27 March, 2008


I'm a tad frusterated right now if you can't tell.

Jason & I have talked, quite a bit, about when we want(ed) to move. The apt. we're at now has some advantages/good qualities/etc... but w/ new management came some big problems! We had planned to stick it out though for another year & then look for a place. Well things keep piling up - the latest is that they are now charging us (as of this month not in the past 5) for Kalila the same as an adult for the water bill... which almost doubles the bill! Plus we have a sinking feeling that w/ renewing the lease we're gonna have our rent go up as well...

So we decided maybe we should look at moving a little sooner. Our lease will be up in a few months, so have to get moving on that. I went to ask a few details today... like a)would rent be going up (yes it will) b) how much time do we have to let them know if we decide to move (a month before lease is up)... Sounds good right?

, p;' bnhg y

No, that was not me cursing or anything... It was Kalila adding in her two cents - she loves the computer lol. Now that I have her distracted...

We have a copy of our lease & all that info... but it disappeared. I'm guessing it happened about the time little missy hear showed up. I was looking for it before going in to talk to them, but couldn't find it. I'm sure it will show up (prob some place odd) at some point though.

So the lady pulls up our info... and the lease ends at the end of April!!!! That means that we need to let them know in.... oh lets see.. counting today... 5 days! And of course, Jas is at work & I can't get ahold of him.

I need to get now... Kalila is trying to climb out of her stroller lol.


Christy said...

OMG! That is so frustrating. Even though you only have 5 days, I would start looking. The water bill thing is just ridiculous.

Mama Kalila said...

It looks like we're back to sticking it out for another year. I'm still looking of course, but still.

Anonymous said...

Tell the manager you want to see their copy of the signed Lease before paying extra for water! She should have to support THEIR request to CHANGE the amount, rather than you having to defend why it should remain the same.
Good luck!
a lurking "friend" :-)