07 March, 2008


As you all probably know by now... I've become hooked on Cafe Mom. I've joined some great groups on there... Is nice talking to other mommies lol. Well I just read a post earlier that I loved... Is so true... And thankfully sryle who wrote it said I could share it w/ you too.

As long as women are uncomfortable or nervous with breastfeeding in public because of what other people think, it will be looked at as "taboo." (I am quoting another mother here, because I thought this was an excellent point!) As long as mothers act uncomfortable with public breastfeeding and try to hide it in order to conform to the ways of society, we are only fueling the fire. It won't be looked at as normal until BFing mothers treat it as the normal thing to do.

The fact is ladies, breastfeeding in public is a civil right and is legal in every state. Our states have laws protecting mothers who BF in public. Some states don't even require as much discretion as another. Now that doesn't mean we should walk around in public shirtless with our child attached (that would be public indecency for anyone! LOL) But our children do not need to always be covered while eating, nor should we have to take them to a nasty bathroom, to the car, or any other "private" place in order to feed them.

What people do not realize is that many infants cannot eat while covered up (not to mention it gets hot & uncomfortable for both the baby and mom) and a nursing mother should not be made to feel embarrassed for feeding her child.
As a society, we must support mothers who are contributing to the well being of our nation by breastfeeding.

Asking a breastfeeding mother to nurse in a bathroom or cover herself up is an unnecessary barrier to breastfeeding and the mere fear of such intervention causes many mothers to either never begin breastfeeding or to prematurely wean their infants.

Exposed breasts. They are all over the media: in movies, magazines, billboards, video games, even television. But put a nursing infant anywhere near those breasts and suddenly some people are offended. It is our society that has turned breasts into a sexual innuendo, when the fact is breasts were created and intended for a woman to be able to naturally feed her child.

Health professionals and public health officials promote breastfeeding to improve infant health. Both mothers and children benefit from breast milk. Breastfeeding helps prevent diarrhea and infections in infants. It also provides long-term preventive effects for the mother, including an earlier return to pre-pregnancy weight, reduced risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer and osteoporosis.

I'm going to add that I've been lucky... other than a couple comments from people I know (that were more masked than anything) I've had a good experience with feeding my daughter. The only time, well two times, anyone has walked up and said anything - it was other BFing moms... One trying to wean lol and offering words of encouragement... and the other asking if I needed some privacy to get her situated because she was fussy at the time (was at Jas school & other than the bathroom where I refuse to go couldn't really do that, she was offering a prac room).

Note: I do cover Kalila up... That's just me, I'm more comfortable doing that. Of course as she gets older she's starting to fight that cover more so I may just have to deal with it soon. I did see a video not too long ago that showed ways to do so w/ out covering that are still modest at least.

But it's still an important issue to me because there are places that I'm uncomfortable with it.. and I don't like that. Which is at least part of the reason why I wanted to share that post.


Christy said...

Honestly, I do try to plan outings around Izzy's nursing schedule. For some bizarre reason, I am terrified of breastfeeding in public. Maybe society as rubbed off on me.

I do periodically come back to read your responses to my comments. Thank you.

Mama Kalila said...

Understood... I couldn't if I wanted too lol. I think part of it is because of our situation. I'm not only a SAHM, but have no car either. Not now at least - someday in future I will have too.. So when we run errands or go out it's more of an outing for the whole family. Plus we're in a large city.. so it takes half an hour to get places usually.. if not longer. I'll try to nurse before we go (but if she's not hungry & we need to leave there's nada I can do about that lol) but usually she'll get hungry again before we get back. Plus Sunday's are usually crazy.. First Church, and then visiting & tehn family lunch... I was taking a bottle of pumped milk for awhile.. but is a hassle & she won't always take it... plus once the bottom fell out at a restraunt lol. Milk all over the table! So even if I hadn't told myself I'd have to get over any insecurities about it - I'd still have too. (now if I could just do so about at Church... another lady nursed in the cry room a few weeks ago)

Oh & to a comment you made before... I forget when lol.. about the exesaucer (I think that's what it was)... We found a bouncer that we may get as long as the weight limit isn't too low (love chunky babies!).. Is the bounceroo (the rainforest one) I've only seen good comments about it so far... and more convienent than one that goes in the doorway for us. :-D

Christy said...

I think we are going to buy a bouncer too. We had a swing malfunction, so now we have two swings. We are going to take one of them back and get a bouncer instead.

Daisy said...

Interesting to know.