31 May, 2008

A Typical Day ???

Ok, so today wasn't such a typical day to be perfectly honest.

Some things were... I got up, fed the baby, got her changed, got her solids ready, dressed, cats fed, all that stuff... Got her down for a nap and started to take a shower - but our hot water is out... so I feel all gross to begin with. Thankfully today's not a diaper washing day or I'd really be in trouble with that. I'll get back to that later though.

Jas had to go out and decided to take Kalila with him... which was great. I got some time to get some things done around here. The biggest part of that was getting laundry put away... Getting it washed is easy enough, even with Kalila here... but putting it away gets complicated lol. So I spent half the morning doing that, another part washing out the tub, reorganizing Kalila's drawers (something that really needed to be done), washing a few loads of laundry, and throwing trash. Ie other things that are hard to do w/ baby. I tried to go to the office about the hot water heater too... but they randomly closed for several hours during their work hours.

I got lucky when he came home in that she'd only napped a few minutes in the truck. So she was exausted and slept for an hour and a half (I'm still in shock) after he left for work. I managed to do dishes, clean the kitchen, move the cleaning stuff to the laundry room and get started on safety latches before she woke up... plus did another load of laundry and vacuumed.

Obviously not a typical day because I had serious blocks of time to work on stuff (just a sec have to save and come back to this.. Kalila's done eating = me off the comp)

(ok she's hungry again lol) By the time Kalila woke up the office was closed - obviously couldn't leave her here - so I couldn't get the request in. I'm hoping they're open tomorrow (you can never tell on Sundays... sometimes they open, sometimes they don't) so I can put it in... as it is, that's cutting it close. Tomorrow is diaper wash day... I have enough to make it through then and maybe another day (a couple more for sure if I use the crappy Gerbers). Now did I mention that our maintanance guy is awful and never does what he's supposed too? I'm a bit worried here...

I've been lucky today... Kalila's actually let me do a few things while she's awake. I got some cleaning done while she played... she was real good until I wanted to eat, which is about normal. She started screaming in the middle of the easy mac cooking (forget me trying to make real food for myself... She either has to be asleep or Jas here for me to do that, isn't worth it just for me), I got her in her high chair, more screaming until I started acting like I was wiping down the table with one hand while eating w/ the other because apparently she thinks me cleaning it is stinking halarious.

On a normal day I might have gotten a quarter of that done, mostly during naps. It all depends on my daughters mood.

On a normal day I wash laundry all day long. There's always a load of something to be done.. and most of it has to be dried twice... some things need an extra vinegar rinse. It's worse on diaper days because I have to do a cold wash no detergent, hot w/ detergent, then several hot without... if it's a stripping day I have to do a cycle w/ dawn after the one with reg detergent and then twice as many w just hot water to make sure it's all out. I'm not complaining because I really don't mind. It's not that bad... but yeah, the washer is running almost all day long just for me to keep up with it.

On a normal day I vacuum about 3 times... to get Kalila to sleep.

On a normal day I get stopped in the middle of everything at least 5 or 6 times to nurse Kalila. (ok that was today too lol)

On a normal day I have to change at least 6 diapers (not today, Jas got one...) which isn't the easiest task now that she's crawling... I try to put one on and a second later this cute little naked behind is speeding across the floor! (note: this would be no different if we used sposies instead of cloth... in fact we'd add more laundry that way because she used to blow out of the things at least 4 times a day)

On a normal day I spend time playing with Kalila... (today too of course)

On a normal day I do waste time online or phone.. but like now is usually when I'm nursing Kalila (because despite having 4 slings now, none of them work, and I'm stuck here every time she gets hungry) or doing something else.

On a normal day I try to workout.. missed that this morning because I had to get Kalila ready. Am hoping to do a little tonight though..

I could go on, but Kalila's about done...

Anyways... all this and guess what I was told today.. THAT I DO NOT DO ENOUGH.

Apparently this place is supposed to be spotless every day, while the baby is kept happy hanging off a boob, husband is kept happy probably playing wow - but still manages to work full time and keep up a full load of classes at school, cats are kept happy, while I hop on one foot patting my head, rubbing my belly, spinning in a circle, cooking 5 course meals, cooking baby food, pushing the vacuum with the other foot, dressed up in nice clothes that don't fit anymore, with my hair fixed up, makup on, training one cat to not get on tables and the other not to scratch furniture, etc. etc. etc.

Oh and in the midst of all that (or on top of all that I do normally) I'm supposed to get a job... Something I wouldn't mind of course... If it was doable. We've looked into it. We can't afford for me to work right now. Plus I really would get nothing done lol. Yes I will go back to work... when our kids are in school and it's feesable. Good grief already. As if we hadn't discussed/looked into that ourselves...

And last, but not least.. .my favourite part... apparently someone of a different religion knows ours better than we do & can tell us what we can and cannot do (or at least should and should not do) ?????????????

If ya can't tell I'm a tad frusterated. I can't really say it's been a bad day though because I got what I wanted to done and then some... plus making mental notes of exactly where and when others will be done.

I'm gonna go now... after feeding Kalila a third time since I started this (yes it's taken that long for me to write this in the middle of other stuff) she's smiling and blowing raspberries at me that are so adorable and just make me want to shower her in kisses... is nice to see her so happy... esp since I know she's gonna be mad when I put her to bed in a min (and yes time to bring out the vac again lol).

Why Not?

Yes I'm going to go on a tangent here!

Catholic Answers


Boston News Article

Now someone PLEASE tell me how it's not a sin, not against my religion, etc?

