18 April, 2008

The Switch

I figure I have to start somewhere right... So here we go.

About two weeks ago (three?) we decided to switch to cloth diapers. Something I swore I'd never do. Honestly I thought the idea was crazy! I didn't think it saved any money in the end... I'd have to clean nasty diapers, was just gross... So I didn't see a point. I told everyone that the only way I'd ever do it is if I had a kid that was allergic to all disposables. Our first daughter was not not that kid... She's had a few rashes, but not that many. Usually they were caught early & disappeared in less than a day. I think there was maybe one or two bad ones... and was still only a couple days or so before they cleared. So why did we switch?

I've become addicted to Cafe Mom. I'm in a breast feeding group on there & someone brought up the subject of cloth diapers. Now I don't really remember why it caught my attention... I think she may have commented on the price or something. Anyway, I got curious. I started looking up info on it. All the sudden numbers were working out & not the way I expected.

OH yeah.. the sprayer. I think that was what did it lol. Someone mentioned one of those sprayers that hooks to the toilet. I thought it was odd/interesting... so as I was looking up more info (and finding out that maybe I was wrong about the cost thing) I randomly mentioned it to my dad. He told me about how he used to clean out CD's in the toilet & how it wasn't that bad. Well the next day we had a blowout in a skirt that I love. Has bloomers attached & poo was all in there. & I wasn't about to throw it straight into the washer. So I thought about what he said & did that lol. It wasn't so bad cleaning it.. and no stains were left on her skirt!

That's when I started changing my mind... I hadn't decided quite yet though. That same day as the skirt incident I saw someone mention how we're supposed to be cleaning out disposables. I left that as someone just blowing smoke because they think cloth is better... but then I saw someone else mention how the packages are labled that way. So I looked... and it was there! What is the point of using disposables, which are supposed to be more convenient, if you have to clean em out? That's when I talked to my husband.

Now, did I mention that he's liked the idea all along? Well he did... He was CD'd as a baby & had brought it up a few times while I was pg. I ignored him shamelessly lol. But when I mentioned it he was nice & just said ok, lets switch...

So we did... and I am so glad... I need to make links to them, but I found cost calculators online that show how much you'll save by switching (or pay if you buy the expesive ones & go overboard lol). Seeing that amount makes every wash worth it to me... (not that washing is that bad lol, mostly just an extra load of laundry) Plus we've had no more blowouts, the covers catch everything. And it really is adorable to see her in them...

Now if I can just get my husband over his fear of changing her... He was great w/ the disposables, and I know he will be w/ these too once he gets used to it lol.


Mama Kalila said...

Blogger Steph said...

Love the new blog!

April 19, 2008 12:45 AM
Blogger Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! I'm really excited about it lol.

April 19, 2008 10:43 PM