27 February, 2008

I Just Can't Do It...
Big Thanks
So Cute
We Caught It Early
Who Likes Green Beans?
Random & Unplanned
I Only Thought I Was Done...

I Just Can't Do It!

I wanted to write a blog - A blog. Not a stream thingie... Just one blog. With a title. That's it. Why can't that happen? I have about 5 (ok, so guessing off the top of my head I'm not really sure of the number... will know by the end of this though) in my head - all with titles & everything! So here we go...
Big Thanks

We have a wonderful family. I'm not going into a bunch of details (don't worry no long blog today) but still... We have a wonderful family. They have helped us in so many ways... all unexpectedly. Just was reminded of that fact this week... I hope they know how much we love them too.
So Cute!!

So the other day I was talking to Jas & looked over to see this...

Yup, Mumble jumped in the stroller basket. We'd had the thing set up from a trip we took a few days before & just hadn't put it away yet... Now I'm glad we didn't! So after seeing Mumble looking so cute in there... I just had too.

We hadn't set her in there like this before, usually use the carseat locked into it. But she loved it! We got a few more shots of them together... and now I'm using it this way, not when we go out w/ her, but inside to replace the bouncer until we find something to really replace it. (yeah, she's outgrown the bouncer.... seriously outgrown it lol)

We Caught It Early...

Yup... Kalila's sick. Long story short... I got sick & thought it was allergies. It felt like allergies. But last Saturday (I think that's when it was...) we both started coughing. I felt horrible about it. Well, she started to get better & then yesterday it was back...

Well, just after her dinner she started screaming. I couldn't figure out why. She wouldn't stop, even with me holding her... and that usually calms her down pretty quickly. Finally after a few min of it she fell asleep on my chest. So I was holding her & all the sudden I noticed that she was purring. Yes, like a cat. Scared the khara out of me. So I called Las (one of my cousins) & asked her about it. She showed me how to check to see if it'd moved into her chest. & yes it felt like vibrating when she breathed. So I made an appointment for today... and ran the shower to get some steam for her (no humidifier, but we're looking into getting one.. so far the shower has worked great though) & tried to get her to cough it out. When she woke up was in a great mood...

Today, still happy as can be... no more purring either. We took her in &... GOOD NEWS... Chest is clear! Bad news... She has an ear infection in her right ear. But we caught it early, so shouldn't be that bad. She's on antibiotics now.. Like I said though, has been in a good mood all day... Here's a shot I got earlier...

Who Likes Green Beans?

Kalila does!!! No, I'm not going to bore you with details about me cooking this time... but I do have to share a few shots of her trying them... Just adorable... She took right to them... Even tried to take the bowl from me!

Random & Unplanned

So what else has happened here that I just have to share? Lets see... Kalila tried her first sippy cup.. We wanted to wait until she's sitting on her own, and she's starting to do that! Not for very long... made it to half a minute today lol. But still... I wanted to see what she'd do with it... and she would not let me take it from her lol. She can't really get much from it, chews on it more than anything, likes to fling it around, etc... But it's cute!
She's also decided that she loves Mumble.. Is so cute. This morning Kalila was laughing at her! Of course, a few days ago she kicked the khara out of Mumble too. (Mumble had laid at her feet... I know from experience how hard those kicks are... & poor Mumble just laid there & took it until I picked her up & moved her) We still make sure & keep them away from each other unless we are right next to them (and then watch carefully) but now it's more out of fear of Kalila hurting Mumble than the other way around!

I got to talk to Amy the other day too! Just the day before I was thinking about how much I missed talking to her... just isnt the same online. & then another friend of ours gave me her number.. apparently she has one that's a Lubbock number (charges as if calling there) but rings at her place in Rwanda! We had a really nice talk... I can't believe it's been a year since she moved there...

& I think that's where I'm going to end this... I'm tired & Kalila just went to bed. Besides, I feel the need to find chocolate...
I Only Thought I Was Done...

I think the title explains quite a bit... I feel SO STUPID right now. Doing laundry as always... Had to do the blues again... and I checked the pockets. I remember... I pulled two pens out of Jas jeans & a pocket full of change too. So a sec ago I'm switching everything to the dryer & find a shredded business card. Slightly confused - Not sure how that got in there... & then I see it...

