29 April, 2008

Mama = Food

I hadn't planned to write today, but... It was so cute!

I made some peas this afternoon for both of us. I think I put too many on her tray... she went crazy lol. It was adorable. Yup here's some pics of her going after them.

She wasn't content with just going after one - she wanted as many as she could get in both hands lol.

Just like everything else, she tried to stick them in her mouth...

But kept turning her little hands the wrong way!

After a bit I picked one up & put it in for her... Here she is chewing

Apparently whole peas are much better than pureed ones!

She went nuts over it... Forget chasing them down herself now... She started leaning forward with her mouth open. If I took too long, she'd say "mama" "mama" - yes mama = food lol.

After awhile she started waving her hands around in the air too. I have no idea why, but it was cute!

After she ate quite a bit (more than I expected really), & stopped playing with the ones on the tray, I decided to show her the bowl, it had a few left in it & I wanted to see what she'd do... She started going for it lol.. Once again, grabbed as many as possible & tried to shove them in her mouth. Don't worry, not one went in there (and at that point I knew they wouldn't, ended up on the tray & floor) lol. We finished up soon after this though...

Ok, so I went a bit picture crazy today lol. (and I didn't put half of them on here either!) I wish I'd had it a little later on too... I sat her down next to me on the couch & she turned around to the arm & pulled herself up on her feet! And then she tried to climb over it... After I grabbed her I looked down on the other side & one of her stuffed animals was over there lol.

OH - before I forget... got a couple cute pics this morning too! The first one is self explanitory. Mumble on the stroller...

This one however.... I went to change a diaper & when I unzipped her sleeper found a nursing pad in there! Must have gotten trapped while drying, but we got a good laugh out of it. & yes that is the position it was in when I opened up the sleeper too... we didn't stage that.

Unintentional Plan Change

I love the idea of baby wearing... I have for years. So when we started looking at baby stuff I talked to my husband about it. He doesn't like the backpack carriers (or any where limbs hang out) - thinks they look goofey & stuff. I was fine with that, I like the slings & ones more like that anyway.

We ended up getting one from Target. I forget what it's called, but it's a tube shape that folds in half... baby fits inside. Looks nice, useable, all that... Around the same time we were given one of those others, a hand me down. I put it away thinking just in case, we can always pass it along to another baby if it doesn't work for us. Honestly, I forgot about it lol.

So my daughter was born. I don't remember when we tried it exactly...but she was still pretty little when we tried the one I 'd picked. She would not go in there. Her legs were too stiff, she wouldn't bend them to go in... screamed, cried, I gave up. Unfortunately she still wanted to be held & I had no way to free my hands.

Six months went by & then I remembered the other carrier. So I brought it out & tried it. She fits! It was great at first... other than the fact that it's bulky in all the wrong places... But then I realized that my back was getting sore after using it for long periods. Then I looked at the tag & it says not to use it if you have a bad back. I have scoliosis - granted it has never bothered me before (other than the fiasco that was my epidural). So now I'm afraid of using it.

I've looked at other styles, had some recommendations of ones that would be better, more convienent & all that... but she's 7 months old now. Can I start baby wearing now? Thankfully she lets me put her down for good periods of time now... but she still likes to be held sometimes (usually when it's least convienent lol). Of course, I'm setting aside those options to look at for Youie or L'Nae... at least I'll have a better idea by then right?

27 April, 2008

I Want I Want

I should know better... I really should. But I did something silly... I looked at Pinstripes & Polkadots knowing full well that I don't need anything. Worse yet, I looked at diaper covers. Even worse... I clicked on the Blueberry covers. Why is that so bad? Well... they aren't cheap for one lol. They aren't even ones the ones that I'd really like to have, style or material wise. But... They have one called "Tanzanite"!!! They also have a Cheetah spotted one & a Zebra stripe. Put Afrikan names on something & I immediately want to have it... esp Tanzanite... They saw me coming. I'm going to be good though...

