26 April, 2008

All the Excitement

Whoo hoo! We got our dishwasher!!!! I never thought I would be so excited about that lol. But yeah... the maintenance guy finally came at 8 last night. So I did a marathon run of dishes last night. Finally have most of them done lol.. just a few hand wash only left to go.
I got the swim diaper in the other day so we decided to go swimming today. Yes I got a few shots of it. We had a ton of fun... Kalila loves the water & was making the motions like she was swimming (although Jas had a hold of her).

I got a really nasty email on Cafe Mom earlier. This lady got mad because I had to delete her from a group for some inappropriate comments & made this big fuss. Apparently she thinks I'm Muslim (there are some in the group, but I'm obviously not one of them) & made several remarks about it - and ended the email w/ how we should strap on a bomb and go blow something up. I'm both offended and shocked by it honestly. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering the stuff she'd written in our group, but still... Note: she did send another email apologizing for it... but it wasn't all that nice either lol - and she blocked me from replying as well.
I may have seen my sister today... I seriously doubt it after thinking about it. But I walked down to a gas station for a drink & while in line a girl that looks just like Natalie walked in. Now, I know she's here in SA - but she's in basic... Maybe I should have said something, but honestly I was shocked & didn't know if I should considering everything. Besides, if it wasn't her I'd look pretty silly now wouldn't I? lol.
Well, I hinted at it before... I do have some big news! I've got a job watching our neighbors baby during the week.. We just talked through the details today. I'm excited about it. He's a sweet baby, it'll give both him & Kalila a chance to be around another baby regularly to play & everything, and it'll mean some extra money for us (without me having to leave here & worry about finding daycare we can afford on top of everything).
I had to move the jumper up a notch! Kalila is growing like crazy... I think it may have been why she was getting upset when I put her in it lately lol - well that & that she's getting around pretty well now & likes to be on the floor. But as you can see she's pretty happy w/ it moved up!

I guess that's all for now lol. As you can see things have been pretty crazy around here lately. Mostly good though... Not gonna worry about the rest, is too pretty a day for that! & now I'm off to go find the missing baby clippers, her nails need cutting lol.


Christy said...

I don't understand the part about your sister. Why wouldn't you recognize her?

How old is the baby you'll be watching? Sounds like fun!

Mama Kalila said...

I haven't seen her in almost ten years.. I've only seen a recent pic of her w/in the past couple years. Is a rather long (and frusterating) story.

He's 2 months old.. and an absolute doll. I think it's gonna be fun too. I love babies!