I washed his wallet! HIS ENTIRE WALLET. I don't know how I missed it... Like I said... checked the pockets... Other than everything being very wet doesn't look like anything was really ruined... and all the important things are waterproof anyway lol. But still.. how stupid can I be?

I think it's time to get to sleep... end this day lol. & I'm sure you're ready for the end of this blog too.. so here it is!

23 February, 2008

A Slow Stream

I'll admit it ~ I'm stealing an idea from Cakewakers (I got your name right!!! I still read it with an l though for some reason lol). *EDIT* Cakerwakers? Is it right now? LOL... I'm horrid I know it... You'd think if I see a name enough times (and I read her blog almost daily, whenever it's updated anyway) I'd get it right lol..

But I just love the stream of conscience thing. It's perfect for my random blogs that jump around from here to there! & I have a ton of random subjects I've been meaning to write about lately.. so here we go!


When we moved into our apt we checked it over (like you would any other place) and found a few things that needed to be fixed. The shower was not comp put together, a few lights didn't work (not a kind we could fix), etc. Well... They did the shower & everything else but the lights.

Every time we made a request they ignored it. Finally a few months ago new maintanence people came in & things started getting fixed quicker... but that got put at the bottom of the list of hundreds of things that needed to be done around here (other apts) so wasn't too upset when it got put off a bit longer. Then the maintenence sup died last week...

So I felt really bad when I had to go in and make another request yesterday. Our airconditioner wasn't working... and yes I'd like my lights fixed! Well, it turns out our ac had been turned off outside to thaw some ice... but we did get our lights...

The guy came in, unscrewed the nini to find that the apt above us had had a leak... and our fixtures were molded through! He was even grossed out! It was bad... but we did get new ones out of it...


I made unintentional apple sauce earlier.

& it was good... Basically I was just thinking that apples baked w/ sugar & cinnamon would be nice. Never tried it... Lets see how it turns out. I cut one into slices (note: green apples.. Jas fav) put some sugar & cinnamon & threw in oven on the top shelf... My chicken I'm making for dinner (which I should check on again!) on the bottom. Was set at 350 btw.. I guess I cooked them a bit too long because they pretty much turned to mush. The skins still there, so they're a bit bitey... but it's like applesauce that sticks together in a slice. I like it... May do that again even!


Apparently I got sick. I thought it was just allergies. Sinus headache (or what feels like), stuffy nose, little bit of a cough. But today cough got worse, a little sick at my stomach (although that could be from waking up late & not eating on time)... and a cranky coughing daughter. As bad as I feel... hearing her cough makes me feel worse. Poor baby. Other than that she seems fine though. Keeping an eye on it.


Has been nice lately... I have my husband home more. Since he started his new job he's actually here & awake in the mornings & afternoons with the exception of school days (3 a week) when he's gone for a few hours in the morning. What I don't get is why now, when I have help with baby, I'm getting less done...


I lost my ****** phone! & no before you ask (and yes someone has already) I do not know where or how I lost it. If I did... it wouldn't be lost.

I've misplaced it before sure.. for like an hour or two... half a day at most. But this is rediculous! It's been over a week. I'm going nuts... I can't live w/out my phone... And of course the battery is dead.. So can't call myself to find it...


Once again I'm drawing a complete & utter blank (almost wrote udder lol... so tired) at what else I was going to say. But... there's a bit of what's going on in my world.. I'm sure I'll think of more later, write another blog & forget all over again. See what you have to look forward to :-D

22 February, 2008

Some Days are Messier Than Others

If you're wondering what caused this...

This would be part of the reason lol. Apparently she'd rather have the whole bowl than one little spoonful! Plus she's learned how to spit.. not the I'm not hungry & spitting out food, not even the this is weird get it out spit.. but the propeller noise w/ lips spit... she does it all day long sometimes. & today she learned that it's esp fun right after swallowing a mouthful of green food... No food came out, just lovely green dribbles...

Yes, I had fun cleaning up this evening...

I also have a few more pictures to share...

Playing on the floor w/ her favourite toy... Look at that cute little tummy!

