04 January, 2008

Where did boring go?

I want boring back!

For days I've been thinking about writing a blog. So much has been going on.

My daughter is growing like crazy... Expected yes, but still.. I'm putting away more & more of the clothes that don't fit her. She's doing more... Rolling over again. She'd done it a couple times at 5 weeks - back when she hated being on her back lol... but got used to it & stopped. She's playing more with her toys. Shes' "talking" more. Smiling more. It's cute... I just love it.

I'm hearing news about stuff going on in Kenya.. That may not sound like it should be in here... but I spent quite a bit of time in Tanzania, not all that far away. One of my close friends is living in Rwanda, also not too far away. I have friends from Kenya. & it was the country I picked as wanting to go to as a child. That last one doesn't weigh in as much, but it's there too lol. But hearing the news the other day, getting an email from Amy about some people there, waiting to hear what's going on... it hit me harder than I would expect.

I also thought about writing about the obnoxious guy at Arby's last night. First off he was not understandable... (what he was saying htat is) Then... He dropped our food! Didn't say a word about it, just turned and left to get the next order. Jason had to force his door open as far as he could & reach for it... Took several minutes to get the bag... We were both seriously annoyed. Not only was it rude, but... I'm not even going to keep going. I'll just make myself mad all over again & I really don't need that.

So yeah, loads going on. Which is fine. But I just got a call from one of my mom's friends saying she's in the hospital. They're doing tests... not sure what's up.. but that it may have been a stroke. She said not to worry lol... How the hell am I supposed to not worry? (as Kalila lets out a big one... I suppose she agrees) I'm waiting for more news now... We may be making a trip this weekend.

& its at this point that I'm saying I want boring back. I'll keep the baby stuff... That kind of not boring is great. She makes me smile even now. But everything else can just stop. I want to just be here taking care of her & cleaning house like earlier. Speaking of, thanks to that earlier agreement I now have a diaper to change :-D