29 April, 2008

Mama = Food

I hadn't planned to write today, but... It was so cute!

I made some peas this afternoon for both of us. I think I put too many on her tray... she went crazy lol. It was adorable. Yup here's some pics of her going after them.

She wasn't content with just going after one - she wanted as many as she could get in both hands lol.

Just like everything else, she tried to stick them in her mouth...

But kept turning her little hands the wrong way!

After a bit I picked one up & put it in for her... Here she is chewing

Apparently whole peas are much better than pureed ones!

She went nuts over it... Forget chasing them down herself now... She started leaning forward with her mouth open. If I took too long, she'd say "mama" "mama" - yes mama = food lol.

After awhile she started waving her hands around in the air too. I have no idea why, but it was cute!

After she ate quite a bit (more than I expected really), & stopped playing with the ones on the tray, I decided to show her the bowl, it had a few left in it & I wanted to see what she'd do... She started going for it lol.. Once again, grabbed as many as possible & tried to shove them in her mouth. Don't worry, not one went in there (and at that point I knew they wouldn't, ended up on the tray & floor) lol. We finished up soon after this though...

Ok, so I went a bit picture crazy today lol. (and I didn't put half of them on here either!) I wish I'd had it a little later on too... I sat her down next to me on the couch & she turned around to the arm & pulled herself up on her feet! And then she tried to climb over it... After I grabbed her I looked down on the other side & one of her stuffed animals was over there lol.

OH - before I forget... got a couple cute pics this morning too! The first one is self explanitory. Mumble on the stroller...

This one however.... I went to change a diaper & when I unzipped her sleeper found a nursing pad in there! Must have gotten trapped while drying, but we got a good laugh out of it. & yes that is the position it was in when I opened up the sleeper too... we didn't stage that.


Christy said...

Peas...Yummy! Peas are the only vegetable that Porgie will consistently eat.