10 March, 2008

What a "Wonderful" Place... But Things Are Looking Up

Many of you know that I used to work at a Catholic bookstore... It seemed like a great job for me. There were many things there that I loved about it... The owner was not one of them. I don't like to talk bad about people so I'm going to try to watch what I say lol... and this is one of the few times I have a hard time w/ that. & I esp. feel that way talking about a place I used to work for... every place, every boss, has it's ups & downs... it's a job you get over it, things work out... but....

Everyone has problems with this lady... She doesn't just treat her employees bad, but customers too. I can't count the times we were blessed by the customers for sticking with it. Of course, on the flip side of that, we got yelled at by other customers for things we couldn't do anything about.
Add in a healthy bit of disrespect for "religious people" (not nuns or priests in particular, but the general people who shopped there) - which was very obvious in the way she treated everyone. Plus, she's not Catholic - which I have no problem with... but she started hiring people from her Church & treating them better than us (like somethings are only for them) and let them get away w/ trying to convert our customers. Most customers just laughed and walked away - but some walked away for good, pretty mad about it... and I can't say I blamed them. Esp since all the signs said it was a Catholic Store (and it does cater to us honestly... some stuff works for other denoms, but she goes out of her way to provide Catholic things - a lot of which you can't find elsewhere here). But that's enough about that... I could go on & on & don't want to do that lol.

By the time Kalila came around I was glad I could leave lol. I'd been looking for something new for awhile, just hadn't found anything yet - and not about to leave a perfectly good job (well, a paying job anyway) for nothing. We figured I would leave just before she was born though because I would much rather be a SAHM - at least while the kids are little...

So I'm done with it... I try not to dwell on the horrors that the job was... And especially try not to shop there... as hard as that may be because several other Catholic stores in town have shut down... If I have to go online I will... but thankfully we don't NEED to very often.

But it's tax time here... I got my w-2 and Jas & I set to work to get our taxes filed. We're using Turbo Tax.. we used it last year too & it worked great. No problems. Very easy to use. I was a bit scared to at first lol.. very pleasantly surprised. Filing jointly was really no harder... but we got to the middle and this little page popped up saying that she withheld too much on my SS tax & Medicare tax. We couldn't finish it said, until she paid me the $37 & sent me a corrected w-2.

So I called today to straighten it out. Of course she goes on the defensive as always... Her calculations (note: she does it all by head... my w-2 is even handwritten) could NOT be wrong.. and it's going to be days of work for her to recheck everything & she's swamped right now (always is). Since her figures were right it's GOT to be the program & we should be doing it by hand anyway... and those figures have NOTHING to do with filing our taxes. Just went on & on... Finally said she'd get back to me in a few days...

Why do I think I'm going to eat that $37? I know it's not a whole lot... but that's 3 boxes of diapers (306 diapers to be exact), or one small bag of huggies diapers if we were so inclined lol, or 259 days worth of baby food, or 7 diaper genie refills, or ten packages of baby wipes (if we get name brand which we've had to do for awhile), at WM we could get 6 to 12 new outfits on the bargain racks or 3 really cute newer ones for Kalila, I could get 2 nursing tanks at Target or one expensive one online - all of which things that we need!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not worried about how we're getting what we need to... we're doing fine. But it's the principle of the matter... I should have been given that money to begin with and will probably never see it.

On a much happier note though... I've been working on that rosary business lately. I can't say that it's completely up & the way I want just yet... but it is functional lol... Besides it's continually going to be added to and such. And I made my first sale the other day!!! I was so excited about it lol... Still am. Esp since it's a custom rosary that got ordered. The address is for anyone that's interested. :-D I'll prob put a link up on the side here soon too.

Sorry about the whole first part of this blog btw.. I just needed to vent... So frustrated about all that.


Christy said...

That is so exciting! I hope your new business does well! And your old boss sounds like a nightmare. I hope she gives you back your money and w-2 in a timely fashion.

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! & I hope she does too lol.