16 April, 2008

A New Blog?

Yup - That's right! I decided to start a new blog. Not deserting my other by any stretch of the imagination - I absolutely love posting to it with my millions of pictures, video's & stories about my daughter & our family.

So why did I make this one? Well, it randomly seemed like a good idea lol. My other blog is mostly to keep family & friends up to date with what's going on in our lives... & like I said, I love that... but there's somethings I don't think everyone that it gets sent to (or who reads it) wants to read about that I would like to write about. Namely our "adventures" in making baby food, cloth diapers & such. I've put a post or two on there... but I don't want to bore the ones who don't care about that as much. & I know once I really start talking about it I won't stop!

That's where this blog comes in... I figure I can post recipes & things I've made... How we're dealing w/ switching over to CD's midstream & other random changes like that.... (for instance we want to eventually go organic too... but slow going due to cost).

& if anyone is curious about the name - there is a funny story behind that. I was reading a post on Cafe Mom (go figure) about someone being a "hippy mom" - because they co-sleep (we did until she started sleeping through the night & still do when she has a hard time sleeping sometimes), bf, cd, make baby food, etc... This was before we switched over to CD's (and before I would even consider it honestly) but I was telling Jas about it & he jokingly called me a hippy mom. The thought stuck, esp now that we're CDing lol.... but I'm not really a hippy. So here I am the "Not so hippy... Hippy Mom!"