21 March, 2008

Katsup & Pancakes

Sorry I haven't written sooner... I meant too... But things have been crazy around here. Plus, the past couple days when I really had the opportunity - I just didn't feel like writing. Go figure.. So much has been going on though that I finally just had to sit down & do it - so here I am!


Yes there is a story behind the title of this blog... and for some reason I don't feel like including it on here... (but it's really funny, so if you wanna know feel free to ask!) Basically I just used it to give my husband a hard time though. :-D (I love ya Jason!)


St Patrick's Day - I hope everyone had a great one! Jas brought home Guiness just for it... and some how or another I didn't drink one! Of course, they are still in the fridge & I am planning to have one at some point but is still sad no? More than that I'm looking forward to trying one of the many recipes I have that have Guiness in them... Sound so good... Anyways, I did get a few St. Patty's Day pics to share!


Kalila had her first Palm Sunday last week... and it was so cute! She grabbed ahold of her palm & wouldn't let go.. had so much fun playing with it! Pretty much tore it apart lol. Yes, I wish I could have gotten pics ;-D


Our latest new food was avocados.. Probably the easiest to make yet lol. I'm not sure what Kalila thinks of them really. Her first bite brought on the funniest face I've seen her make so far. But when I pulled out the camera she smiled like she loves em! Today she didn't make any more funny faces when I brought them out again... even grabbed the spoon & pulled it in... so maybe (hopefully) she'll like em. & yes I know she was wearing a Christmas sleeper in the pics... Can you tell it was time to do her laundry? (besides it fits still... she's outgrown most of her sleepers, we had to get new ones this week!) What we thankfully didn't get a pic of... a couple hours afterwards - right after nursing.. Jason started playing with her, got her all kinds of excited, handed her back to me & avocado's when all over me. So gross... And he laughed...


I mentioned buying new clothes a sec ago.. That reminds me! Kalila is pretty consistantly wearing 6 to 9 mo clothes now.. (a few 3/6 & 6 mo still fit, but still...) & the sleepers we got are 9mo... fit well... We would have gotten larger but she has almost no 9mo clothes lol & a ton of 12 mo ones. So this is an akward stage for us (her) right now... guessing which outfit will fit. Well, one of the 12mo dresses (that I think is absolutely gorgeous) caught my attention last week when I was pulling out something else for her to wear. So I thought to myself, lets try it on her - see how it fits, get an idea of when she'll be able to wear it... because it does look a little smaller than the others that size (not much, but still)... Yeah... It fits. (is what she's wearing on Sunday too!) Which on one hand helps us out a bunch lol... but at the same time...


I don't think I've run that fast in a long time... I was in the middle of that last one... and thought I heard her choking (she's in bed). Scared me half to death! But she's sound asleep & doing fine.


On a slightly different note... I was reading Stephanie's blog yesterday & she mentioned a subject that we're both pretty passionate about. The whole BF thing.. Don't worry, I won't get on my soapbox here lol.. But she put a link to pass along & I thought I'd share too. It's the Breast Feeding Protection Initiative... It has a lot of info linked & a donation spot too (they do the bracelet thing). Plus is LLL so they have all kinds of good stuff.


I think that's about it for now... I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! I'll def be putting pics up afterwards :-D I'm sure I'll get a ton.


Steph said...

I can't believe that she's getting so big so quickly! I'm in the process of going through Kairi's clothes that don't fit. If I find some cute, unstained ones, would you like me to pass them your way?

And I'm glad that at least one of our babies likes avocados! Alex has settled on liking bananas and refuses to try anything else. lol ... He reacts the same way to everything else as he did avocados. Makes for cute pictures, though! :D

Kalila's so cute! I never grow tired of seeing pictures of her!

Christy said...

I LOVE Kalila's little sneakers in the St. Patrick's Day pictures. Too cute!

Finding the right size clothing just gets harder and harder. Right now Porgie's 18 month pants are high-waters, but her 2T pants are ENORMOUS.

Speaking of clothes, I wish I got a new wardrobe every three months. Lucky babies!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! I can't believe she's in a size 2 shoe already! These are Dora... I thought they were cute too, don't care for the pink but at least they're mostly brown lol. She'd prob like Diego ones better, but they def look like boy shoes (and I skirt around that usually & get blue anyway if it's not too boyish).

I wish I got new clothes period... I've gotten two pairs of jeans since she was born... because none fit anymore... So I'm consitantly wearig too big maternity jeans or doing laundry every few days (or both) lol.

I wish baby sizes were a little more uniform... I honestly think they make no sense.. She wore a 3/6 sleeper this morning, a 6/9 outfit today & is wearning a 12mo one tomorrow - and they all fit! Which I guess is great for putting her in stuff, but she's outgrown most of the 3/6 stuff..and a few of the 6mo stuff.. and most of the 12 mo's is way too big too. I've gotta put away some of her clothes but I'm to the point of almost trying them on her before doing it (at least w/ some... some are really obvious that they need to go up lol)because I can't go by the sizes alone!

Christy said...

A size two? That is tiny! Porgie wears a size FIVE.