On a different note - I really need to make some more green beans. I probably could do with making more sweet potatoes & butternut squash too. I've been putting it off lol. Now that the dishwasher is in & working I really have no reason not too. Don't know why I am though... it's not like it's all that hard, or takes any time... because it really doesn't (esp the green beans).

26 April, 2008

Risking A Double Post

I think my posts on the two blogs are going to overlap today. Oh well lol.

We took our daughter swimming for the first time today. It was a lot of fun... and we had no issues w/ the swimmi. Of course she didn't do anything while in it, so it hasn't been properly tested lol. I did however get a pic to share!

On a sightly different note, I found out something yesterday that I just think is funny. Apparently a couple family members were talking & the fact that I switched to cloth diapers & love it came up... & one of them was shocked & couldn't believe I would. Now, the reason I think it's funny is that I completely understand that reaction. I never would have thought I would either!

I also have some big news to share... Some of you may know that we've been debating the idea of me going back to work. Honestly I would rather stay home, esp with the baby this young... but we could use a little extra. So I've looked into work from home, even started a small (very small) online store selling handmade rosaries, put things on ebay.. whatever I can to help right? Well - we've found a good medium quite unexpectedly. My neighbors have a little boy that is 2 months old. A really sweetie. His dad's been watching him, but he's got a new job & they need someone to sit during the day while they're at work. They brought it up to me a couple days ago & we worked out the details today. So I officially have a job... and one I can do from here! (and one I'll enjoy lol)

All the Excitement

Whoo hoo! We got our dishwasher!!!! I never thought I would be so excited about that lol. But yeah... the maintenance guy finally came at 8 last night. So I did a marathon run of dishes last night. Finally have most of them done lol.. just a few hand wash only left to go.
I got the swim diaper in the other day so we decided to go swimming today. Yes I got a few shots of it. We had a ton of fun... Kalila loves the water & was making the motions like she was swimming (although Jas had a hold of her).

I got a really nasty email on Cafe Mom earlier. This lady got mad because I had to delete her from a group for some inappropriate comments & made this big fuss. Apparently she thinks I'm Muslim (there are some in the group, but I'm obviously not one of them) & made several remarks about it - and ended the email w/ how we should strap on a bomb and go blow something up. I'm both offended and shocked by it honestly. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering the stuff she'd written in our group, but still... Note: she did send another email apologizing for it... but it wasn't all that nice either lol - and she blocked me from replying as well.
I may have seen my sister today... I seriously doubt it after thinking about it. But I walked down to a gas station for a drink & while in line a girl that looks just like Natalie walked in. Now, I know she's here in SA - but she's in basic... Maybe I should have said something, but honestly I was shocked & didn't know if I should considering everything. Besides, if it wasn't her I'd look pretty silly now wouldn't I? lol.
Well, I hinted at it before... I do have some big news! I've got a job watching our neighbors baby during the week.. We just talked through the details today. I'm excited about it. He's a sweet baby, it'll give both him & Kalila a chance to be around another baby regularly to play & everything, and it'll mean some extra money for us (without me having to leave here & worry about finding daycare we can afford on top of everything).
I had to move the jumper up a notch! Kalila is growing like crazy... I think it may have been why she was getting upset when I put her in it lately lol - well that & that she's getting around pretty well now & likes to be on the floor. But as you can see she's pretty happy w/ it moved up!

I guess that's all for now lol. As you can see things have been pretty crazy around here lately. Mostly good though... Not gonna worry about the rest, is too pretty a day for that! & now I'm off to go find the missing baby clippers, her nails need cutting lol.

25 April, 2008

Push Up Diaper Creme?

All along I'd planned to use my cousins advice for diaper rash. She'd used bag balm on her kids & said it was great. We got some months ago & used it from time to time & it did... Of course our daughter hardly ever had a rash anyway lol.

Well, with the cloth diapers came the realization that I couldn't use it anymore w/out possibly damaging them. I emailed the lady at Keen Bambino about it... She looked into it along with me. One of the ingredients we know is safe (lanolin) but we couldn't find out any information about the other...

