04 April, 2008


Ok, a day later than I meant to write this - but the comp froze up last night lol. I have quite a few things to mention... has been a very busy week!


First off... Kalila's dr's appointment! It went well all the way around. Our appointment was early in the morning - which seemed awful at first, but we got seen in minutes, dr came in minutes later & nurse w/ in minutes after that! I've decided I like morning appointments..

She is now 20 lbs (yes 20!!!!!!) and 28 in. Apparently she is 97% in weight & off the chart in height lol. Her head's also still on the small side 5%, but like before she said that's normal... She was also happy (the dr that is) w/ Kalila's development... walked in to see her sitting up on her own lol, and had her grab for things & stuff.

Then came time for shots... The nurse came in... and it was the one we had last time. I think I mentioned her... the one that yelled at us for asking if I could nurse while she gave the shots. Just what I was afraid of right? Well it ended up being a good thing... She came in & asked if we'd like for her to give them there (I had Kalila in my lap)... at first I was confused thinking maybe it was a diff nurse lol. But she went on to explain that after we left last time she went & asked the dr about it & they looked it up... found out that it's a better way to give them! (Hello is why I'd asked) I didn't actually nurse while she gave them this time, but I did hold her... & while she screamed still (lol), she still did a ton better than last time. Besides it was just nice to get an apology & for them to have looked it up.. that really surprised me.


A few days ago I had a dream that somewhat confused me at first... It was another me in Afrika dream. Nothing new there... but Kalila was with me this time. I woke up just as we were taking pics w/ me holding her in front of Kilimanjaro while we waited to eat at this huge feast - that for some reason had a fried chicken the size of a goat...

It took me awhile after I woke up but I finally realized what it was... The day before I had Kalila laying on a khanga on the floor... It'd been folded on the couch & she was grabbing for it so I figured it'd make a great thing for her to lay on. She loves it. & then later on she decided to wrap herself up in it... Yes I got pictures. Here's my little girl wearing her first khanga (so cute!)

Hmm.. Does it go on this way?

Nope... Maybe if I pull here....

All right! Now pull a bit more...

Lets turn this way...

And here we go!!!


I mentioned diapers in one of my last posts... & I'm back on the subject w/ a different twist lol.

Before Kalila was born at some point the subject of cloth diapers came up. Jason was open to them... I was not! No way, not gonna happen. We had a diaper shower later on (so much fun) and a couple people gave me a package of them... to use as burp cloths or whatever... Jason hinted that maybe we could use them around the house...I ignored this. Not gonna happen...

Well someone mentioned them online a few weeks ago... and I've randomly seen stuff after that... They didn't seem too bad, but I still wasn't sure I'd want to do it myself. Just not for me.

Then earlier this week I saw a comment about how we're supposed to be cleaning out disposables before throwing them too. What? I didn't quite believe it... but they said it was on the diaper packaging... Is a heath hazard to throw them away full (unless just wet). I looked. Yup.. right on the bag. Now... my thoughts on that is that it defeats the purpose of disposables... They're supposed to be convienent - no more touching poo than necessary. If I'm gonna have to clean a diaper out anyway... shouldn't I at least be able to reuse it?

So I started looking up info on cloth diapers... Talked to Jason... and we decided to... give them a shot. What's nice is I found a cost calculator thing online & we figured it up... and we'd be saving a ton on diapers (even with cost of supplies & washing) by switching. Which is not a bad thing w/ a baby lol. Besides... this way I won't have to clean disposable diapers that shouldn't need cleaning!

We started today btw... So we'll see how it goes.


Oh & today is the day that we estimated as Mumble's birthday. So Happy Birthday Mumble! I wonder, how do you make a kitty cat cake? Would she tolerate a hat? Hmm...


On that note... I'm hungry... Need to see if Kalila will let me get food...


Christy said...

Good luck with the cloth diapers. I know several people who use them, and they all love it.

I am not cleaning out a disposable diaper. That is ridiculous.

Steph said...

Never even thought about needing to clean out a disposable! No thank you.

Let me know how the CD goes! I don't think that it's nearly as hard as it's made out to be. And during the summer when it's so hot outside, it's super easy to just let them run in a cd plus shirt or dress. :)

L_Oman said...

You have a cute blog and a very beautiful family!

We wear kanga's a lot 'round this part of the neighborhood (Oman). I'm jealous of that number, though. I love the colors! :)

Mama Kalila said...

Christy - Thanks... I agree... I don't care for the idea myself lol.

Steph - Thanks! So far it's going well... We had our first "real" diaper today & really wasn't all that bad to clean out... Right now it looks like I'll have to wash every day until the new ones get here... I hadn't realized how many she'd go through... it's like twice the amount it was in disposable! The upside is that now we can be sure on diaper counts lol.. I kinda feel bad about the others though... I didn't realize they were wet! Really didn't look/feel like it.

I_oman - Thanks! Oddly enough that was my least favourite one before... Not really good colours on me... Looks great by itself though... and on my daughter, so it may get passed on to her when she gets older! I got a ton of the more "touristy" looking ones & now I wish I had more like this.. (the only others I have like it are religious & I don't really want to use them here much)