12 April, 2008

Where To Begin...

You'd think I hadn't just written the other day lol... I think I may actually have enough for a stream nini. We'll see... I've got pictures though!
Yesterday was great. I think I needed to get out for awhile lol. Jason was off & we had errands t0 run, so we went w/ him to school first. After class we went to the mall & window shopped. I think I had more fun doing that than if we'd actually gone to go shopping lol. We did actually pick up a swimsuit for Kalila that a friend had mentioned... well, kinda. She'd mentioned a giraffe one piece (that was cute) at the same store & we ended up w/ a giraffe print two piece that was absolutely adorable. It came w/ a hat too - which I love... She can wear that anytime too. But yeah, we walked around a bunch... Kalila loved it. There were a lot of other babies there too lol, so she'd look over at them when we walked by. Towards the end she fell asleep in her stroller... had a nice little nap.
I think I mentioned before that we were gonna move Kalila to her own room? Well... We started the process... & it is a process lol. I had to clean the room (long story), move the filing cabinet out, put some comics away (which should have been done ages ago lol) & vacuum a second time before I could even move the dresser in here. Plus I had to take everything off the top of the dresser, take shelves out, etc. to move it. It's "about" where I want it to be... Will be moved over a few more inches from the closet, but still... Here's a pic I took after I got the main part of it in here & was putting shelves in...
Obviously Mumble had to "help" lol. Anyways, I got that done. Then I unloaded everything off of the changing table & moved it in here. It's not where I want it to be lol. I have it by the wall opposite the door right now... but I want it here where the computer table is. Just awhile ago I started switching out clothes from the two closets (Jas had his in here) but I'll get back to that later. My next step is gonna be moving the bookshelves into our room, followed by more vacuuming (lol) and then moving the crib in here. Then I'm moving our dressers to make way for the comp.. and this is last. It's gonna be the hardest to situate (because of the cables & stuff) so we figured it be best that way. But yeah... we got a start on it. I'm feeling good about what we've got done so far... but I agree w/ Jason's comment last night. I'm prob gonna cry the first night she sleeps in here!
I'm gonna get in trouble for this... I can see it now. & I probably deserve it. I'm a horrible person!

Kalila has a ton of clothes. We've bought a few, but most were given to us. Gifts, hand me downs, all of them greatly appreciated. I'm trying to think of how to word this lol... I love baby clothes. I love looking at them, picking them out... I know a lot of people do. & not everyone likes the same ones. So we've ended up w/ some that aren't really my style. This is fine. Kalila's the one wearing them... and maybe she likes them. Besides, some of them that I wouldn't have picked up (mostly for being pink lol) look adorable on her! Wow, this is hard to explain lol. Anyways, she's worn all of those anyway, pink/not pink - cute/goofy - whatever...

All but one... In my defense it was a bigger size... So she'd just be wearing it now (and probably will be soon).

But when we got it I.... I'm sorry I don't like it. I showed it to Jason & his response was something like it's not that bad. (Ok here's the first reason I'm getting in trouble) Now (sigh) as some of you know... My dear husband is colour blind. No, I'm not going where those of you who know me well think I am... It's not that it's pink. I could deal with that. (Even if it was pink & goofy like the butt ruffle outfit... I have pics to prove she wore that... So getting pulled out for boyfriends lol.... & I apologize to whichever of my cousins that gave it to us, but you had to see that one coming lol) It's that it's five shades of pink... and they all clash with each other! It gives me a headache to look at it... (Literally, I'm not joking) So instead of washing it & hanging it up w/ the other clothes... (here's reason number 2 I'm getting in trouble) I just hung it up as far in back as I could & decided I'd deal with it when she got to that size... & of course that was like 6 months ago lol - so I forgot all about it! Yeah... I found it tonight while moving clothes... and since she's in that size (and some above) now... I get to wash that don't I?

& I feel bad about the whole thing... It was a gift... I'm not saying from who lol... but it's not even from someone like one of our parents or siblings that we feel comfortable enough to tease... Well, me... Jason can't see it lol. I'm so on the couch... Anyways, a gift... I should be nicer than that right? I'm just gonna have to suck it up & deal with it lol... (keep advil on hand?) I wouldn't mention it but I feel the need to vent on something...
After all that... I get a call from Jason who's had a horrid night at work, getting home late... Poor thing. I hope he doesn't read this tonight lol.
On a happier note: Kalila has discovered herself in the mirror. Ok, she did a long time ago... but she's just realized that she can move herself towards the one in her room & play. This first picture was taken just after she kissed herself!
Here you can see her little half smile... Touching her hand... Ooo, Mumble came to play!
Don't ya love the big cloth diaper butt!
I think I mentioned before that Kalila has a crush on Tony Parker? (I can't say that I blame her honestly) Here she is looking at a picture we found... I wish Jas had got the pic when she gave him a kiss! Yes... she's very into kisses right now.

A few random pictures from around the house...
And since I mentioned it I guess I have too... Here's a really old pic of Kalila (just about as old as a pic of her can get lol) of her in the ruffle butt outfit. Despite the pink I prob would have liked it if it weren't for the butt on it. That's worded badly... I did like it... I liked to make fun of it. (I'm mean I know...) Is ok though... Like I said, blackmail pictures....
Can you believe how small she was? Wow... Those get me almost as much as the ones Baba has on his blog.. (my baba not hers lol... Jas doesn't have one - I suppose I prob should start saying Grandpa huh?)
Well.. I need to go figure out what I'm gonna make for dinner... Food..........


Christy said...

Don't feel bad about the clothes thing. I have brand new outfits that both Porgie and Izzy have outgrown. If I don't like it, my babies don't wear it.

Molly said...

mashAllah she looks just like her daddy.

I'm totally with you on the baby clothes though, i'd have a hard time with it.

she seriously kisses pics of tony parker?? only him?

thats so weird. lol. in a really awesome way though.

Mama Kalila said...

Christy - I don't know why I do.. but for some reason I feel bad about it anyway.

Molly - It's not just Tony Parker she kisses... she kisses us & her stuffed animals too. I just thought it was cute that she did that to his picture!