I've been doing laundry... and seriously need to hang up clothing. I had it sorted out on the couch, but bad me - it was still sitting there on top (of the back that is) when... Well... I'll let the picture speak for itself lol.

Happily fed... and full... no more food going in that mouth! And yes, that was obviously not taken today lol

That's all for now! :-D

20 February, 2008

Cover That Bottle!

I'll admit it - I got hooked on cafemom lately... and someone posted this. I thought it was hilarious & wanted to share. Note: I don't believe this way... I just liked it because as someone who nurses I've gotten similar comments & such. Makes you think...

Cover That Bottle!

Women should cover up their bottles when they are feeding their babies...
I wasn't exposed to bottle-feeding much growing up and seeing it makes me very uncomfortable. I mean if you think about it, a bottle is a substitute for the breast, and since breasts are sexual, doesn't that make a bottle kind of like a dildo?! Eww, gross.

When I see a mom bottle-feeding, I don't know where to look. I can't look directly at the bottle or the baby because the idea of feeding a baby formula makes me sick to my stomach. It's just gross. And the way babies sound when they eat??? They slurp and suck and dribble formula everywhere! It's just nasty and it *smells*! I shouldn't have to see that! And what about my young son? How am I supposed to explain to him why a woman is bottle-feeding? I mean, he's too young to understand how different parts of the body function. It's going to be hard to explain to him that women actually choose not to nurse, or can't for one reason or another. It'll probably upset him to know that lots of babies don't get "nurse-nurse" like he does. I don't want to have to deal with him being emotionally scarred by seeing bottles. And imagine the therapy bills I'll have to pay for when he's older!

So bottle-feeding moms should either go into a bathroom, re-lactate so they can use their breasts in public, or cover up with a blanket. Sure, I know the excuses....bathrooms are dirty and no one should have to eat in there. But women could still re-lactate. Oh, yeah I know how hard it would be, but ya know, we DO have nice pumps available nowadays. She could get a good supply going for the sole purpose of feeding in public. If she would just use her breasts, we wouldn't have to see those indecent bottles all the time. And if she has a hard time re-lactating, she could always just cover up with a blanket when she has to use a bottle. Oh I know some babies aren't comfortable under a blanket. Re-breathing their own carbon dioxide for 20+ minutes must come at a price, but who cares? At least I wouldn't have to see bottles.

And if a woman doesn't want to go through all that trouble, she could just schedule outings around the baby's feedings. A bottle-fed baby only has to eat, what? Every 3-4 hours? She can just bottle-feed at home, go out, and rush back with a screaming baby if he needs to eat sooner than the schedule allows.

I'll admit that I'm uncomfortable with bottle-feeding in public. And as an American, I have a right to not have to be exposed to that sort of thing. Women should be aware of everyone else and accomodating to all others. After all, our right not to be offended is more important than a baby's right to eat, right?

18 February, 2008

Sweet Peas first Peas....

I can't believe it's already time for Kalila to be eating solids... but as I've already mentioned... it is. For the past couple weeks she been eating cereal & loving it. Today though... it was time for her first veggie.

As some of you know, we decided that I'm going to make our own baby food. It's easy, it's healthy & yes... it's cheaper. I promise I'm not going to do this every time I make said baby food.. but since this was the first time I had to document it!

We decided to go with peas first. Bought them fresh... you can do them from frozen too, but I didn't want too lol. They're pretty easy to cook... just steam them. & the smell... They smelled so good cooking!

I had to take this shot lol.. I've never steamed anything before, and the green colour the water underneath turned hit me as funny! You can see the peas in the other pan too.
Next they went in the baby food processor. You can use any kind for it.. and there's also food mills too... but this is the one we got at a baby shower. You can add some of the water from the peas to thin it, but I went the other route & used bm (you can use formula too)...

Kalila's still pretty little so I wanted to make sure it was fine enough, so I strained it through a colander too. When she gets a little older I'll leave this step out! I probably should have used a bigger bowl though... something to keep in mind for next time.

In the middle of all this cooking we were trying to get her to take a nap. It didn't work. Jason tried to keep her calm, but he had to leave for work before I finished, only by a few minutes though. So he put her in the bouncer & she hung out with me while I finished up. She kept fussing, but gave a big grin when she saw the camera aimed at her!

