30 March, 2008

Lost in the Shuffle

It just hit me - I feel bad for poor Mumble. She's such a good kitty. & when we first got her I put up tons of pictures (not on here of course since this wasn't up yet) and blogs about her... Now.. every once in awhile there's a mention here or there... maybe a picture of her doing something cute w/ Kalila... So I decided to write a blog on our other baby.. the one who seems to have been forgotten lately.

While this may seem to have nothing to do w/ Mumble (trust me it does!) - I've been cleaning lately... Gotten quite a bit done... Am very happy about it. And w/ that comes the beginning of transitioning Mumble's things to a less baby friendly area lol. We decided that the half bath would be perfect (purrfect?) - because I can gate it off w/ a baby gate.. Mumble can get in... Kalila cannot. So far the gate is up, and as of today - her food & water are in there too. We have another water dish that was in there moved out here now too lol. Here's a couple pics though!

The other day I started to go to bed... and Mumble decided she wanted up on the TV... the highest point in the room... Poor thing got stuck for a bit, but wouldn't let me help her down. Finally she jumped lol. Was so cute though!

And yes, I have to throw this in.... Here she is playing w/ Kalila earlier tonight. I swear this cat is going to be the cause of my daughter learning to crawl! She was trying so hard to get at Mumble lol.

We don't know exactly when her bday is... but we know it's coming up this next month.. We're guessing it's early April... I can't believe she's a year old! You can't really tell, even in the latest pic (taken today) but she's getting to that point now where she really looks like an adult cat most of the time... & here's a years worth (somewhat lol) of pictures... Can you believe she was this small? Yes I'm like this with the cat (she's my baby too!) - can you imagine how I'll be w/ Kalila lol?

27 March, 2008

He's Leaving Me???

Jason just called... & told me that he's leaving me.... I guess I should mention that it was an accident! LOL... Is late, he's tired (and honestly I am too)... kept getting his words turned around & instead of saying that he was leaving there in 10 min said he was leaving me! So sad...

But it gives me an excuse to get back on here & write at least some of what I've been thinking about writing lately. (he made a joke about me putting it up so I had too!) & I do have the time right now since Kalila is asleep! Go figure that my brain would completely freeze up right now though...


As I'm sure you've guessed Kalila is growing & changing like crazy. She pulled herself up to standing on the chair in here yesterday! She was sitting on me when it happened, so she had a little leverage but still... grabbed on the arm & up she went! Jason & I were both really excited. Plus she's now rolling from tummy to back - and getting good at it... she's been rolling all over the living room floor lol. Also starting to scoot sideways... not forward, just sideways, sometimes in a circle. Combine the two & she's moving pretty well lol.


I love Target!

That may sound random... but I have a point I'm getting too.

Before Kalila was born, I got some great advice about diaper brands - try them all to see what works best (all babies are diff etc). We had a diaper themed shower so we were able to do it pretty easily lol. Thankfully Kalila isn't allergic to any diapers (I was to Pampers) so despite us picking what we liked best (Jas- Loves, Me - Huggies w/ the leak lock) the generic stuff was perfectly fine. (I'll get back to the others in a bit) When time came for us to get diapers, we went w/ Wal-Mart thinking their brand would be cheapest... Is not bad. But a couple months later we went to Target for something & found out that they are a dollar cheaper for 10 or so more diapers. We decided to go w/ Target lol.

Another important thing we found out pretty quickly was that generic wipes did not work on our daughter... She needed the Pampers Sensitive for newborns. All the others were rough & she screamed like you wouldn't believe... change the wipes & no problems during changes. There's not as big a price diff w/ wipes so we didn't mind so much lol. Well, Kalila started solids... and suddenly (of course) they don't work so well... so we figure - these have worked so far... Lets go w/ the Pampers Swipers. They work... They also STINK!!!!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points in the world to describe the smell of these wipes. So when those were done, we tried the aloe Pampers... They smelled slightly better, but are tiny. Next time we needed some... We thought... lets try the Target brand! They're great! Yes - I love Target...