Better yet...



More Risks

I could go on but I'll be nice... After looking at these... PLEASE tell me why anyone would think I should chance any of that?

I'm not telling anyone not to use it if they want... but PLEASE don't try and force it on me.

Ok, I'm done w/ my rant now... I promise my next post will be more baby friendly :-)

30 May, 2008

Take Charge

I keep hearing people mention this book called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". (or something like that) Apparently it's this really great book that helps you learn how to chart and stuff. I'm really curious about it... Most of the books on NFP are not really in my price range though... I have the "Art of NFP" w/ chart (which doesn't have a whole lot of info to be perfectly honest) and online sources to help (which there are some good ones)... so I can't complain really lol.

Has anyone read this? Is it worth it? Any comments, suggestions, etc?

29 May, 2008

No Ordinary Cat...

As I mentioned yesterday... We got ourselves a new kitty. But I'm going to back up a little here...

When I was little, I got my first cat... Docket Book. I don't have a picture of her here, but she was a beautiful little Siamese.

Later on I got Small Claims... who was basically a kitty mutt lol, but he was also part Siamese... He was an odd black and white pattern (looked like a blanket had been thrown over him) so you could only tell from his temper lol, and a bone structure if you looked close.

The next one you know... Our beloved Mumble. We assume she's part Longhaired Tabby (a. she has the telltale M on her forehead, and b. she's longhaired lol) but we know she's a good deal (over half)... Siamese. Yes, I have a thing for them lol.

We knew we'd get a second cat at some point... and I found a breed that I really like. I want one so bad... The Bengal Cat... but they're more than slightly expensive. Iwas so excited when I found out that you can get them from shelters for a lot less.
Another cat I found that I wouldn't mind having if i couldn't get a Bengal, was a Savannah Cat. They are a bit wilder though lol... are actually mixed with a Serval Cat from Afrika. Beautiful though...
And of course, neither was available in any shelters around here when we decided to go look.

You already know I fell in love w/ Kimosimi. They told me he is a Domestic Shorthair... but that they think he may have some... Siamese lol. Because he looks so exotic. Well I got home and started looking online and found that there's a breed called the Bombay Cat. It comes from mixing a black American Shorthair w/ a Bermese. They were made to look like a panther (something I commented on to several people that Kimosimi looks like). He fits the physical description really well (has a few characteristics that are listed as occuring naturally, but are not what they look for when showing) , and the behavioral ones to a T. So I'm wonderingif that's what he is... or if mixing w/ a Siamese would cause similar traits.

I tried to get a good pic of him for here, but he moves around so much ended up getting a video too. Isn't very good, but here's what I got.

Oh.. and if anyone's wondering... He and Mumble... are... well, not best buddies yet, but not outright fighting either. They do chase each other back and forth and you can tell there's a slight power struggle going on for who's in charge here. But it's not too bad thankfully.

28 May, 2008

Revisiting the BG's

Several people have asked... so I'm going to go a little more into detail on these BumGenius pockets.

Here's the diagram that's on every website that has them lol.

Basically you stuff an insert (they come with two, but you can get others too.. or even use prefolds) into the pocket. Some people do it at the changing table. I do it after they're dry (but everything's cooled off) when I'm putting stuff away. Is just easier to me to have them ready to go lol. After they're stuffed, they're ready to be put on just like a sposie. After they're used you take the inserts out and throw both insert and diaper into the pail. (although make sure the tabs are fastened to the laundry tabs lol) Well, obviously if there's poo that needs to be cleaned off too lol.. but still. That's about all there is to it.

They make AIO's - all in one's, that you don't have to stuff or take apart.. but aside from taking longer to dry from what I've heard, the biggest drawback to me is that you have to get those by sizes. The pockets are one size fits all... You just snap buttons to adjust.

Oh, and on their website there is a video of someone putting one on a baby lol... Is cute.

27 May, 2008


As you already know... We bought a Swimmi awhile back and loved it. So we decided to make the Bummi one of the covers we'd try. It's the midpriced of the ones we picked... had a cute pattern... and... it's ok. I like the laundry tabs lol... I do not like that there are no leg gussets. We haven't had any leaks, but still... is not comforting to me.

26 May, 2008

A New Addition... and Some Videos

I told you I'd put better video clips... So here they are...

Kalila clapping!

And Kalila taking a stroll w/ me...

In other news...

I don't know wether to laugh or feel bad about it... I decided to look some stuff up about Mumble's behaviour. We think she was weaned too quickly (was pretty little when we got her, just 3 weeks old or so) because she tries to nurse on blankets and things... Apparently it's common among Siamese cats (early weaning or not) , so I'm not as worried about it as I was. But as I was looking this up I found out that a) they have something called a catcifier for kitties who have this issue lol... and that some cats are medicated for it... w/ anti-depressants! Apparently it's also caused by psycogical problems too... I dont think Mumble is depressed though lol.

The reason I was looking all this up though, is because we decided that maybe we should get Mumble a little friend. We intended to get another girl kitty... and a kitten at that. We went to this shelter attatched to a bookstore lol. Well, all the kittens were at foster homes and would have to be brought in, which I understand, and the only girl kitty the foster parent wanted to be kept w/ her brother kitty... We can't do two so we were gonna see if she'd let them be split. I don't know what the answer was lol, because before she got back to us I fell in love with Kimosimi... a 2 year old boy kitty lol. Absolutely beautiful. Is just a domestic shorthair, but looks exotic which is where he got his name... Is Egyptian lol.. They picked it at the shelter, and works so well I wouldn't think of changing it. Very sweet. Good w/ kids... his former owner had a little boy who ended up being allergic to him and they were heartbroken to give him up.