So I spent some time thinking about if we needed any at all... She hardly ever gets any rashes anyway, even when she was in disposables (they stopped all together when we first switched to cloth). But I decided to try a small tube of one I saw on Keen Bambino -
Northern Essence All Natural Diaper Rash Salve - that I knew would be safe for the diapers. Didn't cost much ($3) and I had a coupon from the store I didn't want to waste lol. What hits me as funny is that it's in a push up tube.

Well anyways... It's a good thing I did. We started apples & apple juice... She loves them. But every time she has the juice, she gets a rash (Not a huge one, just a little red...) So I'm glad I have the stuff now. & it works great too. Smells a little odd (almost like menthol but I know it doesn't have any lol - my eyes would kill me if it did) but that's ok.

24 April, 2008

Little Things

Well... It's definitely been an interesting day or two.

We still have not got the crib moved. I started to do it days ago, but realized that it didn't fit through the door! So we have to take the whole thing apart... It was going to be done yesterday since Jas was off... but it wasn't. By the time we started to get Kalila ready for bed Jas said something about doing it today so he could play WOW last night lol. This morning came & went & with everything going on it didn't happen then either!

What happened today was more drama over the dishwasher... It hasn't worked in ages. I can't keep up without it... So they said they'd replace it. They didn't come when I was told they would.. so I went to ask. Apparently Jas misunderstood what they said, they'd put the work order in that day.. it'd be a few more because they had to order a new one. Ok. That's fine. I went out yesterday to come back & find out that the maintenence guy came "tested the thing" and said it was ok & left. Was supposed to come back with the lady from the office. They didn't come. So today I went down there... The guy at the desk had no clue what was going on. Then the maintenence guy came in & started saying how they put a dirty dish in there, it came out clean & then he put it up. What? I told him that didn't make sense because it leaves stuff on there, adds stuff & has not worked in forever. He laughs & says well it did... blah blah blah.. Seriously talking down to me. I came back to ask Jas - because I had not heard this... & he said no it didn't. We opened the dishwasher to find the - DIRTY dish... (not only that but it was part of my baby processor that should NOT have gone in there :-S ) still in there. We take it in there... & the lady told us that she told him to replace it anyway... and then she saw the nini we brought in & everything. So it's supposed to get fixed. We saw the guy on the way out & he said it'd either be today or tomorrow. (being all nice to Jas mind you) It wasn't today... so it better get done tomorrow.

But... I got the rosary I was making for a friend done finally!

And Kalila's swim diaper came in the mail.. much earlier than I thought because we went w/ the really cheap shipping lol. It is really cute! I can't wait to take her swimming.

I may have some more news in a couple days too, but I'm gonna wait to share :-D (yes that was an evil grin lol)

All Those Lovely Detergents...

When our daughter came along we decided to go ahead & get
Yes it's a bit more expensive, but he has sensitive skin & we were afraid she'd have it too. We wanted to baby her a little at first just to be safe lol. It turned out to be a good thing because just like in everything else, she takes after him in that too.

Unfortunately we can't use it for our diapers. It has softeners. I didn't have to worry though because our regular detergent
was on the safe list. Not quite as great as its scent free version (I've never seen it in the store, but would grab it instead if I could) but it works. We'd started getting it for the price (one of the cheapest & sometimes is the cheapest) & because it's Arm & Hammer - which works great. So when I found out I could use it for the diapers I was really happy.

Well yesterday we went to WM... and they didn't have it. Now they didn't have it the past couple times we went either, but we'd had some left... As of yesterday we're running low, very very low. So I looked around & found the best thing I could
and decided to see if I can use it on the diapers too. & I have no idea... It's right in the middle, not on the "do not use" list, but it does have brighteners & scent (although both natural). Someone suggested I could just strip them periodically to be sure... but... I don't know.

Any thoughts?

22 April, 2008

Swimming w/ Seals...

