12 May, 2008

mixed emotions...

i'll apologize now... back on the laptop so everything's off again. oh and i'll warn you if my spelling is more atrocious than normal, i can't see what i'm typing becasue this computer is being evern more slow than normal. i'm not sure why and if i go near the backspace or try to fix my probs bad things happen. and at this point bad things happening will cuase kris to throw something...


i plan on adding pictures today... but i can't on here, so i'll do that as soon as i aan get to the other comp. they'll prob be at the end. we'll see.


i know i almready mentioned the diapers and covers we bouth. and that they came in... i absolutely love them... esp the bum genius pockets - have a thing up on my other blog already complete with picture...

but the reason i mentionit is because one reason we bought them.. the main reason we bought them is for when we have a sitter. we're using them at night too, but still.

we bought three. figured that was a good number... kalila never stays with anyone longer than a few hours.

right after we bought them... my mmil askes if she can take kalila to go see her parents this sunday. three diapers is not gong to cut it i don't thing. so do i send the few sposies we have left with them... knowing that they cut into kalila's legsas badly as the gerber covers did and have huge bloweouts. or do i send prefolds which will at least fit better and save everyone the mess but ticke them off... i'd say one way might save me a days worth of laundry but hey... i'd have to wash extra clothes from it so it sodsn't really.


as you can see kalila is going away for the longest we've been away from her. part of me is really nervous even though i kno its a good thing. i'm glad they are taking her to see her great grandparents. and we're gona have to do this as someoone point. but its the first time lol... . ad to that the worry about the dipers and getting everything wready and i've about got a hadac.

but at teh same time... i'm starting to look forward to a day to myself. i feel horrid about it, but i can't get anything done lately. i'm exausted for one... and everythime i start to get something done kalila starts crying. to be arir is not always that bad... but today she's deething and has a slight fever from it, poor thing is miserable. so i'm stuck .. if i had a slign/carrier that worked maybe, but no... i've caught myeslf thinking that i just want to be laone several times today and i feel horrid about it. my poor baby doesn't feel well , is not her fault.

anyways, i think sunday is gonna be good for me... and her too, get s to spend time w/ family and we get a day to ourselves. but you know i'm gonna worry le time just the same.


wow house is really ... interestig tonight....


after at least ten minutes of trying to remember what else i was going to write i just rememered.

wet bags. if you get one from online one of the cd places throwing it in the wash with the diapers as reccomended should be great... if you get one from walkmarkin the sports section, not such a good idea. first wash today... and half the sam came out. so i have to find the time to sew the stupid thing back up. that is if i can find a needle and thread, i know i have some somewhere. well, i think i do. and of course i already have a dirty diaper to put i there. a five dollar's sounded so mch better thn fifteen... i just hope it doesn't mean that i'll have to sew it back up ever couple of days.


i'm hungry... have no idea what to make for dinner.. any suggestions... i'm usre i'll still be here by teh time you get them to me beecause kalila is hungry to lol. i'd be frusterated if it wasn't so cute.


i'm getting off - this thing is royally annoying me. esp since i like being on here so much better than the other computer. i''ll put those pics on in a little bit.