Back to the diapers... I just have to share this in case anyone who needs to know doesn't... because I was shocked & slightly disgusted. No I'm not talking about dirty ones, they aren't that bad lol. I liked Huggies... Wouldn't buy them unless my child was allergic to others because 37 dollars for a small bag of diapers is absolutely rediculous (I could have all the money in the world literally & I still wouldn't do that). But still.. they worked really well, you can see a difference. However, the bag we had of comfort quilt was a lot like the generic ones. I figured it was that style, just not as good as the leak lock ones... Well, a few weeks ago I found out that Huggies outsources some of their diapers. Doesn't matter which kind you buy, leak lock - comfort quilt - whatever... Some of them are made by the same ones doing the generic diapers... and the only diff between them and the generic is literally the bag & price! So unless you find out the packing numbers for the ones that are outsourced (it is available online or you can call the company) you are taking a 50/50 chance of paying for one thing & getting another. How not right is that? If I was going to pay that rediculous amount - I'd want the better diapers! That's what you pay for... Of course in the end it all goes in the trash lol, which is one reason we don't buy them but still! Sorry had to vent on that a little... besides that info really should be out there for those buying Huggies.


Well I hear my husband (it seems he came back to me lol) so I'm off for now. :-D


I'm a tad frusterated right now if you can't tell.

Jason & I have talked, quite a bit, about when we want(ed) to move. The apt. we're at now has some advantages/good qualities/etc... but w/ new management came some big problems! We had planned to stick it out though for another year & then look for a place. Well things keep piling up - the latest is that they are now charging us (as of this month not in the past 5) for Kalila the same as an adult for the water bill... which almost doubles the bill! Plus we have a sinking feeling that w/ renewing the lease we're gonna have our rent go up as well...

So we decided maybe we should look at moving a little sooner. Our lease will be up in a few months, so have to get moving on that. I went to ask a few details today... like a)would rent be going up (yes it will) b) how much time do we have to let them know if we decide to move (a month before lease is up)... Sounds good right?

, p;' bnhg y

No, that was not me cursing or anything... It was Kalila adding in her two cents - she loves the computer lol. Now that I have her distracted...

We have a copy of our lease & all that info... but it disappeared. I'm guessing it happened about the time little missy hear showed up. I was looking for it before going in to talk to them, but couldn't find it. I'm sure it will show up (prob some place odd) at some point though.

So the lady pulls up our info... and the lease ends at the end of April!!!! That means that we need to let them know in.... oh lets see.. counting today... 5 days! And of course, Jas is at work & I can't get ahold of him.

I need to get now... Kalila is trying to climb out of her stroller lol.

26 March, 2008

A Quick Post

I have no idea how much time I'm gonna have to do this... So most of what I wanted to write about is probably going to get lost lol. Oh well.

Had to get a pic or two of Kalila in one of her newest outfits.. So cute!

I realized the other day that I hardly have any pictures of Kalila in her jumper - just the one video.... so I made sure to take some more today! She was so excited.

I decided to get a video too... As you can see Jason was playing a video game at the same time. She kept getting distracted by it lol.

& there is my cue to go... So much for writing a new blog.

24 March, 2008

Happy Easter!

I don't even know where to begin lol. Yesterday was great! & yes I got a bunch of pictures to share :-D

I wish we'd pulled out the camera after Mass... I could have gotten the cutest picture! Scott came up with Khalil & Kalila grinned when she saw him... kept staring & then he looked over & smiled at her too... At one point she tried to reach for him too! So adorable... I was teasing her about it today but of course she just ignored me lol.

I did get a pic afterwards when we came to pick up stuff.. I wanted to get at least one of her in her dress (and wasn't sure it'd survive the day lol). We ended up putting shorts under (random pair that didn't look too bad w/ it) because the air turned a little cold in hte afternoon so I'm glad I did get this pic :-D

And another couple while Jas was on the phone w/ her Gran... I guess she wanted to talk in the second shot because she grabbed it away from him!

We spent the rest of the day (literally, got home about 10:30 or so) with family. She got passed around of course & just had a blast. Finally she conked out on me.

Jas came over & got her... and they took a little nap together.. So cute.

Here's a shot when she woke up!

No she didn't hunt eggs lol... but she did have fun playing with them. I was actually surprised by that... not sure why, but I didn't think she would... Here she is all focused on it.

& I love this pic - possibly the favourite of all the ones I took (one of the aunts got a close up w/ her grinning & showing off those two teeth that is great too). I guess she's winking at me??? LOL

Like I said though, it was a great day... Lots of fun. The only thing I wish different is that I'd gotten more pictures, not just of her but of everyone else... I usually am such a picture person (like you'd ever guess that lol) but for some reason I hardly took any. I think part of it was because I was so tired - hardly got any sleep the night before... Is ok though. I'm definately looking forward to next year lol.