He's a little freaked about being in a new place, but he's getting on well w/ Mumble so far... Sniffing each other and all that lol... and he crawled up in my lap for this shot.

There was another kitty there that just about broke my heart. She'd had kittens not long before and they were taken away too soon... so her poor breasts were swollen and they think she has mastitis. They're waiting for the antibiotics to come... Is a dainty little thing and just looked miserable. I hope they get her well soon.

And I guess that's about it for now lol..

25 May, 2008

A Ton of Pictures... and then some

Ok, so I have a ton of pics I want to share... and a couple stories too.

Kalila is moving around all over the place...

Like under the coffee table

Under her Jumperoo

She can crawl up into my lap

Or pull herself up

and stand by the couch!

She's also enjoying her new clothes... A friend sent us some hand-me-downs the other day. So we've been having fun with that.

Chewing on the shoes...

The little princess sitting w/ Mommy.

She pulled herself up on me and then started bouncing around when she saw the camera!I wish you could see this dress... So cute! The bib is one of the ones I was talking about in the blog I wrote on Non Hippy Hippy Mom the other day (the almost wipes one) As you can tell she loves apples and cinnamon lol.

Kalila did the cutest thing earlier... I was watching Reba, and it was the episode where Cheyenne has the baby & she sings to her... always makes me bawl lol... Reba started singing, I'm crying of course, and Kalila starts singing along! It was absolutely adorable... But of course, no pic to go along w/ that lol.

Apparently this is a continueing thing.. she did it in the truck once afterwards, and today while listening to her uncles sing lol. I almost got a pic of that one. Was so cute!

Oh... and it looks like Kalila's afraid of dog's. At least the two she saw today. First they barked and she got scared... and then one got in her face, and she was already late for her nap.. so huge meltdown. I felt so bad for her!

She's started clapping too! I need to get a video of it...

Speaking of video's - I have one of them too! Sorry it's so dark... Im hoping we get a better one soon.

In case I haven't emailed it to you already. Kalila's entered in a contest, please vote! This is one of my favourite pics of her...


While I have a chance lol. These covers were my second favourites. Like Imse Vimse they have the leg gussets.... which end up being a life saver for us. They don't have the cute prints (but I could get Kalila's fav colour..), and the outsides aren't as soft... but they work just as well. They do have one advantage too.. They have laundry tabs lol.

24 May, 2008

The Magic Vacuum Cleaner

Alternate title: My Floor Will Have Never Been Cleaner

It's not easy to get Kalila down to sleep. Once she's out.. .she's out. Nothing wakes her up lol. But she fights it like you wouldn't believe. Sometimes I get lucky and she drifts off right away, or stays asleep after I lay her down if I was holding her. Sometimes she only cries a few minutes. I don't like it, but she's throwing a fit. We've figured that out... But I can't stand to hear her cry for very long (obviously would rather it not happen period, but...).

I'd say maybe we transitioned her from our bed to the crib (which she hates lol) too soon... but she cried when we laid her down with us too. She knows exactly where she wants to sleep - on my chest - and that's not happening at night (she's too big for one lol) and I have no sling (that works for us) to let her do it for naps. So we work on finding ways to get her down as quietly/quickly as possible.

Now, while I was pregnant people told me to run the vacuum while she was asleep to get her used to noise. Good idea, but my husband is loud. I got the whole white noise concept too, we played music for her.. it does calm her down sometimes... esp if we put on her Godfather's cd lol. But I hadn't thought of trying the vacuum as the way to put her to sleep...

I laid her down yesterday.. fit started to be thrown... and I went back to the cleaning I was doing... which happened to include vacuuming. By the time i had finished, only a min or two, she was sound asleep. I tried it again w/ her next nap and so on.. It's worked every time! Yes, I vacuumed my floor 3 times yesterday lol.

I guess it's a good thing though right? Not only does it put her to sleep easier (and in doing so saving my sanity) but w/ all the moving around she does, the floor probably needs it lol.

20 May, 2008

Go Man Utd!!!

So much has been going on that I though I'd share a little.. but where to start!


Kalila is pulling up! She's been doing it for a few weeks, but is doing it a lot more now. Earlier today she crawled over to me - I was sitting on the couch - and went from on her tummy to standing up holding on to my legs! I wish I'd gotten a pic, or better yet video, of it! I did get one of her on the chair the other day.. but is kinda hard to see w/ the lighting we had at the time. Hopefully I'll get a better one soon!


I had a dream about Betsy last night... Isn't quite a reoccuring dream, but I've had several along the same lines... the setting is always different but I know it's coming from the same place/reason/whatever.

This one we were in high school (oddly enough being back in hs is a reoccuring dream for me in and of itself) and I was helping her find a book... but we couldn't find it for anything. I kept looking at the clock thinking I was going to be late for my own class. Finally when I only had one minute left before the bell rang I begged off and Emily was there giving me dirty looks for not staying to help Betsy... I got to my locker and nothing was in there and I remembered I didn't have my schedule yet. So I went to the office to do that and got stuck there waiting.. .and the longer I did the more I wanted to go back & help Bets, but they wouldn't let me leave... and then news came that someone in the school was either in the hospital or the ambulance had come, something like that, and I got scared thinking it was Betsy and was all upset because I wasn't there.

Like I said, I'm pretty sure I know where this came from... is one dream that is pretty obvious. But why now?