I'm so excited... The swim diaper we ordered is officially on it's way here! I'm not sure if I mentioned which one we ordered, but it's the Swimmi by Bummi. They had a few diff prints, my favourite two were the turtles & seals... Since we're only getting one to start I picked the seals. Here's a pic of what it'll look like.
I think part of the excitement is just because I'm getting one (at least) that's cute. I love our prefolds... but we have the basic (ie cheap) Gerber covers for them. (Somehow I couldn't convince anyone that I wanted diaper covers for my bday lol) They work... but that's about it. I'm fine with that... but it was nice to get to order something cute lol. I can't wait to get a pic of her in it!!!

21 April, 2008

6 Months of Advice

While I was pg I got lots of advice... I can't say that I followed all of it lol, but still was nice. Now, I'm sure my thoughts will change as our daughter gets older... and as we have more children lol... but here's some, both given to me & things I've learned myself, that I'd like to pass on now.

1) Take help when it's offered...

2) You're the parent, you have final say

3) Research can be your friend

4) If you go w/ disposables have a stockpile of different brands to try (helps you figure out what works best for you & your baby).

5) For disposables as well, don't get many newborn sized... you'll be out of them in no time! (unless you have a premie or very small baby that is)

6) Cloth diapers are much much cheaper in the long run.

7) Cloth diapers are also not as gross as they sound lol... They even have fancy ones that you put on just like a disposable (nothing to fold or pin).

8) Try & have an assortment of sizes in baby clothes ready... they grow fast!

9) Co-sleeping is a wonderful thing... esp if you're breastfeeding. If you're not comfortable w/ it though, they make sleepers that lie on the bed or attach to the side... and bassinets next to the bed work too.

10) A lot of the items on the must have registry lists will either go unused or hardly used.

11) Keep up with the recall lists, stuff is added every day!

12) Making baby food is another way to save some money, and not that much work either.

13) Mylicon. That's all I need to say... No really, keep some in your med cabinet.

14) Hyland's or Humphrey's 3 - the Humphreys 3 works best for us, but I've heard it depends baby to baby... is great for teething though.

15) You don't have to agree (or act on) every piece of advice you hear... no matter who it's from (goes along w/ the one towards the top.. you're the parent) - do what you think is best.

16) While trying different brands/kinds/etc is great... NEVER EVER use dollar general baby wipes... (horror story for a different day)

17) Get some rest when you can, sleep while baby's asleep (as I am ignoring this one lol)

18) Trust your instincts (esp if you think baby needs to go in to dr)

19) Breastfeeding is not always easy... but it's worth it, for multiple reasons. If you have trouble there are LC's & resources available...

20) If you do use formula... research what kind you use... some have way too much sugar, some have neurotoxins (I actually looked on the sample the hospital gave me & it's true), and the premixed ones have bpa exposures. I've heard there are organic ones that don't, but haven't looked for them. Anyways, if you research you'll have peace of mind w/ your decision...

21) You can still have your pets, babies love them! Just make sure food & water is out of reach (we have a baby gate up) and those crib tents work wonderfully to keep pets out of the crib too lol.

22) Enjoy those babies! They only stay little so long...

I'm sure I could go on a few more, but I have a few things I need to finish w/ the little one asleep... wait... nope... she's crying, I'm off for mommy duty!

Oops - almost forgot. If anyone has anything (advice or whatever) they'd like to add feel free to leave it on the comment section. Is always nice to hear more.

20 April, 2008

Lazy Streams...

