02 February, 2008

Trip to the Park... And a few worries..

:-D It was so nice & warm today... I found that out when I walked to go get a drink... all by myself (Jas watched the baby). So we decided to take Kalila for her first trip to the park!

It went really well, just walked around a few times... I took a few pics lol... She kinda glared half the time like she wasn't sure if she liked it or not lol. Then she fell asleep. And of course... I'll post a couple of those pics.

On a diff topic. I've had a ton of dreams lately that just freak me out. At least 4 last night alone... all about me being pg agian. Not sometimes in the future... like now. In other words way too soon.


Lelo and Stitch said...

so cute

Christy said...

It was really nice in Jersey today too. We should have went for a walk in the park, but we didn't.

Your baby girl is so cute.