Can I just say it's stinking hot here? I shouldn't complain though because I like hot weather lol.


We're starting on more & more finger foods... Today we did sauteed zucchini... Kalila seemed to love it. I keep seeing her try to pick stuff up during meals though and figured I should step it up on that...


Speaking of food... Peaches are the latest new food... Didn't seem to go over well, but we'll see. Plums are next - on Friday, and Cinammon early next week... What really gets me though.. her second new food next week, towards the end of the week of course, will be chicken! Meat already?!?! That's right... she'll be 8 months old...


Wow - all I can say is flying hula hoop...


Back to food... the reason I was thinking about all that... I sat here tonight, well during nap time and after Kalila went to bed lol, and put together menus up through the next couple months. Might sound a bit silly, but the weeks sneak up on you and if I don't have it set ahead of time... just doesn't get done. & since everything is new I can't just play it by ear either. I just wish I could do the same for me & Jason. I was trying for awhile (putting one together at the beginning of the week) but I've been really bad about it lately.


I want to add pictures... but they're all on the other comp. So I'm saving this and will post tomorrow w/ these lovely pics...

Ok this post is spanning two days lol. Jas attatched himself to the comp I needed & I didn't have a chance to work on this until later than I intended...


I'm watching the Man Utd game right now against Chelsea.. So excited! It's halftime right now.. tied 1-1... So far it has been an awesome game. & Kalila is in to it too... is so cute! She started yelling when she first saw Ronaldo lol... and then got hungry and nursed awhile sitting beside me facing the tv. Popped off to yell every time something happened lol. Even now I have a little football fan... Ok game is back on - gotta go!!!!


WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It went down to the freaking penalty shots, but we did it! Las & I ended up on the phone at the end freaking out together because it was so close lol. I love football...


*Edit to add* - I hate hissy fits. Was having such a great day until the past few minutes when I've had to deal with 3 or4 of them at the same freaking time! I can deal with Kalila's...

19 May, 2008

Too Soon?

Well we made it... We survived Kalila's trip w/out us lol. She did ok... did get a little fussy, esp on the trip back. Little fussy may be an understatement though lol.

Like I said before... I'm glad she went. It's nice that she got to see her Great Grandparents... and I needed a break... got a ton done on the apartment.

But... when she got home she threw herself at me and the only other person she wanted to go to was her Baba. She was all smiles w/ us, but... We couldn't even put her down w/out her crying. She'd eaten not long before but wanted to nurse of course... ended up eating too much and spit up everywhere. Then she woke up in the middle of the night - after I'd only slept an hour - and nursed the rest of the night. When I tried to lay her down, next to me mind you, she started crying agian... and at one point pulled herself up to standing while half asleep lol - that was just funny... Around 6 I finally laid her back down in her crib and got another couple hours sleep. and of course I feel horrible about it all because I can't help but wonder if it was too soon for her to be away for so long. I don't know... I'm still glad we did it... We had to at some point and I know it's gonna be rough whenever...

Anyways, we survived lol... and for the most part Kalila's been doing great today. Still a little clingy, but put her on the floor to crawl and she's the happiest baby lol.

Oh did I mention she's got a new tooth coming through? :-)

The Almost Wipes

Once upon a time there was a surprise baby shower. The mother to be received many gifts, over half of which were bibs. She wasn't sure that she would need 782739247 bibs so she thought to exchange a few - as 543293 should be enough for one small baby. However this was not meant to be... First an evil dragon stole the packaging, leaving the mother no way to even know where they came from let alone return them. Then news came from a far off land that these bibs were poisoned and cannot be used. Thankfully 32342 bibs were able to be saved... But the mother did not know what to do with the others. Some told her to throw them away... but she just could not bring herself to do it.

Months went by and the little one was born... It wasn't long before the mother saw the error of her ways. The gift givers were right, she did need that many bibs and possibly a few hundred more... but she made do with the few that were safe.

Life continued on until the mother decided she'd had enough of tossing diapers out right and left, and went to ones she could reuse. With these new diapers came new wipes... made from washclothes of a deeply disturbing colour. Once again she found that she could use a few more...

Not long after she started to clean her kingdom and found those poisoned bibs. A lightbulb flickered... maybe she could take the poisoned backing off the bibs and make them into wipes! She became so excited about this prospect. She quickly set to work... and found that the bibs held thier shape quite unexpectedly...

And now the mother has a big delimma - to use them as bibs or wipes? Some for one, and some the other?

17 May, 2008


Just writing a short note to let you know -- in case you hadn't already noticed lol -- that I made some changes on here. I fixed the links on the sides so that they're a little more user friendly, organized and such.

I'll be adding more over time too. If you have any ideas of links you think should be on here, let me know. Same w/ poll questions. I'm trying to make sure there's always one lol but am gonna run outa things at ome point.. so if you have anything you'd like to poll add that on here too! Thanks

16 May, 2008

A New Trick

After quite awhile of us trying to teach her to do it... and lots of half way attempts... Kalila can finally wave bye bye!

