09 May, 2008

Here we go

Now that I'm on the computer where I can add pictures... and write normally lol...

We got our car seat in the other day! Kalila absolutely loves it so far. I got a couple pics of her in it just after I unpacked it. It's in the truck now, wasn't as hard to install as I thought (there were some bad reviews about that), and I'm really happy with it.

The other night I made goat curry for our anniversary. Was really yummy... We also opened up one of the bottles of champagne from the wedding & had the top of the wedding cake. As you can see, the icing wrinkled in the freezer lol. I blame that on the size of our freezer though. No complaints, we had fun!
Babies and kitties love boxes. Need I say more?

Now that she's started drinking a little water, we're working on learning to use the sippy... w/ the valve too. She still can't get much out, but loves trying!

And yes that is her in diaper alone lol. It's rather warm today... On that note: I can't wait for her new covers (and pockets too) to come in. I was hoping they would today, but no such luck...

I need to get new video's too. She's crawling pretty well now... and pulling up on things. Is so cute!


Christy said...

We just started the sippy cup too. Izzy is able to drink from it, but has trouble tilting it back far enough.

Yay for crawling! That is so exciting! I can't wait for Izzy to start crawling.