Ok, so I just wish I were being lazy lol! It has been a very very busy day. I don't remember (and honestly not looking back to see) if I mentioned it but I started moving bookshelves the other day. I got the first a couple days ago & it was miserable work. It was the heaviest of the two to start... and Kalila started screaming half way through me moving the thing & wouldn't stop. & of course w/ a handful of bookshelf bigger than I am I couldn't just put it down anywhere. So I got it situated & left the huge mess of books I'd had to unload just where they were. It was awful. This afternoon I got them picked up & slightly more organized lol... and then unloaded the second & moved it. Kalila was napping this time lol... but... Mumble decided to jump on the shelves & take a little ride! At least these were lighter... Well, long story short - my books aren't exactly where I want them... but they aren't thrown all over the place either lol. I'll settle for that for now. I can worry about putting them in order tomorrow... After the crib gets moved!
I do have to share a pic from today... We dressed Kalila in one of the outfits my mom sent her for Easter. Is so cute...
For those of you who don't know, I started a new blog! I'm really excited about it lol. Not abandoning this one by any stretch of the imagination. I like this blog. I get to share pictures & stories & what all is going on around here... but I like to talk about mommy (parent I suppose lol) stuff too & I don't want to bog this one down with that... I'm not sure how much sense that makes, but oh well! Anyone who's interested, it's linked on the side here.. the one called Non Hippy Hippy Mom - lol is a long story :-D
Slight rant while I'm on here... I'm not going to say a whole lot about it because I already went off on it in the other blog that I just mentioned, but still... I just found out that the bottles we'd been using, thinking they were safe - bpa free, are not! Grrr.
One more picture before I get off... I pulled out Timothy, one of my old dolls, yesterday to see what Kalila would do. She absolutely loves him. As you can see here lol...

Baby Steps #1

No no no... This isn't going to be about my daughter walking! For one thing, she's no where near that stage yet lol. I've used an idea off of another blog I read (Cakerwakers, you can see it on my favourite blogs list) for my other one that I really like. She calls it a stream of conscious (wow did I really spell that correctly on first try?) & it works really well for me as random as I can be lol. Plus there are times that I have several things to talk about & it makes more sense than writing 8 small posts in one day lol. I couldn't think of any way to link streams to babies though so I'm calling them baby steps!
I had an "I feel like an idiot" moment last night... We bought a swimsuit for the baby a couple weeks ago & I was thinking about it & realized that there is no way I can take her (well, not the weather for it today anyway) until we get her a swim diaper! I looked at the cloth ones online & then talked to my husband to see which he'd rather do. He said he did not want to go w/ disposables (whoo hoo I didn't either lol) so I showed him what I found when he got home. We want to get a few, but decided to try one first & see how it goes lol. We're going with the Swimmi by Bummis... They had good reviews & look cute too! We ordered the baby seal one... Unfortunately they didn't have any swim diapers of any kind on the site I'd been ordering from, but I found Pinstripes & Polkadots - which looks like it's pretty good too... we'll see though!
There seems to be an explosion of babies lately. I love it!!! But it's made me start thinking about all the advice I got while pg (and before even) and stuff I've learned since then... I think I may write a post on that at some point soon.
You know some of the "mixtures" for baby food seem really strange... I looked on wholesome babyfood's for ideas & some made me shake my head, but when I've tried them on my daughter she really does like them. For instance I would not have thought of mixing butternut squash w/ sweet potatoes... or apples & avocado. Both huge hits! In a few days (after I make a new batch of green beans) I'm going to try the green bean/apple mixture.. She likes them both separate so I think it'll be ok... Of course I prob should look at things to mix w/ banana since she doesn't like it as much by itself lol.
Back to the baby explosion (I jump around I know) - I've been looking at peoples registries lately & I can't help but think back to the ones I had... and shake my head. Ok, granted - most people don't really look at (or use anyway) the registries... but still. If I had known we'd use CD's back then, life would have been so much easier... Or if I'd known which things weren't really worth it & such... But that's how we learn right?
Arrrg! I only thought I was done for today lol... I just found out that the baby bottles that I thought were safe (playtex vent air) are not. I remember hearing about the BPA thing while pg & I could have sworn I checked. Well, I just found out they have it... Which puts me in two awkward positions... First off, I don't want to hurt my baby. Thankfully we hardly ever used them... Just a few Sundays & grandparent visits pretty much... and now her dr has her starting a sippy (which I know for sure doesn't have it have triple checked this time lol) so no more bottles for her anyway. But still... Am I supposed to save bottles for our next kid that we know aren't safe? I don't want to throw away something we spent money on... but if it could hurt them... Plus - I saw them on my cousins baby registry. I don't know his wife that well, and don't know how they would feel about me saying something. But I know how hard it is to find that info out sometimes (obviously we ended up w/ the stuff too). Sorry, needed to get that out... Would def welcome suggestions though.