15 May, 2008

i'm blaiming it on being tired...

i was going to title this one date night, but since i just wrote an entry on my other blog about me blaiming something on teething, i figured this one works better lol. besides, it fits... i just about embarrassed myself a second ago. i walked out to get a drink, looked down and realized my shirt was wide open. i'd fed the baby just before. i'm so glad noone saw me...

but yeah... jason and i went out on a date last night. it was a lot of fun... i'm glad we got too. we were a bit sad too though. note, we've gone out w/out kalila before... we knew she was ok. but when she drove off w/ her gido she had this look of confusion and sadness that just got to us. anyways, we went out to eat at samurai's - was great as usual. we tried a couple new rolls, but got the same apitizer as always -stuffed mushrooms...they're so good... and i got a glass of plum wine... then we went to see iron man. jason loved it... i'm glad we went. not my fav movie lol... but still. i think a good part of my prob was that it was digital, and i'd never seen one before - between that and the alchohol i had a huge headache from it. even the previews bothered me. but it was fun. and like i said, jason loved the movie.

today we went and got groceries... i'm about to have to do a marathon of baby foods lol. got the squash - her newest food - done a little while ago. am soaking the processor before i get going on the rest. off the top of my head i need to do bananas, sweet potatoes, zucchini, green beans, apples, pears, carrots, and possibly peas. realized after we left that we forgot the avocado's - so they're gonna have to wait. oh well. they're pretty easy to get.

i need to get to work obviously lol, so i'm off for now...

I'm Blaiming It On Teething

warning this mentions poo - so if squeemish you may not wanna read this lol.

i was just talking to my cuz about cd's and poo - lovely topic i know, but we're both mommies lol... and i mentioned how kalila is getting to the happy stage of becoming more and more solid. happy news for me because means i only have to shake in toilet lol.. but everyonce in awhile she still has the nasty ones everyone calls peanut butter... and of course as soon as we get off the phone i change a diaper to find just that - but on the runny side. it exploded everywhere. was nasty.

i got it taken care of, of course... really isn't that bad when you use the shower head over the toilet - much easier than swish and dunk... ended up accidently flushing a wash-cloth in the process lol. oops... i still feel bad about that. but anyways...

the only thing i can think of to cause this explosion is maybe her teething. she's been really fussy lately too. had a bit of a fever a few days ago too, but is gone now... and she doesn't seem sick. i'd wonder if it was something she ate, but i'm really picky about what she does... i have it scheduled out when she starts each new one by what's recommended for which age and everything... and her latest one was today after the explosion. i know i'm somewhat obsessive about the food thing, but hey - she's my first lol and jas and i both have a couple food allergies apiece - and mine are pretty rare ones at that. i want to make sure i know if she is... which means it shouldn't be that. so i'm going with teething.

14 May, 2008

Imse Vimse

The diaper cover brand that I had heard nothing about lol... I picked it as the third one to try mostly because it was the only one close in price to the other two I wanted (ie not too much) and because it had a cute pattern lol. Yes, put safari on something & I want it lol.

I absolutely love it!!! The outside is organic cotton, inside is PUL like the others. I didn't think too much about the material outside the cover being diff than the others, but it makes it have a nice feel. Is very soft. It has gussets on the legs, which I've found that I really like in a cover. It fits Kalila well, mostly because of that lol... and of course... it's really cute on her too.

13 May, 2008

sorry - here we go

first off - gonna apologize for yesterday. i just needed to vent mostly i think. things have just been rough the past few days. and it doesn't help that because of sunday my sugar has been off. i've been able to keep it from playing havoc w/ me since i was pregnant - actually straightened up then, has been a little work since she was born but still no problems. sunday ruined that... i felt horrid yesterday obviously. today hasn't been much better. jas got me a glass of oj trying to help... i ended up feeling like i was high. i feel better right now, after a nap and then a dr pepper - oddly enough they tend to help, get my sugar up w/out making me ill. i'm about to eat again to see if i can continue too lol.


looks like the diaper situation may just work out. i found someone selling some for half price. which means we'll have enough for a day away from home... i'm hoping we have them by this weekend, but even if not we will for next time. thankfully bum genius' are one size so won't have to worry about that lol. if they don't get here by then... not sure what we'll do lol. so lets hope...


pictures -

the other day kalila slipped in between the wall and the mattress. thankfully the box springs caught her fall and we were right there beside her lol. she thought it was the funniest thing ever... and we just had to get pictures.

here's a few of her in her new diaper covers...

and her bum genius pockets...

12 May, 2008

mixed emotions...

i'll apologize now... back on the laptop so everything's off again. oh and i'll warn you if my spelling is more atrocious than normal, i can't see what i'm typing becasue this computer is being evern more slow than normal. i'm not sure why and if i go near the backspace or try to fix my probs bad things happen. and at this point bad things happening will cuase kris to throw something...


i plan on adding pictures today... but i can't on here, so i'll do that as soon as i aan get to the other comp. they'll prob be at the end. we'll see.


i know i almready mentioned the diapers and covers we bouth. and that they came in... i absolutely love them... esp the bum genius pockets - have a thing up on my other blog already complete with picture...

but the reason i mentionit is because one reason we bought them.. the main reason we bought them is for when we have a sitter. we're using them at night too, but still.

we bought three. figured that was a good number... kalila never stays with anyone longer than a few hours.

right after we bought them... my mmil askes if she can take kalila to go see her parents this sunday. three diapers is not gong to cut it i don't thing. so do i send the few sposies we have left with them... knowing that they cut into kalila's legsas badly as the gerber covers did and have huge bloweouts. or do i send prefolds which will at least fit better and save everyone the mess but ticke them off... i'd say one way might save me a days worth of laundry but hey... i'd have to wash extra clothes from it so it sodsn't really.


as you can see kalila is going away for the longest we've been away from her. part of me is really nervous even though i kno its a good thing. i'm glad they are taking her to see her great grandparents. and we're gona have to do this as someoone point. but its the first time lol... . ad to that the worry about the dipers and getting everything wready and i've about got a hadac.

