21 January, 2008

Why do I bother?

Arrgh! I really don't know why I bother... why care? It doesn't seem to matter... I just end up hurt... Everything is my fault. I can't do anything right. I've had it. Really had it. Enough.

On a diff note... It looks like Jas got a new job... which is great. I'm really happy for him/thankful - all that. And... he brought up something I hadn't though of... I've been trying to find something to do from home & he mentioned why don't I sell my rosaries? I'd planned on ebaying the ones I made as a fundraiser (had some left over) - but hadn't thought of making more... Is something to look into. I enjoy making them... & it would help out while leaving me home to take care of Kalila.

Speaking of, I've got to go calm her down again... bedtime lol...


Christy said...

Is your baby girl putting herself to sleep yet? We are having lots of sleep issues with Izzy right now. ugh.

Mama Kalila said...

Nope... still working w/ her on that. We have a routine, and she loves it... until the part where I leave her in the crib. Then the screaming begins. Once she's asleep she's out for 8 hours... but it's rough getting to that point.