19 April, 2008

Apples... Sweet Apples

I meant to start on apples weeks ago lol.. but something kept stopping me... Well, one thing kept stopping me. I couldn't get organic ones & I refuse to get to get otherwise for my daughter. Other fruits & veggies I'll let slide if I can't find it... but apples are high on the pesticide list & I'm not budging. So we switched our timeline around a little & I made the apples yesterday. I now wish I could have sooner because she loves them!

I thought about baking them... I love baked apples myself (esp w/ cinnamon!). But... the recipe didn't seem as easy as steaming... and it was my first attempt. So yes I decided to take the easy way out & steam lol.

Here you can see right before I started. We went w/ Gala apples because I saw that several moms were using those. They do look yummy & like I mentioned, she loves em.. but I think I'm going w/ a cheaper kind next time lol. It still worked out in my favour, but...
After washing & dicing I put them in the steaming thing on top of my pan & added the water to where it covered the apples a bit. I had to do two batches this way because it's so small... It ended out working well though because by the time I finished this first half my daughter was ready for her food.
Here's a shot after I turned on the stove w/ the lid on... I did stir the apples several times during this stage. I have no idea how long I cooked them lol, just until they were tender and falling apart in the water.
Here they are nice & cooked.. all ready to go in the baby food processor.
Ahh the baby food processor. Great idea, but very very small. It does work though. I managed to get the apples done in two batches per half (so I suppose that's fourths lol). I put in the apples & added BM... Of course, water or the juice from steaming can be added instead... as can formula if you use it (or have used it before).
After blending... Doesn't it look yummy?
I put it in my baby food trays.. each cube is a serving & makes life very easy lol. I only have two of these, so I have some ice cube trays I use as backup too.
Here I've added my lid & made a label. Yes I use duck tape! It works. If I'm using the ice trays I put a couple layers of seran wrap instead.
When they're nice & frozen I'll move them to baggies... Like I said farely simple... & this one was a big hit!

18 April, 2008

The Switch

I figure I have to start somewhere right... So here we go.

About two weeks ago (three?) we decided to switch to cloth diapers. Something I swore I'd never do. Honestly I thought the idea was crazy! I didn't think it saved any money in the end... I'd have to clean nasty diapers, was just gross... So I didn't see a point. I told everyone that the only way I'd ever do it is if I had a kid that was allergic to all disposables. Our first daughter was not not that kid... She's had a few rashes, but not that many. Usually they were caught early & disappeared in less than a day. I think there was maybe one or two bad ones... and was still only a couple days or so before they cleared. So why did we switch?

I've become addicted to Cafe Mom. I'm in a breast feeding group on there & someone brought up the subject of cloth diapers. Now I don't really remember why it caught my attention... I think she may have commented on the price or something. Anyway, I got curious. I started looking up info on it. All the sudden numbers were working out & not the way I expected.

OH yeah.. the sprayer. I think that was what did it lol. Someone mentioned one of those sprayers that hooks to the toilet. I thought it was odd/interesting... so as I was looking up more info (and finding out that maybe I was wrong about the cost thing) I randomly mentioned it to my dad. He told me about how he used to clean out CD's in the toilet & how it wasn't that bad. Well the next day we had a blowout in a skirt that I love. Has bloomers attached & poo was all in there. & I wasn't about to throw it straight into the washer. So I thought about what he said & did that lol. It wasn't so bad cleaning it.. and no stains were left on her skirt!

That's when I started changing my mind... I hadn't decided quite yet though. That same day as the skirt incident I saw someone mention how we're supposed to be cleaning out disposables. I left that as someone just blowing smoke because they think cloth is better... but then I saw someone else mention how the packages are labled that way. So I looked... and it was there! What is the point of using disposables, which are supposed to be more convenient, if you have to clean em out? That's when I talked to my husband.

