13 February, 2008

I can't help it... I have to add more!

Once again, here I am with more pictures. I had a few things I wanted to write about to, but honestly they'll have to wait because I'm too tired to remember what it was!!! Unless there's a pic involved, it's just not happening tonight.

Anyways, My daughter has discovered a love of buttons... Phones, thankfully she hasn't called anyone... but she has sent her Baba a txt lol. Thanks to t9 she can even have real words... She told him "sigh." She also likes a couple of her toys that have buttons (the ball & phone... the key makes her cry for some odd reason). The computer keyboard... if I sit down here with her she wants to type. Gets mad if I take it away from her. & game controllers too. Jason sits w/ her in his lap while playing... and she just has to play too. & you got it.. I took some pics of it. Here is one!

Kalila has also decided that if she's going to eat solids, she's going to feed herself as well!
Every night before her story I let Kalila pick out a stuffed animal to hold. Usually this involves me picking up random ones & seeing if she'll touch it or smile. Once she laughed... Well yesterday as soon as we got to the dresser where we keep them she tried to lunge out of my arms towards the lion. Grabbed it for herself... & played with it for the longest time. Today too. Jas at one point sat them up on the bed & we had to take some pics - just so cute! Won't put them all, just a few of my fav's.

Ok, I'm done now :-) I'm not sure when I'll get around to that blog I was planning to do... we'll see.


Christy said...

Very sweet. I can't wait until Izzy starts playing with toys.