but at teh same time... i'm starting to look forward to a day to myself. i feel horrid about it, but i can't get anything done lately. i'm exausted for one... and everythime i start to get something done kalila starts crying. to be arir is not always that bad... but today she's deething and has a slight fever from it, poor thing is miserable. so i'm stuck .. if i had a slign/carrier that worked maybe, but no... i've caught myeslf thinking that i just want to be laone several times today and i feel horrid about it. my poor baby doesn't feel well , is not her fault.

anyways, i think sunday is gonna be good for me... and her too, get s to spend time w/ family and we get a day to ourselves. but you know i'm gonna worry le time just the same.


wow house is really ... interestig tonight....


after at least ten minutes of trying to remember what else i was going to write i just rememered.

wet bags. if you get one from online one of the cd places throwing it in the wash with the diapers as reccomended should be great... if you get one from walkmarkin the sports section, not such a good idea. first wash today... and half the sam came out. so i have to find the time to sew the stupid thing back up. that is if i can find a needle and thread, i know i have some somewhere. well, i think i do. and of course i already have a dirty diaper to put i there. a five dollar's sounded so mch better thn fifteen... i just hope it doesn't mean that i'll have to sew it back up ever couple of days.


i'm hungry... have no idea what to make for dinner.. any suggestions... i'm usre i'll still be here by teh time you get them to me beecause kalila is hungry to lol. i'd be frusterated if it wasn't so cute.


i'm getting off - this thing is royally annoying me. esp since i like being on here so much better than the other computer. i''ll put those pics on in a little bit.

11 May, 2008

Bum Genius 3.0

Our diapers came in... was very excited about that lol. I think I mentioned (but just in case I didn't...) that we got a few pair of pocket diapers to use at night (or for sitters). We chose the Bum Genius 3.0's. I'm not sure if I was more excited to see them or the covers lol.
Anyways, we got the diapers (and covers too) washed last night. I must have timed it just right because they were dry right about bedtime. Got Kalila put in them, and I have to say - I think she looks adorable.
It was a little awkward stuffing them, but that may just be because I hadn't done it before. Other than that, they were really easy to put on her. And they worked really well last night. No leaks, she was dry (though the inserts weren't of course lol). It was great.

Well Happy Mother's Day...

Well, it's a good thing Jas & I celebrated on Wednesday... because today sucked. I know part of it is because of things going on already... but still it's sucked.

First off... the other day the mom next door had me watch her son again. Didn't think anything of it, had expected too. She told us she'd be in and out, was putting stuff in storage. I'd seen them both going through things so no flags went off. Told us she'd call us the next day about paying us too. Well, it turns out she emptied out the apt while the dad was at work, took off, no-one knows where she is! With his son too. Didn't call us either... he said he'd pay us when he gets paid if she hasn't, but I feel bad for him about it.

On top of that, another friend is having problems at work... So I feel bad for her about that.

Oh... and we just found out how far our apt complex will go to get us out of here... We signed our lease before prices went up. They've been jerks lately, but I didn't realize... Our neighbors brought up bills last night... The way water is supposed to work here is the complex pays half the bill and the rest is divied up by apt size and people in the apt. We have 3 people... our neighbors have - well had - 4. Our bill is double theirs. Same with electricity, it doesn't work the same way... but we don't use any more than they do and our bill is still way more... Add the two up and you get the price diff between our rents. Yeah, we're not thrilled about this...

THEN... we had today planned for weeks. We were gonna go to this great restraunt that we love. They don't always open on Sundays, but today was special for mothers day. Is my favourite place and I was really looking forward to it. But no... Instead we end up having to go to this nasty (not just nasty.. there are no words to describe this place) French restraunt. We went there last year too, so we already knew the food was bad... Plus Jas is extremely uncomfortable in the place too. Their one redeeming quality is their deserts... look amazing. Are priced acorrdingly too though. So I decided to get a torte instead of real food. But before we ordered I ended up having to go change a diaper... on a changing table that was set for someone the height of an NBA player. Kalila screamed the whole time... When I finally got back, she decided she needed to eat so we had to find a table & I found out that I was gonna have to get some stupid soup to go with it. Thankfully they got it off the order... but the whole time I was waiting I felt horrid because they were ordering/paying for something that I was not going to eat.. and thinking that if I was forced to I'd throw the damn thing across the room. I was not in a good mood at that point if you can't tell lol. But no, they didn't get it & I got to enjoy my chocolate in peace... And it was pretty good, I've had better, but it was decent. But now that leaves me needing to either cook or scrounge for something before I go into a hypoglycemic fit! Uggh I hate French food...

On a happier note: Kalila's diapers and covers came in. Are so cute! I'll put up pics soon, but about to have nap time for her and that means I'll have to leave the room lol.

10 May, 2008

Cradle Cap

we went to run errands today and afterwards i was holding kalila while jason filled gas... i looked down and saw flakes in her hair... looked closer and i'm pretty sure it's cradle cap. is what it looks like anyway. thankfully i already knew about it, so not freaking out or anything.

i looked up some things to help with it until it goes away... most of what i've seen is rubbing in oil, brushing out and then shampoo.. easy enough to do. i saw several different kinds of oil recommended, but i think i'm going to go w/ castor oil. it will do the same thing and i know for a fact that it makes hair grow lol... they rub it on baby's heads in india for that purpose, and i've done it on mine before. it really works. of course is not really important, but i will admit i'm looking forward to her having longer hair for me to play with and stuff. not that i'm complaining lol... we've already noticed it growing on it's own, her bald spot is gone and it's long enough for her to grab and pull lol.

anyways, back to the original subject. i was wondering if anyone has any other home remidies or dr's suggestions for cradle cap.. experiences.. etc. i know it's supposed to go away on it's own, but still...

