06 April, 2008


Well I hadn't expected to write again so soon lol. But...

We have mosquito's!!!!! ??? Where did that come from? I found the first one earlier when I was taking out trash. That used to be a shared chore, whoever got to it first basically... until Kalila came along. Lately it's been Jason's, unless he's here to watch her & I randomly do it... But he's been swamped & I hadn't had a chance either while he's home - so I had to breakdown & do it myself today. I put Kalila in the stroller (lol - I can't hold her & do it!!) & carried one bag while pushing, then returned & did the same until I got done. Well as I was pushing her I looked down & saw something black on her face... just a spot. Confused. A little worried. I looked closer... It was a mosquito. Not happy. Got it off of her of course... but it did bite her.. Stupid mbu... Thankfully it seems she takes after her baba... barely has a spot on her cheek. Me, I'd swell up and itch like crazy... Thankfully they don't like me & I hardly ever get bit lol. Anyways, just a min ago I saw one buzzing around our bathroom too. How did that happen? Where are they coming from? It hasn't been wet... Not recently anyway... I don't think. Am I forgetting a rain? I'm glad that tent over her crib is like netting though... at least I don't have to worry about them getting her at night when I can't swat away.

On a happier note...

Kalila crawled one step! I was reading her bedtime story... and she flipped herself onto her tummy to look at the book. I got to the part w/ the lion cubs (it may not have been Mumble, but it was a cat!) & she lifted herself up & moved, and then promptly fell on her tummy lol. It was so cute! I moved the book farther, but she didn't do it again.. tried a few times (****** my sugar's not low... normally I'd be happy about that but I'm getting attacked... I think I may have killed one though!) but flipped herself onto her back and/or turned around in a circle instead... She did get closer w/ her wiggling though & petted the lion on the page... Was adorable too.. Where's that camera when ya need it?! (on the kitchen table actually lol)

And of course I have some pics for you!

Earlier I went to give Kalila a snack... mashed up part of a banana. Just like everything else she's tried she made faces at first (over a month ago). Sometimes she seems to like it... most of the time she makes faces still. It's kinda funny... but I know that sometimes babies have to try things a lot of times before they really know if they like it or whatever... And since I know I don't like banana (except the little sweet ones...) I prob try harder w/ it than I would otherwise because I don't want to push my feelings onto her... She may like something I don't (actually she does lol) so I'm trying... Well... I'll keep trying w/ it because I know it's good for her, but... as of tonight I really don't think she likes them either!

Like I said, I mashed it up... but I need to wash baby dishes... so had it in one of our bowls & no spoon... so I figured I'd use my hands (they're clean I promise!) and let her play around in it w/ hers... Got some great pictures of course... She loved it.. until I put a bit in her mouth. She sputtered like blowing a raspberry until it came out! The next time she started saying buh buh buh trying to get it out.. then spit again. It was hilarious! I put some on her tray after awhile & let her play that way (she was trying to eat the bowl was why lol) - was a lot of fun. Messy... but fun. While I was cleaning her up I wiped the tray & dripped water on it & she started playing in that too... I don't think I got any pictures of that though.

LOL - before I go...

While looking up those pictures I saw one I just have to share... Kalila thinks she needs whatever we are drinking. & the other day she grabbed ahold of Jason's Coke.. We got some pics.. .Don't worry, the lid was on (and on tight)... She's definitely not getting a taste of that just yet... but it was cute!


Steph said...

She's so adorable!!!

That's too funny that she doesn't like bananas, because that's one of the only things that Alex DOES like. Everything besides bananas and black-eyed peas gets spit back out at me the first couple bites before he'll consent to eat them. lol

And that last picture is adorable! She looks sooo mischievous in it!

Christy said...

When Porgie was a baby, she LOVED to lick the condensation off of cans and bottles. It was very cute.

Reading all about Kalila's eating adventures, makes me eager to start Izzy on solids. Except I am not nearly as domestic as you. I plan on buying some Gerbers and calling it a day.

Mama Kalila said...

Steph - We haven't made it to blackeyed peas... but I have no reason to buy them unless I plan on starting her on them because I detest the things! Haven't thought of when I'll start any other beans than what we've done so far... & she definately can be mischievous lol.

Christy - That's cute! Cats do that too lol.. we're always taking them away from Mumble & Baba told me that it's a common thing for them.. I wonder if it is for babies too.

Are you going to wait until 6mo's for that or? We wanted too & couldn't. I don't really know how much of me making the food is being domestic lol.. the main reason is that its cheaper. We're just starting out & she came a little earlier than expected... so we have to do what we can. & this particular way has the advantage of I know nothing has accidently been contaminated or has fillers (some of the jars do... although the more expensive ones don't - I think Gerber doesn't either but not sure). There are some that we plan on buying though.. We buy cereal (I'm not about to jump through the hoops to make that!) & if we need prunes (the whole constipation thing) I don't care to make them either lol. & I'm buying the juices too... I've heard of some using the water from boiling the fruit or veggie for juice, but not me lol. I do enjoy cooking though so I don't mind so much the rest. Will prob continue to do it even when we win the lottery & sell our books ;-) You have fun w/ that Gerber though... The important part is the time w/ the little one & seeing all those cute faces & stuff while they try new things.

Greg said...

Kalila is a very beautiful baby, God blessed the two of you greatly. I hope one day to meet the little one, and her dad. Love ya sis.