23 February, 2008

A Slow Stream

I'll admit it ~ I'm stealing an idea from Cakewakers (I got your name right!!! I still read it with an l though for some reason lol). *EDIT* Cakerwakers? Is it right now? LOL... I'm horrid I know it... You'd think if I see a name enough times (and I read her blog almost daily, whenever it's updated anyway) I'd get it right lol..

But I just love the stream of conscience thing. It's perfect for my random blogs that jump around from here to there! & I have a ton of random subjects I've been meaning to write about lately.. so here we go!


When we moved into our apt we checked it over (like you would any other place) and found a few things that needed to be fixed. The shower was not comp put together, a few lights didn't work (not a kind we could fix), etc. Well... They did the shower & everything else but the lights.

Every time we made a request they ignored it. Finally a few months ago new maintanence people came in & things started getting fixed quicker... but that got put at the bottom of the list of hundreds of things that needed to be done around here (other apts) so wasn't too upset when it got put off a bit longer. Then the maintenence sup died last week...

So I felt really bad when I had to go in and make another request yesterday. Our airconditioner wasn't working... and yes I'd like my lights fixed! Well, it turns out our ac had been turned off outside to thaw some ice... but we did get our lights...

The guy came in, unscrewed the nini to find that the apt above us had had a leak... and our fixtures were molded through! He was even grossed out! It was bad... but we did get new ones out of it...


I made unintentional apple sauce earlier.

& it was good... Basically I was just thinking that apples baked w/ sugar & cinnamon would be nice. Never tried it... Lets see how it turns out. I cut one into slices (note: green apples.. Jas fav) put some sugar & cinnamon & threw in oven on the top shelf... My chicken I'm making for dinner (which I should check on again!) on the bottom. Was set at 350 btw.. I guess I cooked them a bit too long because they pretty much turned to mush. The skins still there, so they're a bit bitey... but it's like applesauce that sticks together in a slice. I like it... May do that again even!


Apparently I got sick. I thought it was just allergies. Sinus headache (or what feels like), stuffy nose, little bit of a cough. But today cough got worse, a little sick at my stomach (although that could be from waking up late & not eating on time)... and a cranky coughing daughter. As bad as I feel... hearing her cough makes me feel worse. Poor baby. Other than that she seems fine though. Keeping an eye on it.


Has been nice lately... I have my husband home more. Since he started his new job he's actually here & awake in the mornings & afternoons with the exception of school days (3 a week) when he's gone for a few hours in the morning. What I don't get is why now, when I have help with baby, I'm getting less done...


I lost my ****** phone! & no before you ask (and yes someone has already) I do not know where or how I lost it. If I did... it wouldn't be lost.

I've misplaced it before sure.. for like an hour or two... half a day at most. But this is rediculous! It's been over a week. I'm going nuts... I can't live w/out my phone... And of course the battery is dead.. So can't call myself to find it...


Once again I'm drawing a complete & utter blank (almost wrote udder lol... so tired) at what else I was going to say. But... there's a bit of what's going on in my world.. I'm sure I'll think of more later, write another blog & forget all over again. See what you have to look forward to :-D


Christy said...

You are going to kill me, but you still misspelled my blog name! Its not Cakewakers - its Cakerwakers. You forgot the r at the end of cake. Sorry!

You had mold in your light fixture? Gross! I am so glad they replaced it, because mold can make you sick.

I completely understand why you get less done when your husband is home. Husband's demand attention, just like babies. I never get anything done on the weekends when John is home.

Mama Kalila said...

ARRG! Just kidding. Apparently I not only can't spell.. but I can't read either. LOL

Yes, it was DISGUSTING... I'm glad it's gone... only thing is, like my dad mentioned to me, there could be mold in the ceiling too. Not happy...

& I fig it's something like that w/ my husband. Plus he does his own thing.. I'll hand him baby & five or ten min later when she's wanting more attention than he's giving her at te time - she's handed right back. He loves playing w/ her - but if he's playing a video game forget it!