11 May, 2008

Bum Genius 3.0

Our diapers came in... was very excited about that lol. I think I mentioned (but just in case I didn't...) that we got a few pair of pocket diapers to use at night (or for sitters). We chose the Bum Genius 3.0's. I'm not sure if I was more excited to see them or the covers lol.
Anyways, we got the diapers (and covers too) washed last night. I must have timed it just right because they were dry right about bedtime. Got Kalila put in them, and I have to say - I think she looks adorable.
It was a little awkward stuffing them, but that may just be because I hadn't done it before. Other than that, they were really easy to put on her. And they worked really well last night. No leaks, she was dry (though the inserts weren't of course lol). It was great.


Mama Kalila said...

Blogger Steph said...

They're really cute! I may have to look into those for Alex.

May 14, 2008 7:36 PM
Blogger Mama Kalila said...

I love them... almost wish we could use them full time because they're so convienent to use lol. But they are normally 17.95 a diaper. We justified it for a few, but... Ended up needing a few more though & we got some more for 9 each used... I'm hoping they get here on time for this weekend lol.

An upside to the price though... they don't need covers - so no extra there & come w/ two inserts each... plus they're one size so you don't have to rebuy them...

May 14, 2008 11:34 PM
Blogger Steph said...

If I bought them, my justification would be that they would fit both babies, and no need for covers so no extra expense. But if I'm investing in any more cloth diapers (not like I don't have enough right now), then they need to be ones that Chris might actually change. :)

Where'd you find the used ones?

May 15, 2008 10:42 AM
Blogger Mama Kalila said...

those are good justifications too lol. is part of what i've thought about because we are planning to have more kids and they'll fit them from the start.

as for husbands lol. i've finally gotten jas to change diapers voluntarily, even w/ prefolds... the bg's could help with that too though... becuase if you have them prestuffed all he has to do is put them on like a sposie... as for cleaning the old one... he could do like we're having mil do and just wrap it up put in wet bag for you to do later lol.. they are people friendly though...

i got my used ones on cafemom lol. i asked the cd groups for advice on what to do this weekend... and one offered to sell some of hers since she likes flats better. i've also heard you can get good deals on diaper swappers... but i haven't done much on there but look a few times lol.

May 15, 2008 5:08 PM