I'm probably going to write another blog tonight or tomorrow btw... Several other things on my mind, pictures to share, but I wanted to do this first. I'm not going to email about it, so you might want to check back on it lol.

21 March, 2008

Katsup & Pancakes

Sorry I haven't written sooner... I meant too... But things have been crazy around here. Plus, the past couple days when I really had the opportunity - I just didn't feel like writing. Go figure.. So much has been going on though that I finally just had to sit down & do it - so here I am!


Yes there is a story behind the title of this blog... and for some reason I don't feel like including it on here... (but it's really funny, so if you wanna know feel free to ask!) Basically I just used it to give my husband a hard time though. :-D (I love ya Jason!)


St Patrick's Day - I hope everyone had a great one! Jas brought home Guiness just for it... and some how or another I didn't drink one! Of course, they are still in the fridge & I am planning to have one at some point but is still sad no? More than that I'm looking forward to trying one of the many recipes I have that have Guiness in them... Sound so good... Anyways, I did get a few St. Patty's Day pics to share!


Kalila had her first Palm Sunday last week... and it was so cute! She grabbed ahold of her palm & wouldn't let go.. had so much fun playing with it! Pretty much tore it apart lol. Yes, I wish I could have gotten pics ;-D


Our latest new food was avocados.. Probably the easiest to make yet lol. I'm not sure what Kalila thinks of them really. Her first bite brought on the funniest face I've seen her make so far. But when I pulled out the camera she smiled like she loves em! Today she didn't make any more funny faces when I brought them out again... even grabbed the spoon & pulled it in... so maybe (hopefully) she'll like em. & yes I know she was wearing a Christmas sleeper in the pics... Can you tell it was time to do her laundry? (besides it fits still... she's outgrown most of her sleepers, we had to get new ones this week!) What we thankfully didn't get a pic of... a couple hours afterwards - right after nursing.. Jason started playing with her, got her all kinds of excited, handed her back to me & avocado's when all over me. So gross... And he laughed...


I mentioned buying new clothes a sec ago.. That reminds me! Kalila is pretty consistantly wearing 6 to 9 mo clothes now.. (a few 3/6 & 6 mo still fit, but still...) & the sleepers we got are 9mo... fit well... We would have gotten larger but she has almost no 9mo clothes lol & a ton of 12 mo ones. So this is an akward stage for us (her) right now... guessing which outfit will fit. Well, one of the 12mo dresses (that I think is absolutely gorgeous) caught my attention last week when I was pulling out something else for her to wear. So I thought to myself, lets try it on her - see how it fits, get an idea of when she'll be able to wear it... because it does look a little smaller than the others that size (not much, but still)... Yeah... It fits. (is what she's wearing on Sunday too!) Which on one hand helps us out a bunch lol... but at the same time...


I don't think I've run that fast in a long time... I was in the middle of that last one... and thought I heard her choking (she's in bed). Scared me half to death! But she's sound asleep & doing fine.


On a slightly different note... I was reading Stephanie's blog yesterday & she mentioned a subject that we're both pretty passionate about. The whole BF thing.. Don't worry, I won't get on my soapbox here lol.. But she put a link to pass along & I thought I'd share too. It's the Breast Feeding Protection Initiative... It has a lot of info linked & a donation spot too (they do the bracelet thing). Plus is LLL so they have all kinds of good stuff.


I think that's about it for now... I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! I'll def be putting pics up afterwards :-D I'm sure I'll get a ton.

17 March, 2008

Ewe... Ewe... EWE!!!

Sorry I just have to share... So disgusted. Why did Baba feel the need to email a recipe for Bacon Bowls? W/ pictures no less... I just went back & looked at the email, which said something about reading the comments... so I did.. . I really must have missed something. I don't see the joke... There's got to be a joke right? Please tell me there was a joke! Why send me a bacon recipe??? I don't eat bacon... It's gross... The smell makes me sick.. Quite literally. (while I don't eat any pork - bacon is the one thing I just can't handle at all..) Thankfully the smell bothers Jason too - he does eat it though, just not homemade... which is good.. .I don't think I could have married him if he did. (just kidding...) But anyways... completely grossed out now. Plus there was a Kosher bacon salt thing he sent me too.. that was kinda amuzing - if a little gross too lol. But did the bowl recipe thingie have to have pictures? Sorry... gross.. gross... gross... Where is Jason w/ that alcohol he promised? I feel the need to drink current thoughts out of my head. Blech..