Since I was cooking today I put a bit in her bowl first off, but the rest got sectioned off in an ice cube try. They make trays specifically for it, that have just the right sized sections for portioning... but we haven't been able to get one yet. The stores here were all out. I ended up having to order it online, but this will work for now. It went in the freezer so I don't have to worry about making any more peas for awhile. For the next few weeks/months I'll be doing it once a week since she's getting one new a week. But each "cooking session" will last much longer than that.

So then it was time to eat! It was so cute... she grabbed the spoon (if I didn't have a good grip on it she prob would have yanked it away from me) and thrust it in her mouth! Then she got this very confused look on her face like "what the ...." I had to get pics. I'm not sure what she thought of it honestly. She made all kinds of interesting faces while eating. Finally she decided she had enough & started screaming at me.
What is this stuff?
I'm not sure if I like it...
I think my thumb tastes better... You put it in my mouth again!
That's not so bad...
I think I'll just play with it.Yummy!
Enough! Get it out!!!

15 February, 2008

This one's for You

I don't remember how it came up honestly... but the other night we started talking about baby names again. No hinting, don't want any rumors to get started lol. But I was giving Jason a hard time about our sons name again... Every time he mentions one it's like Frodo, Legolas, Bart (from the Simpsons), or something equally odd. I believe Bilboa got added this last time too.. I can just see the nicknames in highschool!

Anyway, after much joking by him he finally told me that the only one he can think of that he really likes he didn't think I would. Kieren... wait gonna make sure I spelled that right lol... gotta love Gaelic names... oops he was right. Keiren. He likes that one. Ok, so I've already mentioned that this is a Gaelic name, Irish Gaelic in fact. I'm not going to argue! However, it doesn't go w/ his name... so it can't be our first son. So we decided that our second boy (if we have two hopefully) will be Keiren Edward. LOL - I just saw the meaning & it makes me laugh. Isn't bad though, so still not arguing.

But that still leaves us wanting for a name for our first son.

And we need something that sounds good w/ Jason right? Every name I can come up with - not working so well.. and Jason stuck on randomly odd names. (although I suppose I could go through the lists now & see) But anyways, the other night...

All of a sudden Jason mentions Yousef. Note: This is Arabic for Joseph. There are a ton of Josephs in my family. We know even more... (Not all go by the nickname I use in my statement below.. but it's just what came out of my mouth at the time.) Not a name I would use in English because of it. This way it kinda fits with the other names we've picked/or like though. (in more than one way) Will explain in a bit...

So when Jason called out Yousef, the first thing out of my mouth was that I didn't mind that version, but not in English because too many Joey's (odd because only one in my family goes by that - no offense meant to him). A second later Jason says "We can call him You-ie!" At this point he's going off on a rant w/ lots of You-ie jokes... and I couldn't help it... I threw in "Hey You!" It got worse from there.. we laughed for like ten minutes straight. Yes, we were tired lol.. Can you tell?

And of course the name fits in perfectly because we've decided that we're doing half our kids first names in Arabic & half in Gaelic. We've also done a lot of family names too... The Gaelic ones are the only ones that aren't family names actually... but their middle names probably will be.

Of course you know we already have little miss Kalila Elizabeth... She's named after Jason's g-grandfather... and her mid name for my best friend, plus there are several family members w/ that name too lol - so it worked all the way around.

I think I mentioned before that our second daughter will be Sultana L'Nae. (and we're calling her L'Nae) She's actually going to be named after my g-grandmother Sultana. (I'm still curious about that).

I've already mentioned poor Yousef Jason... (I say poor because you know if we really go with it Jason will call him Youie) and Keiren Edward (who's mid name is after his gido(s)).

That's as far as we've gotten though... I'm looking forward to looking up those Gaelic names :-D. Is nice to have a place to start... & yes I'll admit I like looking at baby names... always have. Which is good I think, if I hadn't randomly been doing that in college I wouldn't have found Kalila & that name ended up being perfect!

But yeah.. We've come up with somthing better to call our first boy than Frodo... For now at least he is You or Youie.

13 February, 2008

I can't help it... I have to add more!

