16 April, 2008

Video's Video's...

I'm bad I know... I've been playing around w/ taking video's all day of Kalila playing & scooting around. & I have to share... The first two are my favourites of her actually moving around. Hope you enjoy :-D Oh, btw... just before this first pic, she pulled herself up onto her knees! I couldn't get the camera out in time before she fell back down though lol.


Molly said...

omg mashAllah she's so sweet it makes my teeth hurt!!!! soooo cute!

She REALLY wants to get to that kitty, lol. I wonder if the cat will stay that regal once she gets moving, cuz once she masters that crawling/walking thing, that cat will get no peace.

You've got one gorgeous baby. :) she looks a lot like her daddy I think. I can see a lot of you, but she looks a lot like her baba.

gah now you made me want a baby.

oh and you should totally get her into swimming, it looks like she's mastered the butterfly.

Mama Kalila said...

:-D Thanks! Yeah, I've said it before.. Mumble's the one who will get her crawling! She does look like her baba, we get that a lot lol. His dad told him the other day that it's more likely for me not to be the mother than him not the father! I agree on the swimming, it does look like she is doesn't it? & don't feel bad.. I see other babies now & am starting to want #2! & I used to be like that before her... I knew I wasn't ready, but I'd see one & they're so cute... or see baby shoes.. I'd go nuts everytime I'd see shoes or socks lol.