26 May, 2008

A New Addition... and Some Videos

I told you I'd put better video clips... So here they are...

Kalila clapping!

And Kalila taking a stroll w/ me...

In other news...

I don't know wether to laugh or feel bad about it... I decided to look some stuff up about Mumble's behaviour. We think she was weaned too quickly (was pretty little when we got her, just 3 weeks old or so) because she tries to nurse on blankets and things... Apparently it's common among Siamese cats (early weaning or not) , so I'm not as worried about it as I was. But as I was looking this up I found out that a) they have something called a catcifier for kitties who have this issue lol... and that some cats are medicated for it... w/ anti-depressants! Apparently it's also caused by psycogical problems too... I dont think Mumble is depressed though lol.

The reason I was looking all this up though, is because we decided that maybe we should get Mumble a little friend. We intended to get another girl kitty... and a kitten at that. We went to this shelter attatched to a bookstore lol. Well, all the kittens were at foster homes and would have to be brought in, which I understand, and the only girl kitty the foster parent wanted to be kept w/ her brother kitty... We can't do two so we were gonna see if she'd let them be split. I don't know what the answer was lol, because before she got back to us I fell in love with Kimosimi... a 2 year old boy kitty lol. Absolutely beautiful. Is just a domestic shorthair, but looks exotic which is where he got his name... Is Egyptian lol.. They picked it at the shelter, and works so well I wouldn't think of changing it. Very sweet. Good w/ kids... his former owner had a little boy who ended up being allergic to him and they were heartbroken to give him up.

He's a little freaked about being in a new place, but he's getting on well w/ Mumble so far... Sniffing each other and all that lol... and he crawled up in my lap for this shot.

There was another kitty there that just about broke my heart. She'd had kittens not long before and they were taken away too soon... so her poor breasts were swollen and they think she has mastitis. They're waiting for the antibiotics to come... Is a dainty little thing and just looked miserable. I hope they get her well soon.

And I guess that's about it for now lol..


Christy said...

I am impressed that you even want to take on more animals. I feel overwhelmed with the ones I already have.

Mama Kalila said...

Well, we only had one... so going to two isn't too big a deal right now. Eventually we want more, but not until we get a house. Kalila is scared of dogs (although she did well at the Petsmart when we got Kimosimi's litter box) so unless that changes we'll have to go slow w/ that when that time comes... but it's a ways away anyway. (ok, that looks odd lol)