Once again, here I am with more pictures. I had a few things I wanted to write about to, but honestly they'll have to wait because I'm too tired to remember what it was!!! Unless there's a pic involved, it's just not happening tonight.

Anyways, My daughter has discovered a love of buttons... Phones, thankfully she hasn't called anyone... but she has sent her Baba a txt lol. Thanks to t9 she can even have real words... She told him "sigh." She also likes a couple of her toys that have buttons (the ball & phone... the key makes her cry for some odd reason). The computer keyboard... if I sit down here with her she wants to type. Gets mad if I take it away from her. & game controllers too. Jason sits w/ her in his lap while playing... and she just has to play too. & you got it.. I took some pics of it. Here is one!

Kalila has also decided that if she's going to eat solids, she's going to feed herself as well!
Every night before her story I let Kalila pick out a stuffed animal to hold. Usually this involves me picking up random ones & seeing if she'll touch it or smile. Once she laughed... Well yesterday as soon as we got to the dresser where we keep them she tried to lunge out of my arms towards the lion. Grabbed it for herself... & played with it for the longest time. Today too. Jas at one point sat them up on the bed & we had to take some pics - just so cute! Won't put them all, just a few of my fav's.

Ok, I'm done now :-) I'm not sure when I'll get around to that blog I was planning to do... we'll see.

07 February, 2008

Time to eat!!!

As you can imagine.. I've taken a ton of new pics since Kalila started her cereal. Don't worry.. not going to post them all!

First off here she is all excited & ready to get her first taste...

I'm not quite sure..
I think I like it!
I have to put another one or two up of today as well... She was so excited to eat. I didn't pull out the camera till she started looking like she was done. She had this sad little look, so cute. But when I pulled out the camera her face lit up in a smile! First time she's smiled for the camera lol. (I usually have to hide it) And of course, she's covered in food so even cuter... Ok, I think I'll have a little more... I'm done now!

04 February, 2008

What a day...

Well we knew it'd be a busy day!

It started off after one of Jason's graveyard shifts. He went straight from work to school, but one class got canceled so he managed to get a little sleep today.

We had Kalila's dr's appointment this afternoon... It went really well other than the shots (don't get me started on that!). She is now 15 1/2 lbs & 26 1/3 in. Said we could go ahead & start her on cereal... so we're gonna do that!

Then we had to come home & rush to get ready for Church... Yup, it's Ash Monday again already... We joke about it being one of our anniversaries because that was the day 2 years ago that Jason & I started dating lol. & of course, it's also Kalila's first... So cute, even with ashes... I couldn't help it, I took a pic or two when we got home. Her eyes are open in this one, but she's sound asleep lol.

03 February, 2008


Yes, I know the pun is bad... but it's late & I'm tired.

This morning I was getting ready for Church when my mom called. Jas & I joked about knowing it was her... and then that we were right... Which is fine of course. I'm glad to be hearing from her. But the first thing she asked was what country Amy is in.

Now we all know that crap is going on in Kenya. Mom's been ill so I figured - she's heard about that & freaking out that Amy's in danger. No...

There was an earthquake in Rwanda today! (well yesterday now tech.) She'd heard that 30 people died & more injured. It was just far enough away from where she is (the capital, Kigali) that when I got online & found that out I wasn't quite as worried anymore... But still...

However, I've talked to her since then... just for a second literally lol. She said hi & then had a meeting... So I don't know details of what she felt (news say they did get "rumbles") or if anything.

To be honest it kind of scared me. One of my best friends... We aren't going through that again! So I'm glad to say that it seems like everything is alright. I'll be happier when I can say that 100% lol.

02 February, 2008

Trip to the Park... And a few worries..

:-D It was so nice & warm today... I found that out when I walked to go get a drink... all by myself (Jas watched the baby). So we decided to take Kalila for her first trip to the park!

It went really well, just walked around a few times... I took a few pics lol... She kinda glared half the time like she wasn't sure if she liked it or not lol. Then she fell asleep. And of course... I'll post a couple of those pics.

On a diff topic. I've had a ton of dreams lately that just freak me out. At least 4 last night alone... all about me being pg agian. Not sometimes in the future... like now. In other words way too soon.