle going on for who's in charge here. But it's not too bad thankfully.


Christy said...

I have four cats, and they all went through this phase. They fight for a few weeks, and then get over it.

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah, I'm not too worried about it. Most of the time they seem almost like it's a game lol. The main thing I'm watching right now is that Mumble gets her food... Kimosimi seems to think it's all his. I have separate dishes for them and put them a ways apart... but he tries to edge her out when he sees food in either dish.

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