15 March, 2008

A Little Hard To See

Don't worry, no long blog today! Just wanted to share a pic I took today... If you look closely you can see her little teeth!

12 March, 2008

New Toys...

I think I mentioned before that we were getting Kalila a Jumperoo... We went to do that yesterday - and not only found it, but found it on sale! It made me very happy lol. Plus she loves it! I'm so glad we decided to do that... I actually got some work done in the apt this weekend!

However... I found a new toy too... Well, not quite new. My camera... I forgot that it does video too! Only a minute & a half worth... because I don't have any memory added to the camera lol. But still... I've spent prob more time than I should today making video's of Kalila.

Here's one... Sorry I know it's really dark.. I'm trying to figure out how to fix that before I put any more!

10 March, 2008

What a "Wonderful" Place... But Things Are Looking Up

Many of you know that I used to work at a Catholic bookstore... It seemed like a great job for me. There were many things there that I loved about it... The owner was not one of them. I don't like to talk bad about people so I'm going to try to watch what I say lol... and this is one of the few times I have a hard time w/ that. & I esp. feel that way talking about a place I used to work for... every place, every boss, has it's ups & downs... it's a job you get over it, things work out... but....

Everyone has problems with this lady... She doesn't just treat her employees bad, but customers too. I can't count the times we were blessed by the customers for sticking with it. Of course, on the flip side of that, we got yelled at by other customers for things we couldn't do anything about.
Add in a healthy bit of disrespect for "religious people" (not nuns or priests in particular, but the general people who shopped there) - which was very obvious in the way she treated everyone. Plus, she's not Catholic - which I have no problem with... but she started hiring people from her Church & treating them better than us (like somethings are only for them) and let them get away w/ trying to convert our customers. Most customers just laughed and walked away - but some walked away for good, pretty mad about it... and I can't say I blamed them. Esp since all the signs said it was a Catholic Store (and it does cater to us honestly... some stuff works for other denoms, but she goes out of her way to provide Catholic things - a lot of which you can't find elsewhere here). But that's enough about that... I could go on & on & don't want to do that lol.

By the time Kalila came around I was glad I could leave lol. I'd been looking for something new for awhile, just hadn't found anything yet - and not about to leave a perfectly good job (well, a paying job anyway) for nothing. We figured I would leave just before she was born though because I would much rather be a SAHM - at least while the kids are little...

So I'm done with it... I try not to dwell on the horrors that the job was... And especially try not to shop there... as hard as that may be because several other Catholic stores in town have shut down... If I have to go online I will... but thankfully we don't NEED to very often.

But it's tax time here... I got my w-2 and Jas & I set to work to get our taxes filed. We're using Turbo Tax.. we used it last year too & it worked great. No problems. Very easy to use. I was a bit scared to at first lol.. very pleasantly surprised. Filing jointly was really no harder... but we got to the middle and this little page popped up saying that she withheld too much on my SS tax & Medicare tax. We couldn't finish it said, until she paid me the $37 & sent me a corrected w-2.

So I called today to straighten it out. Of course she goes on the defensive as always... Her calculations (note: she does it all by head... my w-2 is even handwritten) could NOT be wrong.. and it's going to be days of work for her to recheck everything & she's swamped right now (always is). Since her figures were right it's GOT to be the program & we should be doing it by hand anyway... and those figures have NOTHING to do with filing our taxes. Just went on & on... Finally said she'd get back to me in a few days...

Why do I think I'm going to eat that $37? I know it's not a whole lot... but that's 3 boxes of diapers (306 diapers to be exact), or one small bag of huggies diapers if we were so inclined lol, or 259 days worth of baby food, or 7 diaper genie refills, or ten packages of baby wipes (if we get name brand which we've had to do for awhile), at WM we could get 6 to 12 new outfits on the bargain racks or 3 really cute newer ones for Kalila, I could get 2 nursing tanks at Target or one expensive one online - all of which things that we need!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not worried about how we're getting what we need to... we're doing fine. But it's the principle of the matter... I should have been given that money to begin with and will probably never see it.

