30 March, 2008

Lost in the Shuffle

It just hit me - I feel bad for poor Mumble. She's such a good kitty. & when we first got her I put up tons of pictures (not on here of course since this wasn't up yet) and blogs about her... Now.. every once in awhile there's a mention here or there... maybe a picture of her doing something cute w/ Kalila... So I decided to write a blog on our other baby.. the one who seems to have been forgotten lately.

While this may seem to have nothing to do w/ Mumble (trust me it does!) - I've been cleaning lately... Gotten quite a bit done... Am very happy about it. And w/ that comes the beginning of transitioning Mumble's things to a less baby friendly area lol. We decided that the half bath would be perfect (purrfect?) - because I can gate it off w/ a baby gate.. Mumble can get in... Kalila cannot. So far the gate is up, and as of today - her food & water are in there too. We have another water dish that was in there moved out here now too lol. Here's a couple pics though!

The other day I started to go to bed... and Mumble decided she wanted up on the TV... the highest point in the room... Poor thing got stuck for a bit, but wouldn't let me help her down. Finally she jumped lol. Was so cute though!

And yes, I have to throw this in.... Here she is playing w/ Kalila earlier tonight. I swear this cat is going to be the cause of my daughter learning to crawl! She was trying so hard to get at Mumble lol.

We don't know exactly when her bday is... but we know it's coming up this next month.. We're guessing it's early April... I can't believe she's a year old! You can't really tell, even in the latest pic (taken today) but she's getting to that point now where she really looks like an adult cat most of the time... & here's a years worth (somewhat lol) of pictures... Can you believe she was this small? Yes I'm like this with the cat (she's my baby too!) - can you imagine how I'll be w/ Kalila lol?


Christy said...

She is a pretty cat. We have 4 cats and 2 dogs, and I almost never mention them. These babies have taken over my every thought. Fortunately, I do periodically remember to feed them.

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks & LOL... I'm guilty about the feeding thing... I don't forget completely of course, but there are days when it happens a little later than usual. Esp right after Kalila was born... Since I moved her stuff that's actually getting better/easier.