17 April, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

:-D Today was great... We got off to a little later start than we planned... but that was ok lol. Before we headed to the zoo we went by IHOP for breakfast/lunch - & Kalila ordered her first meal from a restraunt. We got her a banana lol. She also had a huge meltdown, started screaming & everything. Thankfully she fell asleep on the way to the zoo lol.

I'm not really sure how we managed it, but we got Kalila moved from her carseat to stroller w/out waking her. She slept for a good little bit... so we had to backtrack so she could see a few animals we thought she'd like lol. We did get the cutest pic while she was sleeping though.
Yup Kalila & the Jaguar were both sleeping lol. So cute!

I wish I could show you the pic we took of a mommy & baby monkey (maybe a week old) but you can't really see them very well.
See what I mean? Is just hard to see...

We did get some other animals only shots...

The bear... an old grizzly. This was right after we walked in & we were too tired to backtrack. I wish Kalila could have seen him, but oh well.

I couldn't believe how close the black rhino was. Kalila really didn't care for this one... She started whining when she saw him.

Here's the white rhino... She did like this one lol. Maybe because it wasn't so close...

A cheetah! We were pretty excited about this one ourselves.

Simba... The animal we expected Kalila to go crazy over... but they were pretty sleepy & she was more interested in the fence lol.

Okapi. Alright - he's MY favourite.. .I had to take a pic or two lol.

A bald eagle... Poor thing was shot before it went to the zoo... but beautiful bird!

A zebra & giraffe - we almost missed those lol.

Look closely, you might see the Fisher Cat!

& the pink flamingoes... Kalila loved these... got a big grin out of her lol.

We prob should have taken a pic of the ostriges - those were her favourites oddly enough.

& yes we did get some shots of us w/ Kalila...

You know I had to get one in front of the okapi.. Is a given.

And the hippo's too... (unfortunately you can't see us!)

Right after waking up Jason put her on his shoulders... So cute!

She enjoyed watching several animals (and looking at other random things) from her baba's arms..
She loved looking at the monkeys... Was one of her favourites.
These fish in the kids section were a big hit too. Is kinda hard to see, but some are bigger than Kalila lol.
On our way out Jas posed w/ her on the lions...

I know we're not really in this shot lol.. It was of the "market" at Afrika Live. Apparently they've only finished one part of it... seeing those hippos was cool... but it wasn't what I expected either. Basically the market is like one of those expensive tourist trap places over there instead of the typical central Afrikan market they say it's based on. Was cool to walk around, but... We ended up going to the regular gift shop a few minutes later lol.

And then we got a shot of Kalila holding her new stuffed clouded leopard (my bday gift lol) Is a good thing I reread over this... I called it a spotted leapard :-S Is there any other kind? LOL - She loves the thing though!

As you can see it was a lot of fun! After we left we made a quick trip to pick up apples (I get to make baby food tonight at some point) & then out to eat. We ate at the Indian restraunt next to where Jas works. It was REALLY good. I had chicken curry & garlic naan. Oh... the naan... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Oh & when we got home our neighbor made me smile.. Called me Jas' Afrikan woman because I'm wearing a khanga...


Christy said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Your baby girl is adorable.

L_Oman said...

Great pics! I really miss the zoos. They're just not the same over here at all! :) I bet baby girl had a nice time and you guys look so happy! :)

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! We did have a lot of fun.. was a good day all the way around. Kalila was enthralled by everything after she woke up lol... even the fences & stuff. She ended up taking some wonderful naps later on too because she did so much!

Molly said...

awesome pics, I love the one of her on his shoulder's. :)