26 March, 2008

A Quick Post

I have no idea how much time I'm gonna have to do this... So most of what I wanted to write about is probably going to get lost lol. Oh well.

Had to get a pic or two of Kalila in one of her newest outfits.. So cute!

I realized the other day that I hardly have any pictures of Kalila in her jumper - just the one video.... so I made sure to take some more today! She was so excited.

I decided to get a video too... As you can see Jason was playing a video game at the same time. She kept getting distracted by it lol.

& there is my cue to go... So much for writing a new blog.


Christy said...

I like the action shot of her in jumperoo. Very cute.

Marni Tiani Self said...

I'm glad I found your blog, Kalila's a cutie! :)