26 April, 2008

Risking A Double Post

I think my posts on the two blogs are going to overlap today. Oh well lol.

We took our daughter swimming for the first time today. It was a lot of fun... and we had no issues w/ the swimmi. Of course she didn't do anything while in it, so it hasn't been properly tested lol. I did however get a pic to share!

On a sightly different note, I found out something yesterday that I just think is funny. Apparently a couple family members were talking & the fact that I switched to cloth diapers & love it came up... & one of them was shocked & couldn't believe I would. Now, the reason I think it's funny is that I completely understand that reaction. I never would have thought I would either!

I also have some big news to share... Some of you may know that we've been debating the idea of me going back to work. Honestly I would rather stay home, esp with the baby this young... but we could use a little extra. So I've looked into work from home, even started a small (very small) online store selling handmade rosaries, put things on ebay.. whatever I can to help right? Well - we've found a good medium quite unexpectedly. My neighbors have a little boy that is 2 months old. A really sweetie. His dad's been watching him, but he's got a new job & they need someone to sit during the day while they're at work. They brought it up to me a couple days ago & we worked out the details today. So I officially have a job... and one I can do from here! (and one I'll enjoy lol)