24 April, 2008

Little Things

Well... It's definitely been an interesting day or two.

We still have not got the crib moved. I started to do it days ago, but realized that it didn't fit through the door! So we have to take the whole thing apart... It was going to be done yesterday since Jas was off... but it wasn't. By the time we started to get Kalila ready for bed Jas said something about doing it today so he could play WOW last night lol. This morning came & went & with everything going on it didn't happen then either!

What happened today was more drama over the dishwasher... It hasn't worked in ages. I can't keep up without it... So they said they'd replace it. They didn't come when I was told they would.. so I went to ask. Apparently Jas misunderstood what they said, they'd put the work order in that day.. it'd be a few more because they had to order a new one. Ok. That's fine. I went out yesterday to come back & find out that the maintenence guy came "tested the thing" and said it was ok & left. Was supposed to come back with the lady from the office. They didn't come. So today I went down there... The guy at the desk had no clue what was going on. Then the maintenence guy came in & started saying how they put a dirty dish in there, it came out clean & then he put it up. What? I told him that didn't make sense because it leaves stuff on there, adds stuff & has not worked in forever. He laughs & says well it did... blah blah blah.. Seriously talking down to me. I came back to ask Jas - because I had not heard this... & he said no it didn't. We opened the dishwasher to find the - DIRTY dish... (not only that but it was part of my baby processor that should NOT have gone in there :-S ) still in there. We take it in there... & the lady told us that she told him to replace it anyway... and then she saw the nini we brought in & everything. So it's supposed to get fixed. We saw the guy on the way out & he said it'd either be today or tomorrow. (being all nice to Jas mind you) It wasn't today... so it better get done tomorrow.

But... I got the rosary I was making for a friend done finally!

And Kalila's swim diaper came in the mail.. much earlier than I thought because we went w/ the really cheap shipping lol. It is really cute! I can't wait to take her swimming.

I may have some more news in a couple days too, but I'm gonna wait to share :-D (yes that was an evil grin lol)


Christy said...

I HATE when men talk down to women, and then act all friendly in front of the husband. I have had that happen on multiple occasion. GRRRR.

Mama Kalila said...

Me too... & it got worse today too, but the thing is finally in & over with.