Now, did I mention that he's liked the idea all along? Well he did... He was CD'd as a baby & had brought it up a few times while I was pg. I ignored him shamelessly lol. But when I mentioned it he was nice & just said ok, lets switch...

So we did... and I am so glad... I need to make links to them, but I found cost calculators online that show how much you'll save by switching (or pay if you buy the expesive ones & go overboard lol). Seeing that amount makes every wash worth it to me... (not that washing is that bad lol, mostly just an extra load of laundry) Plus we've had no more blowouts, the covers catch everything. And it really is adorable to see her in them...

Now if I can just get my husband over his fear of changing her... He was great w/ the disposables, and I know he will be w/ these too once he gets used to it lol.

17 April, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

:-D Today was great... We got off to a little later start than we planned... but that was ok lol. Before we headed to the zoo we went by IHOP for breakfast/lunch - & Kalila ordered her first meal from a restraunt. We got her a banana lol. She also had a huge meltdown, started screaming & everything. Thankfully she fell asleep on the way to the zoo lol.

I'm not really sure how we managed it, but we got Kalila moved from her carseat to stroller w/out waking her. She slept for a good little bit... so we had to backtrack so she could see a few animals we thought she'd like lol. We did get the cutest pic while she was sleeping though.
Yup Kalila & the Jaguar were both sleeping lol. So cute!

I wish I could show you the pic we took of a mommy & baby monkey (maybe a week old) but you can't really see them very well.
See what I mean? Is just hard to see...

We did get some other animals only shots...

The bear... an old grizzly. This was right after we walked in & we were too tired to backtrack. I wish Kalila could have seen him, but oh well.

I couldn't believe how close the black rhino was. Kalila really didn't care for this one... She started whining when she saw him.

Here's the white rhino... She did like this one lol. Maybe because it wasn't so close...

A cheetah! We were pretty excited about this one ourselves.

Simba... The animal we expected Kalila to go crazy over... but they were pretty sleepy & she was more interested in the fence lol.

Okapi. Alright - he's MY favourite.. .I had to take a pic or two lol.

A bald eagle... Poor thing was shot before it went to the zoo... but beautiful bird!

A zebra & giraffe - we almost missed those lol.

Look closely, you might see the Fisher Cat!

& the pink flamingoes... Kalila loved these... got a big grin out of her lol.

We prob should have taken a pic of the ostriges - those were her favourites oddly enough.

& yes we did get some shots of us w/ Kalila...

You know I had to get one in front of the okapi.. Is a given.

And the hippo's too... (unfortunately you can't see us!)

Right after waking up Jason put her on his shoulders... So cute!

She enjoyed watching several animals (and looking at other random things) from her baba's arms..
She loved looking at the monkeys... Was one of her favourites.
These fish in the kids section were a big hit too. Is kinda hard to see, but some are bigger than Kalila lol.
On our way out Jas posed w/ her on the lions...

I know we're not really in this shot lol.. It was of the "market" at Afrika Live. Apparently they've only finished one part of it... seeing those hippos was cool... but it wasn't what I expected either. Basically the market is like one of those expensive tourist trap places over there instead of the typical central Afrikan market they say it's based on. Was cool to walk around, but... We ended up going to the regular gift shop a few minutes later lol.

And then we got a shot of Kalila holding her new stuffed clouded leopard (my bday gift lol) Is a good thing I reread over this... I called it a spotted leapard :-S Is there any other kind? LOL - She loves the thing though!

As you can see it was a lot of fun! After we left we made a quick trip to pick up apples (I get to make baby food tonight at some point) & then out to eat. We ate at the Indian restraunt next to where Jas works. It was REALLY good. I had chicken curry & garlic naan. Oh... the naan... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Oh & when we got home our neighbor made me smile.. Called me Jas' Afrikan woman because I'm wearing a khanga...