On a much happier note though... I've been working on that rosary business lately. I can't say that it's completely up & the way I want just yet... but it is functional lol... Besides it's continually going to be added to and such. And I made my first sale the other day!!! I was so excited about it lol... Still am. Esp since it's a custom rosary that got ordered. The address is for anyone that's interested. :-D I'll prob put a link up on the side here soon too.

Sorry about the whole first part of this blog btw.. I just needed to vent... So frustrated about all that.

09 March, 2008

Okapi Love

A couple years ago or so Jas took me to the zoo & got me a stuffed okapi (my fav animal) that I named Tikitikimaji (watermelon... not sure why, was just the first thing to pop in my mind at the time lol). Well, Kalila has decided that she loves him almost as much as her lion. Here's a few shots I got earlier that I just HAD to share...

07 March, 2008


As you all probably know by now... I've become hooked on Cafe Mom. I've joined some great groups on there... Is nice talking to other mommies lol. Well I just read a post earlier that I loved... Is so true... And thankfully sryle who wrote it said I could share it w/ you too.

As long as women are uncomfortable or nervous with breastfeeding in public because of what other people think, it will be looked at as "taboo." (I am quoting another mother here, because I thought this was an excellent point!) As long as mothers act uncomfortable with public breastfeeding and try to hide it in order to conform to the ways of society, we are only fueling the fire. It won't be looked at as normal until BFing mothers treat it as the normal thing to do.

The fact is ladies, breastfeeding in public is a civil right and is legal in every state. Our states have laws protecting mothers who BF in public. Some states don't even require as much discretion as another. Now that doesn't mean we should walk around in public shirtless with our child attached (that would be public indecency for anyone! LOL) But our children do not need to always be covered while eating, nor should we have to take them to a nasty bathroom, to the car, or any other "private" place in order to feed them.

What people do not realize is that many infants cannot eat while covered up (not to mention it gets hot & uncomfortable for both the baby and mom) and a nursing mother should not be made to feel embarrassed for feeding her child.
As a society, we must support mothers who are contributing to the well being of our nation by breastfeeding.

Asking a breastfeeding mother to nurse in a bathroom or cover herself up is an unnecessary barrier to breastfeeding and the mere fear of such intervention causes many mothers to either never begin breastfeeding or to prematurely wean their infants.

Exposed breasts. They are all over the media: in movies, magazines, billboards, video games, even television. But put a nursing infant anywhere near those breasts and suddenly some people are offended. It is our society that has turned breasts into a sexual innuendo, when the fact is breasts were created and intended for a woman to be able to naturally feed her child.

Health professionals and public health officials promote breastfeeding to improve infant health. Both mothers and children benefit from breast milk. Breastfeeding helps prevent diarrhea and infections in infants. It also provides long-term preventive effects for the mother, including an earlier return to pre-pregnancy weight, reduced risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer and osteoporosis.

I'm going to add that I've been lucky... other than a couple comments from people I know (that were more masked than anything) I've had a good experience with feeding my daughter. The only time, well two times, anyone has walked up and said anything - it was other BFing moms... One trying to wean lol and offering words of encouragement... and the other asking if I needed some privacy to get her situated because she was fussy at the time (was at Jas school & other than the bathroom where I refuse to go couldn't really do that, she was offering a prac room).

Note: I do cover Kalila up... That's just me, I'm more comfortable doing that. Of course as she gets older she's starting to fight that cover more so I may just have to deal with it soon. I did see a video not too long ago that showed ways to do so w/ out covering that are still modest at least.

But it's still an important issue to me because there are places that I'm uncomfortable with it.. and I don't like that. Which is at least part of the reason why I wanted to share that post.

05 March, 2008

My Little Mess Maker...

Well, I promised them to you... So here they are!

Playing w/ the rings for the first time... She had a lot of fun!

Mmm.. Banana's! You can see her thinking about it after her first bite lol.. but she decided that she loves them!

Playing w/ her rings again... She really likes em!

Here's my little mess maker... She got her cereal & banana's everywhere this morning. Between that & a little diaper accident we ended up having an early afternoon bath. Was so cute, she grabbed her duck and laughed at it! No pics of that though lol.

Just a second ago... I look as tired as she does!