27 March, 2008

He's Leaving Me???

Jason just called... & told me that he's leaving me.... I guess I should mention that it was an accident! LOL... Is late, he's tired (and honestly I am too)... kept getting his words turned around & instead of saying that he was leaving there in 10 min said he was leaving me! So sad...

But it gives me an excuse to get back on here & write at least some of what I've been thinking about writing lately. (he made a joke about me putting it up so I had too!) & I do have the time right now since Kalila is asleep! Go figure that my brain would completely freeze up right now though...


As I'm sure you've guessed Kalila is growing & changing like crazy. She pulled herself up to standing on the chair in here yesterday! She was sitting on me when it happened, so she had a little leverage but still... grabbed on the arm & up she went! Jason & I were both really excited. Plus she's now rolling from tummy to back - and getting good at it... she's been rolling all over the living room floor lol. Also starting to scoot sideways... not forward, just sideways, sometimes in a circle. Combine the two & she's moving pretty well lol.


I love Target!

That may sound random... but I have a point I'm getting too.

Before Kalila was born, I got some great advice about diaper brands - try them all to see what works best (all babies are diff etc). We had a diaper themed shower so we were able to do it pretty easily lol. Thankfully Kalila isn't allergic to any diapers (I was to Pampers) so despite us picking what we liked best (Jas- Loves, Me - Huggies w/ the leak lock) the generic stuff was perfectly fine. (I'll get back to the others in a bit) When time came for us to get diapers, we went w/ Wal-Mart thinking their brand would be cheapest... Is not bad. But a couple months later we went to Target for something & found out that they are a dollar cheaper for 10 or so more diapers. We decided to go w/ Target lol.

Another important thing we found out pretty quickly was that generic wipes did not work on our daughter... She needed the Pampers Sensitive for newborns. All the others were rough & she screamed like you wouldn't believe... change the wipes & no problems during changes. There's not as big a price diff w/ wipes so we didn't mind so much lol. Well, Kalila started solids... and suddenly (of course) they don't work so well... so we figure - these have worked so far... Lets go w/ the Pampers Swipers. They work... They also STINK!!!!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points in the world to describe the smell of these wipes. So when those were done, we tried the aloe Pampers... They smelled slightly better, but are tiny. Next time we needed some... We thought... lets try the Target brand! They're great! Yes - I love Target...

Back to the diapers... I just have to share this in case anyone who needs to know doesn't... because I was shocked & slightly disgusted. No I'm not talking about dirty ones, they aren't that bad lol. I liked Huggies... Wouldn't buy them unless my child was allergic to others because 37 dollars for a small bag of diapers is absolutely rediculous (I could have all the money in the world literally & I still wouldn't do that). But still.. they worked really well, you can see a difference. However, the bag we had of comfort quilt was a lot like the generic ones. I figured it was that style, just not as good as the leak lock ones... Well, a few weeks ago I found out that Huggies outsources some of their diapers. Doesn't matter which kind you buy, leak lock - comfort quilt - whatever... Some of them are made by the same ones doing the generic diapers... and the only diff between them and the generic is literally the bag & price! So unless you find out the packing numbers for the ones that are outsourced (it is available online or you can call the company) you are taking a 50/50 chance of paying for one thing & getting another. How not right is that? If I was going to pay that rediculous amount - I'd want the better diapers! That's what you pay for... Of course in the end it all goes in the trash lol, which is one reason we don't buy them but still! Sorry had to vent on that a little... besides that info really should be out there for those buying Huggies.


Well I hear my husband (it seems he came back to me lol) so I'm off for now. :-D


Christy said...

I love Target too, but I don't buy diapers there. I buy Safeway brand, because they are even cheaper than Target diapers. Why would anyone pay tons of money for something their baby is going to poop on?

Steph said...

I'm jealous that you can use generic diapers. We have to either use Pampers Baby Dry or cloth diapers. And we do both ... But it's annoying.

And Kairi was allergic to most wipes as well. I did find that Lansinoh makes their own wipe that's not much more expensive than the Pamper's Sensitive Wipes when you order them off of Amazon. They have Lanolin in them and work amazingly well. No more rashes -- unless she gets ahold of a milk product.

Maybe I should have recognized when she was first allergic to so many diapers and wipes that we'd have other allergy problems in the future.............

Mama Kalila said...

I haven't seen a Safeway in years! I've looked at the HEB ones but they only come in small bags & certain sizes are almost non existent.. I don't remember if it was when she was in two's or lately w; the three's but we couldn't find any at all there.

Steph - so sorry about her allergies! That stinks... Like I mentioned in my post, I was allergic to Pampers so I understand the consept.. Knew it could happen. As much as I hate the idea of paying for diapers - sometimes you have too... and that's the one time I see it lol.

I've thought about cloth ones, and even read some things that cut out some of the gross factor lol (like a sprayer you can use over your toilet lol) but.. she's ok w/ these lol.

I didnt' know Lanisnoh made wipes, I love that brand! We use bag balm (from the pet section) instead of rash cream - has lanolin in it too... is great.