15 February, 2008

This one's for You

I don't remember how it came up honestly... but the other night we started talking about baby names again. No hinting, don't want any rumors to get started lol. But I was giving Jason a hard time about our sons name again... Every time he mentions one it's like Frodo, Legolas, Bart (from the Simpsons), or something equally odd. I believe Bilboa got added this last time too.. I can just see the nicknames in highschool!

Anyway, after much joking by him he finally told me that the only one he can think of that he really likes he didn't think I would. Kieren... wait gonna make sure I spelled that right lol... gotta love Gaelic names... oops he was right. Keiren. He likes that one. Ok, so I've already mentioned that this is a Gaelic name, Irish Gaelic in fact. I'm not going to argue! However, it doesn't go w/ his name... so it can't be our first son. So we decided that our second boy (if we have two hopefully) will be Keiren Edward. LOL - I just saw the meaning & it makes me laugh. Isn't bad though, so still not arguing.

But that still leaves us wanting for a name for our first son.

And we need something that sounds good w/ Jason right? Every name I can come up with - not working so well.. and Jason stuck on randomly odd names. (although I suppose I could go through the lists now & see) But anyways, the other night...

All of a sudden Jason mentions Yousef. Note: This is Arabic for Joseph. There are a ton of Josephs in my family. We know even more... (Not all go by the nickname I use in my statement below.. but it's just what came out of my mouth at the time.) Not a name I would use in English because of it. This way it kinda fits with the other names we've picked/or like though. (in more than one way) Will explain in a bit...

So when Jason called out Yousef, the first thing out of my mouth was that I didn't mind that version, but not in English because too many Joey's (odd because only one in my family goes by that - no offense meant to him). A second later Jason says "We can call him You-ie!" At this point he's going off on a rant w/ lots of You-ie jokes... and I couldn't help it... I threw in "Hey You!" It got worse from there.. we laughed for like ten minutes straight. Yes, we were tired lol.. Can you tell?

And of course the name fits in perfectly because we've decided that we're doing half our kids first names in Arabic & half in Gaelic. We've also done a lot of family names too... The Gaelic ones are the only ones that aren't family names actually... but their middle names probably will be.

Of course you know we already have little miss Kalila Elizabeth... She's named after Jason's g-grandfather... and her mid name for my best friend, plus there are several family members w/ that name too lol - so it worked all the way around.

I think I mentioned before that our second daughter will be Sultana L'Nae. (and we're calling her L'Nae) She's actually going to be named after my g-grandmother Sultana. (I'm still curious about that).

I've already mentioned poor Yousef Jason... (I say poor because you know if we really go with it Jason will call him Youie) and Keiren Edward (who's mid name is after his gido(s)).

That's as far as we've gotten though... I'm looking forward to looking up those Gaelic names :-D. Is nice to have a place to start... & yes I'll admit I like looking at baby names... always have. Which is good I think, if I hadn't randomly been doing that in college I wouldn't have found Kalila & that name ended up being perfect!

But yeah.. We've come up with somthing better to call our first boy than Frodo... For now at least he is You or Youie.


Christy said...

You guys really like picking out names. John and I picked out our kids names when we first stated dating 10 years ago. So after I got pregnant, we didn't even discuss it.

And thanks for the link, but you spelled my blog name incorrectly. It is Cakerwakers. Thanks again!

Mama Kalila said...

Oops! Sorry, will fix that.

We talked about a bit while dating too, but not much. The past few days we've talked about it more... Usually it's just joking comments. We've "officially" decided that we are going to do (first name wise anyway) 3 Arabic & 3 Gaelic. (provided that's how many we need lol) Yusuf is decided for sure now... So just need two more Gaelic names. :-)