09 May, 2008

Here we go

Now that I'm on the computer where I can add pictures... and write normally lol...

We got our car seat in the other day! Kalila absolutely loves it so far. I got a couple pics of her in it just after I unpacked it. It's in the truck now, wasn't as hard to install as I thought (there were some bad reviews about that), and I'm really happy with it.

The other night I made goat curry for our anniversary. Was really yummy... We also opened up one of the bottles of champagne from the wedding & had the top of the wedding cake. As you can see, the icing wrinkled in the freezer lol. I blame that on the size of our freezer though. No complaints, we had fun!
Babies and kitties love boxes. Need I say more?

Now that she's started drinking a little water, we're working on learning to use the sippy... w/ the valve too. She still can't get much out, but loves trying!

And yes that is her in diaper alone lol. It's rather warm today... On that note: I can't wait for her new covers (and pockets too) to come in. I was hoping they would today, but no such luck...

I need to get new video's too. She's crawling pretty well now... and pulling up on things. Is so cute!

Little drops of water...

at her six month appointment we talked to the dr about when to introduce water. she said juice was ok now/then, but to hold off on water until this summer because she's still nursing so often. was fine w/ me...

well it's been over a month now... a couple weeks or so ago the baby grabbed my water bottle and stole a sip of water. was cute lol... and i know a sip is fine.. is just water and tech she's old enough. we started working out/walking in the mornings now too... the first time we did i gave her a sip when we stopped because i'z worried she'd get too hot and stuff. did the same yesterday and then my husband and i talked about it...

it's basically summer now. is stinking hot. so we are going to introduce it. so far has just been a little on the walks lol.. but we're gonna give it to her in her sippy too... not a whole lot of course, but get her used to it. i'm hoping it'll help her w/ the sippy, she's still needing a lot of help with it. can't use the valve at all.

random funny and a promise

i'll apologize now... i'm on the broken comp still, kalila's asleep in the other room so can't get on that one.

anyways... i put kalila in a showdown on cafemom.. basically it's where you enter a pic in a contest agianst another. she randomly got put agianst a little girl named kalilah. i would have put an exclamation there if i could have lol. saddly kalilah beat kalila. i got an email from her mom though and we're both laughing at the coincidense.

i meant to get on and put some new pictures up... i know it's been awhile lol. what a few days or so... but things have been crazy here. we're getting up and working out in the mornings - basically going for a long walk lol... plus i have the little boy i'm watching.. so by the time i have to stop and breath, kalila's asleep and i can't get at the computer. i hear jas though, so i'm off.

07 May, 2008

Turning Good News Bad

first off, have to apologize... kalila broke the shift key so my post is gonna be slightly off today lol.

anyways, i just read a news article that just made me shake my head. basically it's a story on breast feeding and how the stats have changed in its' favour. good news right... that's even how it's linked on yahoo. the link calls it 3 out of 4 women breastfeed... the title however, is 'breastfeeding rates up, along with guilt'. i linked the story, but im sure you can imagine about how it's going already right.

the MAN who wrote this - wow even caps lock is difficult to make work now lol - is obviously anti-bf. is sarcastic all the way through the peice. it's awful.... sorry i'm just discusted.

06 May, 2008

Yeah! Zucchini!

I'm not sure why, but I'm really excited about this one lol. But today we're going to start zucchini squash. Was going to yesterday but I kinda forgot to buy it lol. Jas had a late night WM run after work last night... thankfully he already was planning to go anyway so I don't feel quite as bad about it!

Anyways - like the others I'm doing the basic steam & puree... Although I've been pureeing a little less smooth lately. She's doing pretty good w/ some texture. I've noticed she likes foods that she didn't before once I do them that way. For instance she loved whole peas, but hated them pureed smooth.

I saw that they could be sauteed with some olive oil & that sounds really good. But she's never had either one I figure I'll steam this time & then do that the next. I'm saving the idea though becuase it even sounds good to me lol.

It Came!!

You can't imagine how happy I was when I saw on the tracking site that our new carseat was arriving... Ok, maybe you can lol.

Before we ordered it I was so ansty about our tax stuff coming in for this reason alone. Seriously. Forget anything else that we need to do... The idea of putting off this new carseat any longer scared the khara out of me! At her 6 mo checkup Kalila was 20lbs. The weight limit on the old one is 22lbs. She was 28 1/2 in. The height limit is 29 in. It's been a month... She could be the same... or not. It's crazy how fast she grows lol.

But it finally came in & we got it ordered. We went the slowest shipping - $12 as opposed to $40 (or more) seemed the best route lol. So that meant waiting another week or more... But it really hasn't been that long. It's always a nice surprise when things come in sooner than expected.

I can't wait now to put it in the truck tomorrow lol. It looks great, she loves it... I already see why some reviews say its hard to secure rear facing... but can be done. I'm not worried about that. Plus she loves it... I'm amazed by that lol.

My New Job

I really don't remember if I've mentioned it yet or not (although I know I did on the other blog), but I've got a new job! I'm really excited about it. First off for the obvious reason of it helps us out lol, but also because it's something I can do here at home & not have to leave Kalila anywhere.

Basically what I'm doing is baby sitting (daycare?). I'm watching the neighbors little boy during the week. Last week I only had him a few days, his dad was getting ready for his new job & didn't need to be gone as long. So he got here a little later & left a little earlier too.

