24 March, 2008

Happy Easter!

I don't even know where to begin lol. Yesterday was great! & yes I got a bunch of pictures to share :-D

I wish we'd pulled out the camera after Mass... I could have gotten the cutest picture! Scott came up with Khalil & Kalila grinned when she saw him... kept staring & then he looked over & smiled at her too... At one point she tried to reach for him too! So adorable... I was teasing her about it today but of course she just ignored me lol.

I did get a pic afterwards when we came to pick up stuff.. I wanted to get at least one of her in her dress (and wasn't sure it'd survive the day lol). We ended up putting shorts under (random pair that didn't look too bad w/ it) because the air turned a little cold in hte afternoon so I'm glad I did get this pic :-D

And another couple while Jas was on the phone w/ her Gran... I guess she wanted to talk in the second shot because she grabbed it away from him!

We spent the rest of the day (literally, got home about 10:30 or so) with family. She got passed around of course & just had a blast. Finally she conked out on me.

Jas came over & got her... and they took a little nap together.. So cute.

Here's a shot when she woke up!

No she didn't hunt eggs lol... but she did have fun playing with them. I was actually surprised by that... not sure why, but I didn't think she would... Here she is all focused on it.

& I love this pic - possibly the favourite of all the ones I took (one of the aunts got a close up w/ her grinning & showing off those two teeth that is great too). I guess she's winking at me??? LOL

Like I said though, it was a great day... Lots of fun. The only thing I wish different is that I'd gotten more pictures, not just of her but of everyone else... I usually am such a picture person (like you'd ever guess that lol) but for some reason I hardly took any. I think part of it was because I was so tired - hardly got any sleep the night before... Is ok though. I'm definately looking forward to next year lol.

I'm probably going to write another blog tonight or tomorrow btw... Several other things on my mind, pictures to share, but I wanted to do this first. I'm not going to email about it, so you might want to check back on it lol.


Christy said...

She is super cute. I love the dress.

Steph said...

So adorable! It looks like a fun day!