05 May, 2008

A Few More...

This isn't going to be a huge post or anything... Just wanted to share a few more of the scrapblogs lol. Don't worry, they aren't very long.

This one is pretty self explanitory - its of our first Halloween lol. The pictures were just too cute not to do one with!

This one is just me being nostolgic. I almost put this one on yesterday's blog but decided against it. Basically it's of the stuff I had saved from our wedding plans before... Obviously it's not a full wedding lol, but was our (well my) dream one. Some pics are missing though lol... I don't have one of one of the guys Jas was going to have as a groomsman & he hadn't picked the last yet lol. Anyway, if you saw the cake in yesterdays post we did get to keep at least one thing! (well, and the colours & rings lol)

I'm gonna keep adding to this one. Ignore any pages past 7 months... they're the stock pictures!So are most of them on the 7 mo page obviously lol. Only have one on it yet. As you can tell, I used a premade theme on this one. The one's above I made myself. (I made the top one from yesterday too, but the wedding one was a theme as well)