Today we started our normal schedule. I woke up at 5, didn't quite make it up for a little bit lol - but that's why I set the alarm so early! Went to check on Kalila, Mumble knocked into something & woke her up... Oops! So I fed her and put her back to bed. He got here about 6. I got him fed, changed & back to sleep for a little bit. & managed to get another feeding in before Kalila even woke up for the day. It was great becuase him getting here & settled when she is already up & wanting to go is rough. Plus I managed to get some housework in too!

It got a bit crazy after she woke up lol... but was fun. For the most part I had them on opposite schedules, as much as I could w/out her really being on one lol. They spent some time playing together though... was so cute!

On a diff note: Kalila's carseat came in today!!! If you can't tell, I'm really excited about it. Apparently so is she... I tested it out on her and she was smiling, laughing, and kicking her feet! I did get pictures... will add tomorrow, when she's not asleep in there... the comp is still in her room for now lol.

That's right... I don't think I mentioned it yet... We finally got her moved. :-) She's done really well with it too. I'll try to put those pics soon, but I'm off for now.

05 May, 2008

A Few More...

This isn't going to be a huge post or anything... Just wanted to share a few more of the scrapblogs lol. Don't worry, they aren't very long.

This one is pretty self explanitory - its of our first Halloween lol. The pictures were just too cute not to do one with!

This one is just me being nostolgic. I almost put this one on yesterday's blog but decided against it. Basically it's of the stuff I had saved from our wedding plans before... Obviously it's not a full wedding lol, but was our (well my) dream one. Some pics are missing though lol... I don't have one of one of the guys Jas was going to have as a groomsman & he hadn't picked the last yet lol. Anyway, if you saw the cake in yesterdays post we did get to keep at least one thing! (well, and the colours & rings lol)

I'm gonna keep adding to this one. Ignore any pages past 7 months... they're the stock pictures!So are most of them on the 7 mo page obviously lol. Only have one on it yet. As you can tell, I used a premade theme on this one. The one's above I made myself. (I made the top one from yesterday too, but the wedding one was a theme as well)

04 May, 2008

Good News

Well the one good thing that came out of my stupidity the other day... Is that I'm a lot less worried about when Youie or L'Nae comes. Don't get me wrong... I still want to have a couple years between my kids. What I'm relieved about is the cost.

Of course I knew that we won't have to buy any of the major stuff next time (thankfully we didn't need to buy most things this time either, but still...) Everything is getting saved lol. But there is still the cost of having a baby.

Now, I wanted to use a Birthing Centre from the beginning. But we figured we couldn't last time (long story) - I wish I had known what I do now lol, but that's life. I still didn't have a lot of info on it the other day though so I sent an email to find out. I was hoping it'd be doable, but figured if I need to do the hospital again so be it (although not budging on the midwife this time). I was so embarrassed when I got the reply back (seeing as I'm not pg & if I'd read correctly I wouldn't have thought so the other day lol) but it's kinda nice to know the info still. Less than half the cost of the hospital!!! & I can have a water birth like I wanted too...

I'm so storing that away for when the time comes... just praying it's not just yet lol.

First Anniversary...

I can't believe it's already here. Jason & I have been married a whole year! Crazy isn't it?

I've been racking my brain for weeks for something to get him. He's not easy to buy gifts for lol... and the trad thing for this anniversary is paper. PAPER? That's like the hardest thing to figure out gifts for...

Tickets are out of the question - although that could be cool...
I'm not giving him money - that just doesn't make sense
A board game could be fun - but I couldn't find one that we both didn't have & didn't cost too much.
He would not like stationary
We have a calendar
I could go on... but I'll be nice & stop here.

To make a long story short... I wanted to do something w/ a picture of us. So I was looking for a way to do that and found this Scrapblog site. I absolutely LOVE making scrapbooks... but it's time consuming lol, lots of little peices, etc. So this was perfect for me... All my pics are digital now anyway. So I started messing around on there. Problem is its online - no paper. Had to figure out a way to print lol. I finally did... but thought I would post it (and a couple others I did on the same theme) on here too.

Here's the one I did for Jas:

& here is our wedding one year ago:

I do have a few more... I've been playing around w/ the program at night while waiting for Jas to get home lol. Is something relaxing to do. There are a couple that I'll prob share soon, but I just wanted to leave it at these two today.

03 May, 2008


I'm so excited... We got our tax stuff in the other day (after I spent how much time worrying about it lol). We're setting a good part of it aside in savings of course (and paying bills too!), but we're each getting something for ourselves too.

We spent quite a bit of time trying to decide between a toy for Kalila (something she could pull up on because she's starting to do that!) & diaper covers... As much fun (and as cute) as the toy would be... We decided the diapers are more important. Her old covers did work... but they don't fit all that well (at least they don't leak though right!) & are starting to get holes in them. Basically we got what we paid for (they were 5 for a 6 pack).

So I got online & researched some more (although I already had an idea) which ones we'd like to try & showed Jas last night. We're getting 3... One Bummi (same brand as our swim diaper), one Thirsties, and one Imse Vimse. Basically we want to test out which we like best... I wish we could have gotten a wool cover or two but they are so expensive... Oh well... We also got some pocket diapers (Bum Genius) for when we get a sitter... figure that would be easier than expecting someone else to mess w/ a prefold.

I'm excited though... Can't wait till they come in... I'll be sure & put pics when I do... & let ya know how they turn out.

02 May, 2008


These are the pictures I mentioned yesterday...