06 May, 2008

It Came!!

You can't imagine how happy I was when I saw on the tracking site that our new carseat was arriving... Ok, maybe you can lol.

Before we ordered it I was so ansty about our tax stuff coming in for this reason alone. Seriously. Forget anything else that we need to do... The idea of putting off this new carseat any longer scared the khara out of me! At her 6 mo checkup Kalila was 20lbs. The weight limit on the old one is 22lbs. She was 28 1/2 in. The height limit is 29 in. It's been a month... She could be the same... or not. It's crazy how fast she grows lol.

But it finally came in & we got it ordered. We went the slowest shipping - $12 as opposed to $40 (or more) seemed the best route lol. So that meant waiting another week or more... But it really hasn't been that long. It's always a nice surprise when things come in sooner than expected.

I can't wait now to put it in the truck tomorrow lol. It looks great, she loves it... I already see why some reviews say its hard to secure rear facing... but can be done. I'm not worried about that. Plus she loves it... I'm amazed by that lol.