17 March, 2008

Ewe... Ewe... EWE!!!

Sorry I just have to share... So disgusted. Why did Baba feel the need to email a recipe for Bacon Bowls? W/ pictures no less... I just went back & looked at the email, which said something about reading the comments... so I did.. . I really must have missed something. I don't see the joke... There's got to be a joke right? Please tell me there was a joke! Why send me a bacon recipe??? I don't eat bacon... It's gross... The smell makes me sick.. Quite literally. (while I don't eat any pork - bacon is the one thing I just can't handle at all..) Thankfully the smell bothers Jason too - he does eat it though, just not homemade... which is good.. .I don't think I could have married him if he did. (just kidding...) But anyways... completely grossed out now. Plus there was a Kosher bacon salt thing he sent me too.. that was kinda amuzing - if a little gross too lol. But did the bowl recipe thingie have to have pictures? Sorry... gross.. gross... gross... Where is Jason w/ that alcohol he promised? I feel the need to drink current thoughts out of my head. Blech..


Desert Gardener said...

Sorry!!! For some reason it struck me as hilarious that so many people were so passionate about the bacon bowl... That much bacon at once just isn't right - not to mention not healthy! The funny thing to me was how serious the commenters were - lol.