12 March, 2008

New Toys...

I think I mentioned before that we were getting Kalila a Jumperoo... We went to do that yesterday - and not only found it, but found it on sale! It made me very happy lol. Plus she loves it! I'm so glad we decided to do that... I actually got some work done in the apt this weekend!

However... I found a new toy too... Well, not quite new. My camera... I forgot that it does video too! Only a minute & a half worth... because I don't have any memory added to the camera lol. But still... I've spent prob more time than I should today making video's of Kalila.

Here's one... Sorry I know it's really dark.. I'm trying to figure out how to fix that before I put any more!


Christy said...

Very cute. She is much more active in her jumperoo than Izzy. He just sits in his. Occasionally he'll bounce around and scare himself.

Steph said...

She's so adorable! I need to get mine out of storage and let Alex start to play soon. :)