03 March, 2008

First Crush

I don't think I've mentioned it before... but my daughter is in love with Diego. She likes Dora ok, but gets so excited when he comes on tv. We have the movie Diego's Safari Rescue but hadn't put it on yet... and decided to do that tonight. She's been a bit fussy, not really wanting me or Jason. He mentioned putting on a cartoon & I thought of it, so I mentioned it to her & she smiled & waved her arms... so on the movie went!

Obviously its going to be in Afrika - that was a given lol... But... I nearly cried. Seriously. It was in the Serengeti... Diego's friend Juma was with them... and there were several Kiswahili words that got taught... like "jambo" and "ndio". It was so cute! & of course Kalila loved it...

Besides all that lol... Kalila's gotten a couple new things this weekend... (well, one was more for me than her lol).

One was a new toy - those little stacking rings. We didn't get a fancy one or anything... just colourful plastic rings w/ a base that rocks (rounded bottom). They had a really cute one w/ a lion on top... but not really worth it lol. I wasn't sure if she'd play with it yet... but she does! Apparently she doesn't like the rings going on the base - she gets mad at me if I put them back on lol... and is a pro at taking them off. & yes, you'll see pics of that at some point soon!

Another was new shoes. I can't believe it but she has grown out of the others already! We got her a cute little pair of size 2 Dora shoes (unfortunately Diego shoes look very boyish... and thankfully these don't have too much pink). They are adorable... I'm sure she'd love them if she didn't hate wearing shoes lol. (she is my daughter)

The one that's more for me.... A new high chair cover!!! So when you see new pics of her sitting in the highchair - no we did not buy a new one lol.. is just a diff cover. Basically the one the high chair came with is made of this obnoxious plastic stuff. It's made to "wipe clean" which is nice... but you can't wash it!!!! I'm sorry, but not every baby mess wipes up lol. I can't really complain too much though because the high chair that we had picked out did the same thing. I've been looking into a new cover for awhile because of it though... I'd wanted to make one myself, really wouldn't be all that hard... and that way I could pick a pattern that'd work for boy or girl. This one was the only one we could find ready made... even online... and it's dark navy blue... I like it.. Kalila will prob like it... but I'd rather have neutral (watch we'll end up w/ a girly girl someday...) But I just don't have the time to make it... So we went ahead & got this one.

Not much else has really gone on... I'm getting ready to make banana's tomorrow. Excited to see how she likes those! I'm gonna get off here now.. on that sub.. have a chicken in the oven that I'd really rather not burn!


Christy said...

Why can't you wash the original highchair cover? The cover on our highchair says "dry clean only," but we wash it anyways. It still looks fine.

Mama Kalila said...

If it was dry clean I might try it, but it's wipe only... some odd plastic stuff... Is stiff, hard (although has padded stuff under the back), and does wipe off easy... but junk collects in the crevices & I'm not convinced it gets 100% clean. When I took it off I found stuff under it too :-( Just nasty... Plus I didn't care for the colour lol. I'm not losing any sleep over switching it out lol. Besides this new one can be wiped & washed... and in such a pretty blue!