07 February, 2008

Time to eat!!!

As you can imagine.. I've taken a ton of new pics since Kalila started her cereal. Don't worry.. not going to post them all!

First off here she is all excited & ready to get her first taste...

I'm not quite sure..
I think I like it!
I have to put another one or two up of today as well... She was so excited to eat. I didn't pull out the camera till she started looking like she was done. She had this sad little look, so cute. But when I pulled out the camera her face lit up in a smile! First time she's smiled for the camera lol. (I usually have to hide it) And of course, she's covered in food so even cuter... Ok, I think I'll have a little more... I'm done now!


Christy said...

Very cute. Porgie never cared much for cereal, which stinks because its a great source of iron for breastfed babies.

I love all your pics. I need to get in the habit of posting more photos.