02 May, 2008

Crazyness.. Just Crazyness..

This doesn't really fit w/ the mom/parenting theme... but I think it's more appropriate to this blog than the other lol.

We got our electric bill today... and it DOUBLED what we'd been paying! ??? I get that it's getting warmer... I get that we're now washing diapers... but DOUBLE? For one thing two extra loads of laundry shouldn't raise it too much, so I'm not blaiming it on that (although I know it does add a little). The AC... that we're figuring prob is a big culprite lol. But still.. .DOUBLE?

Thankfully my husband was here when I got it... Decided to step up a bit of what we'd already started doing/changing. AC is off (at least during the day) and windows open. It's nice outside... I am a bit warm right now, but it's not bad. We've been using them for light a lot more lately anyway (and opening them most days, but not always) - now it's a given... Lights are off until it's dark outside. We also bought some of those light bulbs that save energy last time we shopped for light bulbs, but it had only gone in the one light that needed a new one. We're gonna go get more for the rest of the house. Honestly, they're weird... start off really dim and get brighter lol. But if it helps... Plus - when we finish moving things around (in the next few days) we're going to make sure our stuff is set up where it can be unplugged at night.

If nothing else Mumble will enjoy the fresh air... She is right now lol.


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Ack! That's a sure way to blow a budget!

Good luck in getting it down!

May 5, 2008 7:32 AM
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